Missoni Uomo (1983)
    by Missoni

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    I've got a spray bottle, and the glass is dark brown, so I'm wondering if it's possible that mine has "gone bad." There is nothing "off" about the smell, but it's not nearly as strong as some here are suggesting. Even the initial blast is light and pleasant, unlike so many other masculines of this era. The drydown is pleasant, with good dynamism, but a bit light. There is no strong wood, animalic, leathery, powdery note. In fact, I don't see why a woman couldn't wear this, if she wanted something light and a bit different. The notes from the Estonian site are:

    Basil, bergamont, lemon, galbanum, juniper berry.

    Carnation, cedar, cinnamon, coriander, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, rose.

    Amber, leather, incense, moss, musk, tonka bean.

    I would say that is lightly powdery, but otherwise it's just a pleasant blend, with at least decent longevity. It is not a "blob," but the notes are very subtle, so you get a sense of note separation but only a hint of the notes, such as the leather. If this is what you're looking for, there may not be a better fragrance. If you are looking for a powerful "masculine" fragrance with leather and incense that burn your nostrils, look elsewhere !

    08 March, 2011

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    Thanks to Dimitrios from Down Under, I got to sample this. To my nose, the opening starts with a herb-infused lemony aroma. As with my previous sampling of this, an extremely sweet accord of Jasmine resting on uber powdery frankincense(?) and amber starts to surface and dominate the entire scent. There is a flour-like texture beneath all that sweetness. There is also a civet-y element here that is similar to that in Givenchy Gentleman (newer formulation). This is a powerhouse sweet amber scent and is best smelled from a distance lest it gets too cloying or stuffy. This is really potent stuff that I may have some trouble wearing regularly, but I have to give credit to quality, where it is due.

    10th January, 2010

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    Interesting but very spicy and powdery. Not for me. Has a definite cumin note.

    13 December, 2008

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    A quality scent that unfortunately is no longer available . A big thumbs up by me .

    14 May, 2008

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