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Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) (1989)
by Montana


Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) information

Year of Launch1989
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People and companies

PerfumerEdouard Flechier
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyCosmoprod

About Montana Parfum d'Homme (original)

This was discontinued in 2001.

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) fragrance notes

Reviews of Montana Parfum d'Homme (original)

Montana Parfum d'Homme, on the surface, is a spicy aromatic fragrance with an emphasis on the herbal-spicy aspects. It's difficult to discern it in terms of notes, as it is densely blended and very well-crafted; there is a floral note in there, but is wrapped in all the dense, green and dry elements, and an accord that hints at tobacco and leather. On my skin this tobacco-leather accord takes over after the initial burst of spices, and persists into the later stages of dry down, where it becomes more leathery. This is leather component is spicy, rustic, akin to spices and tobacco wrapped in leather, and there is a green element that accompanies throughout, eventually revealing a slight mossy character. On my skin Parfum d'Homme lasts a good six hours, and sillage is close but persistent.

Parfum d'Homme appears very similar to Havana, one of my favourites, but there are some differences. Havana is oilier, while Parfum d'Homme is more dry. Havana has a greater emphasis on tobacco, even more dense and spicy (prominent bay), and the tobacco makes Havana just a tad sweeter (relatively). Parfum d'Homme is slightly more refined in demeanour, and the leather is more pronounced in the late development.

While I am partial to Havana, Parfum d'Homme is an excellent choice for anyone looking to spice up slightly their daily perfuming regimen.

18th October, 2017
1989 Nassau, Bahamas vacation....

Shopping along Bay Steet I stumble upon a perfume shop that contains scented treasures from foreign lands that one can only dream about. Inside the rich mahogany cases are designer fragrances that I have never heard about, and one unusually beautiful bottle is calling my name. It's Montana Parfum d' Homme and its scent is as exhilarating as the bottle itself.

Dry, exotic, spicy, leathery, potent; it's a most unique fragrance that I will never forget "when and where" I was when purchased. A time capsule moment in my life!

Now 28 years later, I still love and wear PdH. The quality and projection of this scent is rarely matched by anything else in the marketplace. The closest relative is Havana by Aramis, and although very similar; Parfum d' Homme is much richer and more complex. Like the island where purchased!

Sadly I have heard that PdH is now discontinued. This really doesn't surprise me since everything else that I really enjoy and love is now a fleeting memory and a brief review on a website. I'll have to "stockpile" a few extra bottles while I can, and although "Parfum d' Homme Light" is similarly nice and readily available online; it's lacking the original depth that made Montana PdH the standout of uniqueness back in 1989.
16th February, 2017
Incense and heavy oakmoss together just don't work for me -- perhaps my skin? For my nose, even the top notes are shrouded in the screech of the nag champy nonsense...what's supposed the be the "Ah!" turns into "Oh!" Too bad. Had really high hopes for this one. Not even refreshing enough for a bathroom freshener. Reminds me of Carven Homme.
24th January, 2017
Stardate 20170117:

I don't know what I can add here that has not already been covered by the ambassador of this fragrance Monsieur Montana.
It is a great masculine fragrance. As already pointed out by DuNezDeBuzier, this is similar to Havana in structure. I find some Jacomo de Jacomo in it too.
Patch, spices and manliness in a bottle that will not break the bank.
17th January, 2017
The Brutal start has an accord that has me shy away. Something about it screams sweetish"Generic Leather". Then Whoa!!
Extraordinarily beautiful Masculine Dry Air Landscape bouquet, that has me mounted, boots in the stirrups, Gallon hat, eyes squinted, surveying my Ranch Kingdom.
28th September, 2016
To echo, parfum d'homme shares a lot of overlap similarities with Havana. Perhaps some of its molecules are a little lighter and more excited than some of those used in Havana, I don't know. Both are great and rather interchangeable.

If some current perfumers were challenged to reinvent a modernized version of Old Spice, perhaps one of those efforts would end up smelling kinda like Montana parfum d'homme.

A few years back I was fortunate to acquire two big ugly bottles at about tree fitty an ounce. Now that's a value... one of the best I ever had.
03rd July, 2016

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