Moods Uomo (1989)
    by Krizia

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    The top notes are very nice in a traditional way, with lavender, jasmin, lemon and bergamot taking the lead. There is quite some aldehyde in the first opening blast, but it is not too overpowering. The drydown is flowery - rose and carnation - but that is soon followed by an unusually smooth and rounded patchouli. This all is subsequently replaced by a mild amber-tonka-moss combination, which gradually fades out. At times a very smooth leather is present, but this is always in the background. On my skin this fragrance starts off strongly, but after a couple of hours stays close to my skin. Its one predominant feature is smoothness - no edge and no harshness, but developing interestingly over its lifespan. The other feature that impresses me is the very fine patchouli note. For the first hour silage and projection are quite good, and I get a longevity of over three hours. .

    17 August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A Fine 80s Powerhouse...

    Moods Uomo opens with a nose tingling blast of carnation floral-laced aldehydes, coupling with spicy ginger and earthy patchouli over hints of the relatively smooth woody leather to come. As the fragrance enters the early heart phase the dark woody leather accord takes center stage with the ginger and patchouli hanging around in key support. During the late dry-down the leather accord softens as the fragrance turns just slightly sweet derived primarily from the use of tonka bean at its base. Projection is above average and longevity is good at 8-10 hours on skin.

    While there is no woody accord listed in the official fragrance composition notes, I definitely get plenty of cedar in it. To my nose the primary drivers of the fragrance development once you get past the open are cedarwood, leather, ginger and patchouli. The closest fragrance that comes to mind is one of my all-time favorites, Giorgio VIP for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills. That said, Moods Uomo is definitely no clone, instead featuring a much more woody focus than the Giorgio. The slightly rough heavy leather heart phase can be just a bit much at times, but the aggressive (but oh so nice smelling) ginger spice-laced carnation floral open and the smooth slightly sweet leather finish more than make up for it on the whole. The bottom line is the long-since discontinued but still relatively inexpensive Moods Uomo may not equal the creme de la creme of the 80s powerhouse crop, but it smells better than most and is well worth one's attention if you come across it, earning a "very good" to "excellent" 3.5 to 4 star out of 5 rating.

    Pros: Reminicent of Giorgio VIP for Men at times with a more woody focus.
    Cons: The leather in the mid phase can get a bit harsh.

    07 June, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    there are no words it's simply a masterpiece

    04 September, 2012

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    Ericrico and Shamu1 have said all that there is to say about this wonderful scent - I would not have known about it except for the fact that the latter Basenotes member praised it as his favorite scent of all time on his personal blog page.

    On me this begins as a warm, gentle woods/spice combination that is captivating. After two hours, it is a perfect tobacco scent. Throughout it is not harsh or in your face - always subtle, expanding and changing almost imperceptibly.

    It is a great shame it is discontinued. I will be buying up bottles of this fine scent - quite affordable at present - so that I am never without it.

    24 August, 2012

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    Moods shares an understated elegance with Fendi Uomo and Givenchy Gentleman. Most impressive is a distinct smoky note like burned cork familiar to those who've smelled Fracas for Men and Francesco Smalto. Added to the leathery vibe and the delectable florals, this smokiness puts Moods into another gear and separates it from the somewhat similar Giorgio and the aforementioned Givenchy. Nice work indeed.

    09 July, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Great reviews by Shamu1 (who I know loves this fragrance), jenson, Mysticman, and others! I have waited to find this scent for a reasonable price and was able - as it was sadly discontinued.

    Overview: Moods by Krizia Uomo was launched in 1989. Top notes are aldehydes, coriander, lavender, bergamot, cardamom and lemon; middle notes are rose, carnation, ginger, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, tobacco leaf, and geranium; base notes are rich patchouli, leather, tonka bean, amber, musk, vanilla, oakmoss and cedar.

    I have been seeking out special bottles of Krizia juice recently, including a 100ml bottle of Spazio Krizia (with the after shave balm). I've owned Krizia Uomo for a while, really like it (although there is no similarities here) and Moods has been lurking in my "Want" list near the top for a couple of years.

    Patience is virtue. I am really loving this fragrance! The opening is a blast of sharp lavender, carnation and bergamot engulfed in beautiful tobacco leaf and rich patchouli - beautiful and powerful! In 10 minutes, the cardamom and coriander add spice and "simmer" the concoction while aldehydes give a lifted and airiness to the overall scent - tantalizing. Rose enters and it is a great note here (not "dirty" like in Zino) - but the absolute power of the patchouli (and now leather) make the rose deep, earthy and rich. The carnation and rose together with lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and geranium constitute the floral heart. A dash of ginger keeps the freshness here, along with a little kick. A composition with high-brow intelligence, sophistication and daringly bold!

    The base shows some amber along with a nice cedar and musk - but the patchouli is still there...incredible. The florals ease down and the bouquet, while present, is now an undertone to the warm base.

    Masculine, bold, fragrant, rich and deep - yet articulate and refined...Moods fits its name in that it shows several. It transitions beautifully and I find the fragrance to be in very good harmony. Krizia has created another wonderful scent here. Final score - 9/10 and know that it definitely can change your mood! Macho elegance in a bottle - superb.

    Update - a full wearing of Moods the other day. I cannot help but keep thinking about it. I am so thankful that I finally got my hands on this! I have a very large collection of fragrance - both vintage and current. Moods is not only truly unique, but almost unreal. I simply cannot believe how good this is. I have been wearing Zino Davidoff (another earthy rose scent) a lot recently - and have been buying extra Original Formulation to keep for the future. However, after wearing Moods, I cannot say enough about the sheer power and how chic this scent is. The composition smells like its color - golden, rich and almost oily. It is so potent and mesmerizing! I smelled my shirt after wearing it a couple of days ago (I left it out to test longevity) - Moods is still very alive with the full bouquet of notes 48 hours later! Updated score - 9.5/10...a revelation in fragrance!

    03 March, 2012 (Last Edited: 15 October, 2012)

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