Minotaure (1992)
    by Paloma Picasso

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    The Minotaur is a reoccurring theme in Pablo Picasso's work, and this is where his daughter got the name for her only masculine fragrance. The name "Minotaure" is sculptured in the glass circling the whole bottle. The fragrance itself has citrus topnotes, herb heartnotes and basenotes of musk and amber.

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    Oh, yuck. In an archeological way, Minotaur is basically the missing link between Joop's sweet cherry cinnamon and Le Male's vanilla fougere. It's interesting as a museum piece, but I just don't find it to be well executed.

    The topnotes are a mess, a mix of sweet red Joop smells and lavender, with a weird fennel/licorice undertone that's probably an attempt to cut the sweetness, but just smells weird. Minotaur also has that metallic sperm coumarin smell that's hidden in Le Male, but brought forward, which makes for a Secretions-Magnifique-layered-with-Joop element that's subtle, but that keeps grossing me out. Blech.

    17 February, 2014

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    This amazing oriental statement is a breath of fresh air. I mean if you can imagine standing on top of a mountain in Japan, taking in a deep breath, with cherry blossoms dropping on your head and David Bowie singing in the background (he wore/wears Minotaure)- you have halfway summed up this fragrance. Born at the exact right time, meaning it's ok that it's brash cousin Joop came barreling thru first,Minotaure is more refined and less diabetic. I like to use the Minotaure soap before the EDT (helps it last another hour).

    27 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 07 February, 2014)

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    Some people compare it to Roma Uomo. Yes it's true that it has some similarities. But this an oriental fougère (like Le mâle). It is the ancestor of the sexy oritental like le mâle and body kouros (when I smell it I have the same vibe of the 90's). Minotaure is a masculine, warm, original and modern perfume from the 90's. It has also the warmth of body kouros.
    When it was launched in 1992, it was something new and surprising. Unfortunately, it didn't have a big success, maybe because the brand is not a famous designer like Chanel or Dior. Today even if Minotaure has many descendants,it is still unique and original.

    31st August, 2013

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    A delightful Labyrinth for a complex beast

    The opening is a gentle citrus combined with a tuberose that is darker and gives it a more somber note. The drydown commences with a jasmine-cum-lavender impression that is balanced very well by a flowery note. A touch of sharpness give the edge to what leads gradually into a colorful spiel of amber, sandalwood and a touch of moss, with counterbalance being provided by a vanilla that keeps up that sweetness a notch or two higher, but never in the foreground. The next phase sees a fairly restrained sweetish leather developing, like a not completely new soft Italian leather bag. Now, in the sixth hour, it fades away, just be be resurrected temporarily with a reminiscence of the top note, this time orange and a brighter rose of true beauty. Initially of good silage and projection, it is now fading again and close to my skin, and eventually, after eight hours it is gone. Marvelous!

    Pros: Complexity, longevity

    25 July, 2013

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    In a sculptured with caftsmanship bottle  this far better version of Roma Uomo is an olfactory powdery-vanillic equivalent of the joy of life with its blend of orangy and rosey-aldehydic amber and woody vanilla. The initial sharp link of hesperides, aromatic herbs, rosey bath soap, lavender and aldehydes introduces a traditional classic kind of starting a bit old school and soaring in the air with a flying  long projection. The orangy and floral smell starts soon to morph in to a soothed mild-woody amber-vanilla base that remains discreet and balanced becoming finally a bit powdery, mossy and leathery but never cloying. The note of geranium manteins a certain level of angular sharpness while the jasmine in its link with balsams and orange embodies a sort of rosey smell that  on the side of orange flavours the final suede. I agree who with writes that Roma Uomo is a more sweet, synthetic and simplistic kind of scent that lacks that sort of retro and barber shop floral-lavender-herbal more discreet kind of complexity. Because of Minotaure's distinctiveness, moderation in powder and balance i find  more similarities of genre with fragrances as Japuir or Patricia de Nicolai's New York than with The Dreamer, Pi or Le Male ( while the gourmand fragrances are a very different genre from this with their tasty-edible notes). A well appointed ambery-oriental with a mature fruity-herbal temperament, a certain level of survived sharpness and a joyful floral soul.

    05 October, 2011 (Last Edited: 14 November, 2013)

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    A nice woody oriental with a bit of fruit and some booze, almost like our friend Zino skipped his sour topnotes and then got drunk. It has a little of the cherry aura that I get from Dunhill (2003) and a few others. Unfortunately it's weak, and my vial is tiny so I don't feel like going for broke with it. Still, I can tell that the wood is the licorecey, aged, thickly varnished sort that you get from things like Tommy Bahama; it's just not as unpleasantly resinous to me as TB. The basenotes on my fingers are a lot more vanilla-focused, which is nice, leading to a closer kinship with Zino. What's strange, though, is I could have sworn I was blown away by this stuff when I tried it before, that it was exactly how I like my spiced woods to be done, but I may just be confusing it with Nemo. I could do without the cherry and licorice, but since they recede a bit in the base, I'll begrudgingly give this a thumbs up.

    30th May, 2011

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