Monsieur de Givenchy (1959)
    by Givenchy

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    Givenchy's original masculine fragrance is a rich citrus fragrance.

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    100ml EdT
    100ml EdT
    100ml EdT
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    A classic - to some dated, to those who can appreciate, timeless. An incredible work of classic, masculine fragrance with wonderful blended essence of superb quality ingredients! I am referring to Vintage Eau de Toilette. It is a landmark scent and, while reserved, a quintessential creation in 1959. Chanel Pour Monsieur came just four years before in 1955. It was the "benchmark" - Hubert de Givenchy created his own wonderful bottle that expresses balance, class, and a true gentlemanly vibe. You must be a fan of French-styled fragrance to appreciate this fully. It is of sheer quality - the notes have superb depth for an Aromatic Citrus (Chypre), but it is never loud or intrusive. For Vintage EdT, I have a tremendous amount of respect and enjoy each wearing. Nice attire is mandatory. Original Vintage EdT is simply outstanding. No rating, just admiration...

    I was able to acquire a pristine, Vintage, 100ml bottle of the Monsieur de Givenchy in Super Concentrate ("Haute Concentree") formulation as well. This is really nice. In the Super Concentrate formula, there is a rich base of moss and nice touch of musk (or possibly civet) with smooth sandalwood - but not overdone. This wears like a classic is dependable, shows sophistication and will definitely tell others around you that you have a style all to yourself. Not a fragrance for the mainstream - and I never have been part of that. Since a young age, I've enjoyed classic scents. This is extremely good and I appreciate every nuance. Different than the standard concentration EdT, but actually wonderful in a blended wearing (not directly applied on top of one another - just a couple of sprays on my forearms of this while wearing the Vintage, Original formulation and it is mesmerizing). Worn separately, different vibes - as well as together.

    It is not loud, but it is very distinct. One spray on the back of my hand from about 2 inches away. Where it sprayed heavy, there is more focused scent (and deeper moss, musk and more sharp citrus & herbs)...where it "misted", the note separation is wonderful. This is very good to discover. Excellent to note as I will apply this (in a full wearing) at least 6-8 inches away for a couple of shots and then a focus shot on my wrists. This is, traditionally, a spring/summer scent. However, the "Super Concentrate" formula is definitely a year-round fragrance. It is laden with moss and depth of herbs. The top notes are there and very rich, but the depth of the base notes (moss, musk and a very nice and traditional gentleman's sandalwood) are what allow this scent to last. I actually see this being wonderful on cooler spring/fall days - and even wet weather (but not too cold). The subtleties would be lost - like the beautiful lemon verbena, slightly pungent carnation-clove, fragrant (but slightly bitter) sage, fresh masculine lavender and touch of pepper (and the dash of civet is notable). The entire composition exudes confidence and what a European gentleman is all about - with an aire of sophistication. Proper attire and confidence required. It does wear close to the skin, but in warm weather - this breathes on your skin and has very nice presence.

    Intelligent, reserved, and refined masculine fragrance that shows wonderfully. There is a time and place where MdG would be perfect...I can think of many. Relaxing on a weekend (or dressing up in proper attire on a weekday), reading a novel (not a book), watching a classic movie (black & white, foreign, arthouse), listening to live jazz in an upscale bistro...

    **Update** - Bought last formulation in squat, squared 100ml spray bottle prior to Les Parfums Mythiques release. It is a tester, with the description written on the back: "WOODY CITRUS: Freshness of Lemon and Bergamot, elegance of Lavender and Sandal wood." A brief, but perfect description - a distinguished scent for a gentleman. With sandalwood becoming a more precious commodity, we see houses going to other Monsieur de Givenchy, Les Parfums Mythiques has gone to Hinoki Wood. I wanted to get the older, last bottling of the very close to Vintage formula - and I am very happy I did.

    A scent for those who understand that less is more, elegance and taste has been refined and that scent is part of your "wardrobe" or attire. Understated and one of the best Citrus Aromatic scents ever created in an excellent composition. This is not as loud as another great citrus aromatic/woody/chypre scent, YSL Pour Homme nor is it as herbal as Eau Sauvage. A composition of purity and all of its formulations and concentrations.

