Messe de Minuit (1994)
    by Etro

    Messe de Minuit Fragrance Notes

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    Divine Midnight Incence

    The opening blast is sensational: orange, petitgrain and bergamot with a strong underlying spice blanket. Without further ado a beautiful myrrh comes to the fore, which remains the core of the spice in the drydown, accompanied by a gorgeous cinnamon of the highest class. This myrrh-cinnamon duo is a beautiful combination, and like the pillars of a cathedral it hold the whole fragrance together. In the base labdanum and a musk is added, but towards the end the cinnamon prevails, and the scent becomes lighter and less spicy, as if the showdown gradually resolve. The end is much less dark shows more levity. A wonderful incense scent, with splendid silage and projection, and an excellent longevity on me - around nine hours.

    29 August, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    A scent of atmosphere. The dank smell of an empty church, all dark corners and cool, almost-damp surfaces. The smoke of the service has dissipated but what lingers is the scent of frankincense grains, herbal, a bit sharp, accented by aged citrus tones (mainly sour orange) and mould. Perhaps one has to be in the right frame of mind for this, but I found it short on invigoration and long on gloom. All a bit too sepia for my taste and somewhat lacking in heft. As an evocation of place it is near perfect, however its success as a perfume is less certain.
    Nevertheless, it is skilfully made and I can see that some inclinations will find it just right.

    09 April, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    This must be how a Christmas midnight mass smells in the basement of the church, where the priestís cat has established its den.
    The incense and myrrh burned above certainly seep from the stairs, mingled with the scent of the Christmas tree adorned with fragrant citruses- it must be a modern church, open to cultural syncretism- but hardly overcome the mustiness of the premises and the sourish, mineral notes of catís pee!
    A weird, surprising and unconventional fragrance.

    20th December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I am reviewing the red and white paisley formulation, but what can be said that hasn't already been? It is moody, earthy, mystical, dark, warm, transportive, and exquisite!
    Well-done! I wear it when I feel like stepping into a time machine that will drop me off in a strangely familiar and comforting Gothic land.

    02 December, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    I'm stunned at the reviews that question this fragrance's right to the "Messe" part of its name. Take it from this cradle Irish Catholic: This is straight up Roman Catholic mass in a bottle. I expected something along the lines of Passage d'Enfer or Avignon, incense, smoke, cool stone, the suggestion of an old cathedral; but in terms of faithful reproduction, Messe de Minuit trumps the other two. In terms of wearable fragrance, for me, I'd choose one of the former. My 'thumbs up' is for Etro's remarkable accuracy.

    24 November, 2011

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    Canada Canada

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    If your one of those people who have all of a sudden just heard about MdM and are expecting something gothic and haunting and are like what is this? After trying and thinking the edt version was not gothic or haunting at all. Well you need to understand the history of this scent having this hardcore mildew and mustiness of crypts and castles came from the original formulation edc in the green paisley box and round label gold cap, and not the edt. The round label MdM edc was like real pure damp mildew with incense residue no question. I mean the real thing, pure mildew, dry rot and incense in a bottle. The many reformulations of this scent were not subtle at all, they were almost a new scent entirely, one of the biggest in reformulations in perfumery. The first reformulation edc in the red paisley box gold cap was very different from the original scent. It was missing all the mildew and was more of a slight dusty incense with a sweet smoke note and candle wax was type of scent. Still very good and unusual even with the reformulation. The scent was reformulated yet again with white packaging and now an edt it smells entirely different again from the previous two. It is a sweet orange/tangerine scent that holds no similarities at all with the other two. It does hold a subtle liturgical quality to it with very subtle incense in the back ground, but gone are all the qualities of the original two versions, the smoke, the pure mildew, dusty incense, dampness, candle wax, yellowed moldy pages of old books, all gone! Some say the edt has an orange pomander type of scent. So if you are a johnny come lately to this scent and expect something based on all the reviews based around castle walls, deep musty crypts and priests censors wafting incense smoke well keep in mind these qualities and early reviews of MdM were based on the original formulation edc and the first reformulation edc. The edt smells nothing like the first two versions, and the first version smells nothing like the second. But the one that is pure dry rot, deep mildew and the smell of old books and musty yellowed pages is only in the round label version that was the original formulation, I when I say mildew it is full on in this. The second version of MdM edc is also a keeper which many held high for it's haunting subtleness of incense smoke and candle wax quality and the one I really like. But if your looking for this in the edt your going to be disappointed. Also this scent is Greek Orthodox Midnight mass not Catholic. The decants being sold on theperfumedcourt called vintage is actually the red paisley box edc first reformulation, I asked them and this is what they told me, so not the original formulation but first reformulation. You will be hard pressed to find the original vintage round label edc mildew monster, next to impossible these days.

    21st November, 2011

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