Armani Mania (2002)
    by Giorgio Armani

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    A fresh fragrance from Giorgio, packaged in a distinctive smoked glass bottle. Contains notes of saffron, mandarin, cedar, vetiver and amber.
    The bottle is topped with a distinct gun-metal cap.

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    The "Mania" continues...

    It has been a while since last using Armani Mania... What a pleasant surprise..!!

    Mania is a successful blend of floral, fruity, musk, and woodsy notes that I truly enjoy. It opens with a burst of the floral and fruity notes then settles close to the skin with woodsy notes and musk finish. In my (humble) opinion, Mania breathes "class" like a fresh laundered shirt, but offers great flexibility to include wearing with a comfortable pair of jeans and that favorite t-shirt. Additionally, given the fruit and floral notes of the fragrance, the target time(s) of year may be Spring and/or Summer, however, if your body chemistry allows the musk and/or woodsy notes to project, Mania could be worn any time of year or for any occasion. Very well done Mr. Armani..!!

    Longevity and projection/sillage are moderate, making it ideal for an office setting, but sufficient some 4-6 hours later saying, "gee, I still smell Armani Mania". It lasts much longer on clothing. While I haven't had favorable comments from the opposite sex, i.e. the "Wow Factor", it has the potential. Not sure how many of my female employees feel comfortable saying, "gee boss, you smell great today..!!". To reiterate, Armani is a "class" scent that has great potential for the "Wow Factor".

    Similar to the fragrance, the bottle is a classic design. I am drawn to the clear glass bottles to allow the user to see the clarity of the fragrance. The "smoky" color of the fragrance, and perhaps tint of the glass, adds to the positive mystique of the fragrance. The packaging is also well done.

    A check of the online pricing of Mania, shows that it is still moderate to medium pricing (in the $50 - $100 USD) range. For that price and the quality of the scent, it is highly recommended to add this to your collection.

    Out of a possible five (5) stars, my evaluation of Armani Mania comes in at 4.4 stars. Great fragrance...

    Daily I.M. - Ride the wave and don't ask where it goes...

    02 April, 2014

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    Armani's Best Fragrance

    I've come to realize this is one of my top 3 favorite scents, with GIT an TDH being the other two (in no particular order). I just bought a bottle recently after being without this frag for probably about two years (it was my signature scent for awhile) and just love it! A lot of people complain about it lacking a certain something but to me there is a real level of refinement in Mania that you don't see in a lot of other frags. In my opinion, if YSL L'Homme wasn't imbalanced on the sweet side, there are some similarities to Mania.

    I always get compliments when I wear this one, and it's appropriate for pretty much any situation I can think of. The longevity could be a bit better, and it's not a silage monster. But I've been getting more into frags that project around my 'personal' bubble. The thing with Mania is you get the amber and moss in the drydown but it still stays fresh with the cedar and vetiver in the mid notes. Very well done.

    Also, I think for designer frags, Armani makes some pretty good products. I used to wear APH and ADG a lot in the past. I still own a bottle of APH that's a great winter more so than summer frag for me. Overall, Mania is great, balanced, clean, masculine fragrance. Never buy blind!!

    Pros: Smells great, balanced, compliment getter
    Cons: Longevity could be better"

    10th October, 2013

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    Great Fresh Scent

    A great smelling fragrance.

    22 July, 2013

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    Armani Mania is a cedary musk, notably synthetic, slightly ambery and a bit citrusy/herbal at the beginning. A sort of barely intoxicating, woodsy and spicy (saffron, pepper and cinnamon in my opinion) temperament starts soon rising from the background. The juice smells finally smooth with a shadowy tangerine/patchouli musky-ambery vibe (virile, fresh/warm and boise). A pleasant but a bit common evening fragrance.

    12 January, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I used to wear this back in 2004, when I was living in Tokyo - I'd say this fragrance carries a lot of nostalgic value for me, as it reminds me of these good times! I used to get many compliments wearing it, I found that I could wear it in various situations as well...I was thrilled to find this in an airport duty free earlier this year (it's difficult to find anywhere else!) and snapped it up! I still love this scent. 8/10

    04 September, 2012

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    Great clean and masculine scent. It projects well and I put on at 6am and still be detected by others at 9pm although I can't always smell it after that long. One of my favorites.

    16 April, 2012

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