    27 January, 2014

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    Finland Finland

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    Can't explain why any of the group YSL Pour Homme, Rochas Moustache, Chanel Pour Homme and Dior Eau Sauvage all that are said to belong to the same family with MDG don't really impress me ( I even find YSL Ph and Moustache disgusting), but Monsieur de Givenchy....I simply love this fragrance. Haven't tried the reformulated later release, so this applies to the vintage juice. A refined classic, that i find a bit melancholy and calming that's not typical for a citrus scent. The best part is the soapy musky oakmossy drydown - it offers a calming and relaxing effect that i personally enjoy.

    26 January, 2014

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    Monsieur De Givenchy belongs to the group of classic masculines including Chanel Pour Monsieur, YSL pour Homme, and Eau Sauvage that evoke crisp elegance. MdG is a citrus aromatic that just begs for a business suit in a high-rise glass tower filled with folks getting things done. I envision the guys in Mad Men wearing MdG and its amenable compatriots. MdG brings you along to the happy hour after work.
    The bar is filled with laughter and congratulations about the account you landed today. Martinis flow. And then it fades and you head home to your loved ones. This is how MdG strikes me. MdG is a bit more soapy than Eau Sauvage, but not over the top. Whereas Eau Sauvage can be sharp, MdG doesn't feel that way to me. MdG smells citrusy, slightly soapy and clearly aromatic. I find MdG to have average longevity and light to moderate sillage. A timeless classic. A fragrance that comes with an itinerary.

    26 January, 2014

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    citrus chypre

    The Monsieur is one of a crew of wonderful masculine citrus chypres from the mid-20th century--Rochas Moustache, Chanel pour Monsieur, YSL pour Homme.)  This genre smells like the middle ground between the feminine green chypre of the 1960s-1970s (Private Collection, Scherrer de Scherrer, Weil de Weil) and Eau de Cologne.  Bear in mind I know the more current formulations of these citrus chypres, which according to many are ghosts of their earlier iterations.  Myself, I turn to the above green chypres if Iím looking for ballsiness and volume.  I like the current menís citrus chypres for their subtlety and personal scale.  I like this genre for wearing like Eau de Cologne with endurance.   For this use, the Monsieur is perfect.  (I have the les Mythiques formulation.)


    The big dog on this block is Chanel pour Monsieur.  At any time since its release itís been considered the best menís chypre on the market.  Many call it the best menís chypre of all time.  I only know a recent formulation, and while pretty, itís so short lived, and fades to such a spectral version of itself that I have to consider it effectively discontinued.


    OK, obeisance and eulogy to Chanel done, on to Monsieur de Givenchy.  The Monsieur is a long-lasting but light perfume that balances the simple composition, restraint and allure that leads to that rare outcome in masculine perfumery: quiet but unashamed beauty.  Iíve found many who see MdG as the most damaged by reformulations of this genre.  Perhaps for their purposes it is, but I find it enjoyable in the way that it accomplishes all the goals of the citrus chypre genre.  Itís dry/bitter and austere.  It reflects your skin.   It combines an herbal citrus blend (pepper/lemon/bergamot) with a waxy musky quality that is distinctive yet easy-going.  The floral notes give some depth.  It starts rosy and eases into a low-key white floral tone that eventually settle into a carnation note that remains through drydown.  Carnation?  Or was that the pepper from the start?  This little twist shows that for as unfussy as this genre is, the Monsieur wears an Iíve-got-a-secret smile from start to finish.


    To some, this is a faded gentleman.  To me, a charmer.


    from scent

    16 May, 2013

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    The Vintage Version:
    The citrus/lemon/verbena top note is a traditional fresh opening, that merges into a drydown that adds green-herbal aromas, with on my skin the lavender component staying in the background. A wood-moss base note is added, but towards the end the herbal impression dominates the citrus, without the latter ever vanishing completely. A restrained scent with limited projection and poor silage, its longevity is in the two-to-three hour range. A traditional and classic.

    09 May, 2013

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    England England

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    I can only agree with the esteemed Nitram Enaed who stated that sometimes only MDG will do. The epitome of good breeding, the only disappointment for me is the lack of power in the vintage aftershave that I have and the lack of top notes in the vintage EDT .I can splash on good amounts of both but it's hard to detect after an hour or two. I still get compliments from people many hours later though.
    One of the absolute classics.

    24 February, 2013

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