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Maxim's pour Homme (1988)
by Maxim's


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Year of Launch1988
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PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanySelecta
Parent Company at launchAmerican Cyanamid > Shulton > Pierre Cardin

About Maxim's pour Homme

Maxim's pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Maxim's. The scent was launched in 1988 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

Maxim's pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Maxim's pour Homme

Maxim's (I have the original formula) is a paradox. It's clearly a modern fougere with oriental elements, but it somehow conjures up an earlier more genteel time. The Art Nouveau packaging enhances this aura of La Belle Epoch, and the scent brings to mind images of Paris around the turn of the twentieth century. I can imagine sitting in a Parisian cafe seeing posters by Alfons Mucha and Toulouse-Lautrec ... hearing music by Debussy, Faure and Ravel ... watching the passers-by in their finery.

Elegant, complex, smooth and refined are all words I'd use to describe the scent of Maxim's, and it's one I still wear regularly.
23rd May, 2016
There is very little to add in addition to some of the reviews written. This is nostalgic juice from a bygone era and is absolutely wonderful!

Upon testing this fragrance, one scent instantly came to mind. Though the two scents are in fact different, I feel that they have a similar feel... Ho Hang Club by Balenciaga bears some resemblance, but the carnation note in the Balenciaga fragrance is much more pronounced throughout the scent's development.

I'm a vintage fan, and this one absolutely hits the spot. Not for everyday use, but if paired with your finest duds, it's a wonderful scent that exudes class and craftsmanship.

8+/10 in my book and worth seeking out.
23rd May, 2016
I normally hate to bash on reformulations but I feel I must here. That's the only explanation for my bottle's lack of longevity and thinness.
Smell's good for the 30 minutes it lasts. The scent from my bottle isn't deep and dark like others have posted. To be honest, I get a vibe similar to a less fresh Coolwater. I also get more florals than many other notes. Guess I will need to hunt down vintage juice in order to experience what most reviewers enjoy about this fragrance.
Scent: 7/10
Longevity: 1/10
Projection: good for 30 minutes and then nothing
25th February, 2016
I am fortunate to have had a bottle of the vintage fragrance and try to wear every so often over the past two years. I remember falling in love with this when I first tried it, but something has happened…it now hardly lasts 2 hours! And if you’re familiar with the stinky opening of this one, the good stuff (REALLY good stuff), takes a while to get to, and sadly I only get to experience what this gem has to offer for a short time. Classic structure with modern luxury! Thumbs up!
03rd January, 2016
Maillard got me on to this.
It has rather a rude start. Then, likely because of the Jasmine, Muguet and Moss it reminds me something of Trumper's Eucris.Very Nice!!
The drydown delights with a beautiful Leathery, Mossy, Muskiness. About 6-8 hours on my skin.
I love it, highly recommended!!
28th December, 2015 (last edited: 08th January, 2017)
This is for me one of those cases where I am really happy and thankful that sites like Basenotes exist. If it wasn’t for the positive raving reviews here, I would have never cared for this scent – an obscure name evoking some generic seedy nightclub (sorry, I didn’t think of “that” Maxim’s at first), a rather unappealing box, very little information except for the fact that this was made by Pierre Cardin (meh...) in collaboration with a Parisian restaurant – an anecdote which wouldn’t really be enough to make me intrigued about this fragrance. If any, it would have instead almost an off-putting effect on me. Well anyway, once I read the reviews I thought it was maybe worthy a blind buy instead. I found a really cheap “no barcode” bottle of this and – bingo! I can’t say better what other reviewers already wrote. Just believe them, and believe the (still quite limited) hype.

Maxim’s homme is an amazing hell of a keeper, a fantastic and sophisticated leather chypre which should sit if not next, then just a short step below some of the finest leather chypres of all times, from vintage Or Black to vintage Bel Ami or Moschino pour Homme. The structure is pretty traditional, and others have already analyzed it, so there’s no point in telling how it smells again in detail... it’s just an impeccable, rich, elegant and truly high-quality balsamic woody-leather scent with a really enjoyable whiff of smoky, and almost honeyed-candied floral notes, a bit like in Bel Ami – that kind of dark, austere and distinguished “manly” leather with a hint of balsamic-powdery smooth softness. At first it smells more about pine needless and dry woods, but once it warms a bit, the magic happens and Maxim’s unravels a truly delightful, crisp and brilliant harmony of leather, tobacco, “masculine” flowers, balsamic woods, a subtle musky base of mossy dirt.

I think the balance between the darker side with leather, tobacco and austere woods, and the balsamic-floral side with a really peculiar sort of dusty-sweet resinous texture and a nondescript, yet charming musty aftertaste, is truly remarkable and one of a kind. It’s simple, but so finely tuned it smells more unique than it may seem. Plus the quality is overall ridiculously good, there is an amazing feel of clarity and sultry depth which one would never imagine coming out from something so inexpensive and, say, visually cheap. Another obscure, totally good and totally neglected vintage cheapo which smells a bit similar to this came to my mind - Bally Masculin, but Maxim’s seems showing clearly a higher quality. This could have really easily been some Hermès, Givenchy or Guerlain. Same richness, same elegance halfway formal and effortless, same vibrancy and same uniqueness of most of their finest vintage offerings for men. I’ve read on the Internet that this was an early work by Jean Claude Ellena, and well, I can really believe that. Simply great.

16th October, 2015

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