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Lucky You for Men (2000)
by Lucky Brand


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLucky Brand
PerfumerJean-Claude Delville
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchClaiborne Cosmetics

About Lucky You for Men

Lucky You for Men has "Special Musk Molecules" interwoven throughout the fragrance. It has a clean, fresh scent and the bottle is "coke" bottle green and has an embossed lucky clover image. Both the male and female 'Lucky You's' Include a Massage Oil Spray in the range.

Lucky You for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Lucky You for Men

If I wanted to, I could both start and end this review by saying this is a kinder, gentler, more interesting Curve for Men (1996), but I won't be that crass. The Brutal truth is this was a brand outreach from Lucky Brand Jeans to Liz Claiborne to make them a version of the nicely bland fou-beige-re that Claiborne had conquered the young men's and women's segment with four years prior, and just like Curve, came in a homogeneous his and hers bottle design. There was improvement here in my opinion, but otherwise this really could just be a Curve flanker and one could even mistake it as such in a blind sniff. Lucky You for Men does head down a greener, softer, muskier, and therefore better direction than the sneeze bomb Curve happens to take, which is why I own a bottle. I smelled this plenty coming off shirt collars after graduating High School, and unlike with Curve, I can safely enjoy the nostalgia on display without needing a Kleenex. The "Special Musk Molecules" shtick is exactly that, and just translates to a base heavier on the white musk note.

Tamarind, "melilotus herb" and "cotton flower" top notes sound like an old familiar trick borrowed from Calvin Klein in giving synthetic citrus and green notes impressive names (with the exception of the tamarind), but truth or dare, it's a standard fresh fougère opening. The cardamom I can also believe is here, but I question the "cascarilla bark" as anything more than synthetic wood. Ahhh this is so very facetious and thus super 90's, back when they still tried pretending they weren't filling a fragrance full of synthetics to keep a few more diehards from leaving and going niche, but I digress. The base is where all the pleasure in this one resides, with musk, sandalwood, rosewood, teak, and bamboo to re-assert the green factor championed by the apothecary-style Coke-glass bottle. It's soft green, hint of spice, then musky woodsy green at the end, which is a much more effective description than citing cotton or strange treebark being in your pyramid. It goes on quiet, ends mostly quiet, and couldn't offend a soul, as Lucky Brand Jeans probably intended if they expected millions of teen guys who wore their Gap-level pants to buy it.

I like this as a nice spring pallette cleanser to wash away all the heavier 60's and 70's aromatics I wear in that time frame, making Lucky You for Men my perfume version of iceberg lettuce or an after-dinner mint. It's fine for day running, work, office, and romance only if your special someone loves watching reruns of Dawson's Creek or The OC. Stay away from summer use and keep winter use confined to indoors as it will turn tail at the first sign of frost or sweat. It's perfectly boring but also perfectly satisfying like a 7-11 hot dog, and my thumbs up comes from that realization that it's okay for a fragrance to be that painfully generalist as long as it serves it's purpose with quality and integrity, something a few newer such entries can't claim to do. Sillage is better than Curve, and so is longevity, no doubt from the heavier woods and musk bottom, which is why this excels at being the welcomed Ford Taurus station wagon among rare musclecars and exotics in your fragrance wardrobe. You won't love it, and you won't hate it, but you will like it. Lucky you...
24th February, 2018
I've been wearing Lucky You for Men by Claiborne (now Lucky Brand) since high school. Twenty years later this scent is still a classic and must have for the Spring and Summer months. This is an essential fragrance for collectors.

First blast is fresh linens, cotton, Irish Spring soap, cardamom and a slight musky undertone. There is also some cedarwood and sandalwood for good measure. As soon as your smell it you realize nothing else out there smells like this. It is purely unique. Think fresh fabric softener matched to cedarwood and musk.

As is settles down, there's the familiar Claiborne musk note that comes along and smells fantastic. The fabric softener matched to Irish Spring soap note and is balanced out well by the base of woods and musk. Excellent smell. Masculine, fresh and sporty all at the same time.

With a liberal application of ten or so sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, wrists) I am getting 8-10+ hours of longevity, with moderate sillage and projection. This is safe for work, warmer days and close encounters. On warmer days, it performs and projects exceptionally well in the heat, and is never cloying or offensive.

Age-wise, this is more for the high school, college and early 30's set. I still wear this on hotter days in the summer, at the pool, outdoors at the lake or beach, at the gym etc. It also does very well in these environments and performs extremely well. On days when you don't want to wear any cologne or offend anyone, you wear Lucky You and smell like Irish Spring soap fresh out of the shower.

For the price, I would pick up a couple bottles of this. It's a unique, long lasting, fresh Spring and Summer fragrance that gets the job done. Highly recommended.
14th January, 2018
Similar to Curve. I get the "green" that everyone mentions, and I really like it. The weird thing is in the dry down. To me it smells almost like rubber or something like that. Burnt plastic maybe? Something really synthetic, that's for sure. Almost unpleasant, and tells people that you're wearing something really cheap.

The longevity is not really good. I get like 3-4 hours tops, if that.

Vintage Claiborne Curve for Men is much better. If you want this type of scent, track down vintage Curve.
19th August, 2017 (last edited: 18th January, 2018)
Picked this up years ago and have been wearing it intermittently for casual occasions since.

The first spray is alcohol, citrus and something green -- though quite what I'm not sure.

Within the first hour clean bamboo and something akin to the smell of fresh air comes out.

The drydown is mostly a powdery, soft cotton.

Great spring perfume. Very simple and easy to wear, and unbeatable for the price.
17th November, 2016
This is my all time favorite fragrance, and it just goes to show that a scent doesn't need to have a high price tag to be great. I first bought this in high school, and I probably used too much of it. Now in college, since I've learned not to bathe in it, I have received several compliments from classmates.

The color of the juice is a dead giveaway that it's a green scent. Looking at the note list, the cardamom, cotton flower, bamboo and all the various woods make sense. Definitely a "grassy" fragrance. I think of walking through the woods just after it rained.

This is something I seriously recommend giving a try.
06th October, 2016
VERY woody cologne. I've been wearing it since high school. For being a cheap cologne, this lasts all day long. I love this scent.
05th February, 2016

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