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MCM Success (1986)
by MCM


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Year of Launch1986
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About MCM Success

MCM Success is a masculine fragrance by MCM. The scent was launched in 1986

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This is a really incredible smell, fell in love with it from the very first whiff, totally unique with loads of character that completely fills your entire nose up, never smelled anything even remotely close to compare it to. Excellent note separation with 3 distinct stages, a difficult feat that not too many perfumers can pull off successfully, no pun of course. MCM Success is basically a boozy, alcoholic, honeyed musk with tobacco, patchouli and rose as supporting roles that lies on a bed of dirty oakmoss and amber, a very thick, robust, penetrating, rich and heavy perfume. There's an olfactory illusion of brown liquor in this that's been achieved perfectly, if this is what the perfumer(s) were going for then they've succeeded successfully. The overall impression is that of extravagance that's pushing the envelope directly into the gawdy realm that never really gets there which is perfect. It's that right on the cusp thing of almost being too much where the liquid is at the brim, 'almost' ready to spill over, almost too much of a good thing, almost. Success is complex and overtly flamboyant but totally wearable. It's kind of dark in feel and unnecessarily strong but keep in mind that you really gotta love musk as the drydown on this is musk for days, a strong, heavy musk that survives showers and reappears again underneath of your next perfume that you're wearing but don't worry, this musk is fantastic smelling, it's not that really bad 1980's musk, it's creamy and thick, very heavy that trails forever.

I really cannot find the words to describe this smell but it's highly pleasurable and cozy. A little bit powdery, just a bit, slightly floral, woody, warm, aromatic, kind of animalic, a little sweet, super duper musky, full bodied and wears like a pure parfum, seriously this stuff is that rich! This is definitely a man's smell and if you love 80's powerhouses and musk, you'll probably like this a lot, I know I do. The name and color of the perfume are 100% appropriate, couldn't have been any better.

As a side note... this perfume requires very little as in 2 sprays maximum which I feel is still too much due to the relentless projection and sillage. This stuff is a beastoid and lasts forever, days, literally. Lovers of Kouros (like myself) will more then likely fall hard for this that's virtually the same concept with this one which, believe it or not, is just a hairs width more baroque and tacky in feel. Honestly, MCM's Success is definitely a 'success' and by far one of the most intriguing scents I've worn to date. There's this satisfaction aspect that's accomplished here in spades, exactly like what Kouros delivers for endless hours, same thing here. I would've never thought in a million years that I'd come across another perfume that's as absurdly over the top like Kouros, wow, I really love this perfume...
18th October, 2017
This is a lovely scent! Admittedly it is 80's old-school, but if applied lightly it is charming and genteel rather than heavy and oppressive.
There is a strong honeyed note in the opening. The various elements of florals, citrus and other things are very well blended. They create a smooth and classy masculine scent. Gradually an aromatic tobacco leaf note emerges -- very golden-brown, a bit bitter, and quite nice. Some light woods emerge in the dry-down.
The vanilla, amber and patchouli are not a problem at all, and the leather is a very minor note. They are all done with a light hand.
Well worth seeking out and trying.
05th March, 2012
Quite a unique tobacco opening with a very strong, very tenacious honey note. The honey certainly adds an interesting perspective to the citrus / tobacco / florals of the opening and heart: I enjoy the combination, and am reminded of Miel de Bois because of the powerful honey note. The opening has an excellent longevity. When the heart notes eventually do come along, the uniqueness continues. The lightwoods of patchouli and vetiver combine first with the middle’s abundant florals and then morph to a soon-to-be-prominent cedar note, all the while the honey is prominent and retains a firm relationship with the tobacco. I don’t get a very strong drydown. The honey and tobacco remain and there’s an amber and a leather that show up, but the whole accord doesn’t seem strong to me.

The first time I wore MCM Success, I got a balanced tobacco, leather, and honey accord. After that the honey has dominated each wearing. With its honey dominance it’s still an ok scent but I prefer the balance of the first times I tested it.

01st February, 2010
A demure 80's fragrance. All the class, style and structure of the 80's powerhouse fragrances except it is calm and light-hearted. Not heavy though I dare not wear in the heat. It's basically a leather and oakmoss scent with a smoked honey essence to it. I like it for the fact it's a toned-down classic.
14th January, 2010
Not quite the monster I was expecting it to be. In fact, it's a bit of a gentleman, entertaining you over wine and dessert while smoking a fine cigar.

The top notes are surprisingly Youth Dew-esque, bergamot meeting heavy amber before spiced and honeyed tobacco rides in on a tide of syrupy booze. While sweet, the effect is not as cloying as it sounds. In fact it's a great deal less sweet than gourmand tobaccos such as Ambre Narguile, and in the drydown the booze slowly departs, leaving a rather earthy tobacco with a distinct touch of moss and patchouli. I find it very wearable.

Success is an old-fashioned portrait of manliness painted with alcohol and tobacco, part gentlman's club; part machismo. Perhaps it's out-dated, but if you're reading a review of an obscure, retro men's fragrance, it could be just what you're looking for. Sadly, this fragrance is both discontinued and terribly underrated, so get it while you can.
14th September, 2009
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Russian Federation
Success belongs to the same family of heavy-duty colognes as, say, Boss No. 1 or Aramis but makes both look like bell-boys by comparison. It just exudes authority – and too much of it for my liking. You'll find all the usual suspects here, including tobacco, patchouli, vetiver, leather, amber and musk plus a generous helping of honey and hard liquor, all somewhat overdone to my nose. Picture a post-meeting boardroom some place in Houston full of kempt unsmiling men in their sixties smoking cigars and sipping cognac (a nod to Lord Molyneux) and you'll get the idea. You will probably like Success if you're one of those.
28th May, 2007

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