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Méchant Loup (1997)
by L'Artisan Parfumeur


Méchant Loup information

Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseL'Artisan Parfumeur
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group

About Méchant Loup

Méchant Loup is a masculine fragrance by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The scent was launched in 1997 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Reviews of Méchant Loup

I get a blast of licorice and little else. I couldn't wear it.
16th July, 2017
I would say this does take awhile to enjoy. The licorice and honey come to the fore in a nice blend, neither of which are stronger than the other. Not a huge fan of licorice. That being said this is very enjoyable. As the combination heads towards the middle ground, the cedar and hazelnut come through. I do get a slight sandalwood vibe in the dry down. Overall a great scent. I would say try before you buy... just to be sure this is up your alley. Otherwise.... Enjoy!

Additional info... Once you hit the complete dry down I find it very similar to Lalique Hommage a l'homme Voyageur. Weird considering the notes aren't close to the same. Either way still enjoyable.
12th April, 2017
I really don't know why I wanted to try this one, I should have known better!
Just based on the name alone I thought it would probably smell gross, and it actually does! I fully agree with Luca Turin's review of this one. There is nothing pleasant about the way it smells, and I wouldn't want any guy to wear this. Try it at your own peril, but I honestly don't recommend getting a sample. Save your money.
27th November, 2015
Méchant Loup opens with an odd sort of cheap nutty-tobacco fougère accord topped with a sort of pine-nutmeg accord, overall echoing a bit (just a bit) the reformulated version of Captain by Molyneux with less complexity and more focus on the woody-spicy part, blended with a say, “drugstore vibe” of balsamic-herbal cough syrup feel and an overall “brownish” feel of anisic, caramelised sweet woods and dried resins. I honestly don’t get any honey nor the “hazelnut” note, to me this seems more just an almost nondescript and rather faint balsamic-woody scent with a sweetish, yet dry and light anisic-resinous base and a whiff of generic herbs, also with a really subtle powdery-soapy feel.

I do admit that for the first minutes (and sadly, only for those), Méchant Loup succeeds in conveying a bit of a “fairytale”, childhood-inspired rendition of a forest ambiance, using “brown” aromatic-sweet tones and an ethereal, elegantly weightless texture instead of a more predictable cascade of green pine-herbal notes. Think of Serge Lutens on a military diet: resins and sweet notes are there, but there’s really no gourmand thickness here – all smells rather dry and breezy, distantly echoing also the salty woodiness of Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel.

So far so good, and now the bad news. As most of L’Artisan offers, Méchant Loup actually and definitely feels in fact way too tame and kind of cheap to be compelling enough. The mild “magic” you get at the opening vanishes as soon as you’ve paid for your bottle, quickly collapsing down to a really cheap, flat and annoyingly persistent musky-woody anisic-soapy drydown, which is the only evolution you’ll get (and please appreciate the stretch of calling it “evolution”). Some – mostly desperate sales assistants, I guess – would call this ethereal and delicate, I’d call it just pale and faint. I can’t stand L’Artisan’s consistent attempts at selling lame weakness as a “style choice”. Normally I wouldn’t care since their concept aren’t that interesting as well, but here it’s a bit of a shame since I think this would be a really nice idea, just wasted in a really mediocre execution.

19th November, 2015
Time to show myself up as the novice I am. Tested it this morning, then re-applied this evening, from a small sample. Then just read some other reviews and I think I must have completely misunderstood this. The first image that flashed through my mind was water, a freshwater lake with the sun glittering on the water, wet skin, a woman, not a man, summer, and the colour blue. Sweet, fresh, watery, feminine, very pleasant, happy scent. I don't get forest, or darkness, or complication and I certainly don't get anything lupine or even canine in any way at all, except to admit that I do love the warm, nutty smell of the pads on dogs' feet! :). After reading the ingredients, I got the hazelnuts, and tasted in the back of my mouth, rather than smelled, the liquorice. Lots of honey. And something fresh I don't recognise. I don't think it's cedar, I know what that smells like. For me it's Red Riding Hood flopping down on her towel after a refreshing swim by the lakeshore, still in her swimming costume, in relaxed, holiday mood, her wet skin drying in the sun. Nothing big, hairy or menacing in sight... Very sweet, pleasant smell, but not for me. Still a thumbs up though.
(Apologies to those who say I've got this so completely wrong: you may be justified. But I resolve to be honest). :)
06th July, 2015
Starts of sort of animalistic (wet dog or body sweat) and kind of sweet at the same time. The licorice mixed with the honey would have that effect. It actually starts out like a lot of fragrances would end as a skin scent. Strange. This one is not a bad fragrance, just not for me. 6/10
01st April, 2015

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