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Metal Jeans Men (2000)
by Versace


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Year of Launch2000
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Parent CompanyEuroitalia
Parent Company at launchGiver Profumi

About Metal Jeans Men

Metal Jeans Men is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 2000

Metal Jeans Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Metal Jeans Men

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The top notes have an orange-like beginning with an intensive watermelon note soon taking over. A bit later I detect a whiff of pineapple. This is all adding up to a fresh and bright opening that in spite of its synthetic nature is well done and convincing. In the drydown I get flowery notes with a hint of lily and lots of jasmine, with guaiac and a touch of musk giving it some depth. This later phase is a bit sweeter but never heavy or cloying, although less original that the opening. On my skin the fruity start is the most convincing part, but this is a nice scent overall and definitely one of Versace's best. Good silage and projection, with over four hours of longevity. Great in summer. 4.5/5
09th November, 2013
This is the fresh version of Jeans. Well balanced, highly synthetic—the opening combines citrus, green notes, and a sumptuous watermelon note—refreshing and not too sweet. I can already determine a wood note—gaiiac—rising up from the base—just a touch of it and it is an appropriate wood for matching the opening notes—the gaiiac note is sweet and quite aromatic. It complements the liquidity of the opening and is really an appropriate choice. The jasmine and water flowers of the middle are competent and manage to keep a hold on masculinity. The gaiiac wood from the base has become stronger and has given the middle notes a sweet wood transparency that provides a unique ambiance to the middle floral notes. Then it pulls the fragrance into the base, replacing the florals with amber and musk. The dry down is woody and musky... smoothed out by oakmoss and slightly sweetened by amber. Metal Jeans is a nicely made fragrance, but, all things considered, its freshness lacks enough substance and it is a bit too synthetically cold for my tastes.

Originally submitted 11 February 2007, Taiwan
11th December, 2010 (last edited: 13th December, 2010)
I wish they would bring this one back. It was light, perhaps too light in its longevity, fresh, and enchanting. I loved wearing this gorgeous juice.
24th April, 2010
Doesn't anyone else catch the resemblance with Hugo Boss' Hugo? VMJ is much nicer than Hugo though. A light fruity scent that is impossible to offend with. The watermelon is dominant in the top notes, and I get the Jasmin coming through in the middle. The scent finally winds down to a pleasant musky woody base. I wonder why it was discontinued...
29th January, 2010
eRL00p Show all reviews
United States
This is a different one. I bought this in January, and was shocked others thought of this as a good one. It was so putrid and not what I was expecting at all. I had thought I got a bad batch, but I wore some today and I must say it is much much better in summertime. The other more favorable notes pick up and thrive only in the heat. If you like YSL or Ed Hardy Love & Luck, Metal jeans is a similar category [putrid as i call it] scent that may be for you. It is the kind of scent you must wear in the right weather, not forcing yourself to wear it everyday*****
I hated this scent when I first got it in the mail. I had looked so hard to find it and had to wait longer for the right day to come by chance and have this scent reveal its potential. It dies in the cold, leaving behind an odd smell on my skin. When wearing this in summertime, it brightens up and i get the watermelony notes. It does lose its fruity scent fairly fast, but it keeps making comebacks in the heat when im wearing it. The basenotes are very nice. its part the beginning\\ part something new. This is probably the best stage because you can still catch the earlier notes (unlike other fragrances) but a thicker base is apparent too.

29th July, 2009
fusion Show all reviews
United States
I didn't like this at all, just didn't smell pleasant and didn't last long thankfully.
17th July, 2009

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