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Axe Orient / Lynx Orient (1987)
by Axe / Lynx


Axe Orient / Lynx Orient information

Year of Launch1987
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseAxe / Lynx
Parent CompanyUnilever
Parent Company at launchRiklis Family Corp > Fabergé

About Axe Orient / Lynx Orient

Axe Orient / Lynx Orient is a masculine fragrance by Axe / Lynx. The scent was launched in 1987

Reviews of Axe Orient / Lynx Orient

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United Kingdom

Nice, fresh, on me with wood elements. Lasts over three hours and one of my favorites from Lynx - very rare.

28th August, 2013
It is a shame that this is discontinued as it was by far the best Lynxx deodrant they ever made. Robbo1979 is correct that the closest to this is "Cyclone" from Wilkinsons which is good but does not match the great smell of this lost treasue in its fullness.
14th October, 2012
I loved the smell when it came out and bought a few tins which i still have one of which is for sale on eaby at the minute
05th March, 2012
smells like rive gauche, which i like, but it too doesn't last long enough. Neutral for lack of longevity.
19th December, 2009
hi all
was reading this thread and had a look if i had any lynx oriental left over from years ago.i found a full bottle of lynx oriental aftershave in a bottle.I wonder if its worth putting it on fleabay???? What do you rekon ?

The mister.
03rd April, 2009
Amazing scent and up there as one of the best Lynx products ever released, along with Java, Musk and Inca.

For anyone in the UK looking to find a similar smell, there have been plenty of cheap and cheerful deodorants out there to try, but I was sure nothing would come close to the real thing... until I came across a can of deodorant in a WILKINSON store. This can is a Wilkinson own brand and it's a black can with the name "CYCLONE".

The name has no similarity to Oriental, nor does the can design, but the SCENT is pretty damn close! Upon first spray you can detect it, but once you spray it onto the skin you may have doubts... but give it a minute to settle on the skin and you will be pleasantly surprised! It IS Lynx Oriental!!! Give it a try if you have any doubts about what I say!

I have this AND a full bottle of the original Axe Dark Oriental and I can't tell much difference.
15th February, 2009

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