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Man.Aubusson (2000)
by Aubusson


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyAubusson

About Man.Aubusson

Man.Aubusson is a masculine fragrance by Aubusson. The scent was launched in 2000

Reviews of Man.Aubusson

I like it. Yes, it does resemble Cool Water, but since I ran out of Cool Water, I'll wear this instead and see how it compares with regard to longevity and sillage. So far so good. I'm liking it and keep sniffing it on my wrist, just as I did when I first purchased Declaration by Cartier. I think I'll wear this one during the cooler months of the year.
08th August, 2017
I grabbed this as a fun blind buy at TJ Max for about 12 bucks. I wasnt sure what to expect but as I sprayed it, me and my girl were pleasantly suprised. It kinda has this sweet synthetic thing going on , that kinda reminds me of an oriental curve for men. It is VERY sweet and woodsy. I tend to like sweeter colognes like A*men, 1 Million, JPG, and to be honest this is not a bad buy at all for someone 30 and under. I can definitely see this as a nice scent on a winter day or even on a club night. Ladies seem to dig this. If you score it for cheap its a great pickup. Longevity is soso and sillage is ok for the first hour or two wearing it. I'm not sad at all about this blind buy !
07th January, 2013
This is a very potent oriental fragrance and on the edge of being overly sweet and cloying. But I like it. The wood, vanilla and floral notes are longlasting and as has been mentioned already, mean it is a fairly linear scent. When it opens, there is a camphorous aspect provided by the lavender, but this subsides to leave the super-strong vanilla to scream for a long time.
18th September, 2011
its a balant Rip off of Nikos Sculpture. go for the original. just coz its s rip off, i would give it a thumbs down...
30th April, 2008
Just okay, but nothing that grabbed my attention. It has a fresh and fruity quality to it that brings to mind Cool Water or GIT, though Man.Aubusson seems to have more of an oriental vibe underlying the fresh/fruity accord. It smells youthful to me. If I were still in high school, or even college, I might find this more interesting and wearable. But, for now, I'll have to pass.
14th June, 2006
I’ve got to do a complete turn around on this one—the more I wore it, the more it turned on me: pure headache. Man.Aubusson begins in a warm and smooth opening—lavender, citrus, and wood—smooth, but rather artificial in timbre, and the kind of accord, I soon discovered, that very easily gets cloying—and it does…big time. It moves to a bourbon geranium middle that is not too much different from the opening. Its long lasting base is a classic sandalwood, vanilla, and amber—too vanilla sweet for me. In fact, I think that the vanilla is the major culprit in both the linearity and the cloyingness of the fragrance. Man.Aubusson is a very strong Oriental, capable of providing a major disruption in the vicinity of the wearer. (Edit of 10 October 2005 review. Changed from a thumb’s up.)

10th October, 2005 (last edited: 05th December, 2010)

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