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Moschino pour Homme (1990)
by Moschino


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Year of Launch1990
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyEuroitalia

About Moschino pour Homme

Moschino pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Moschino. The scent was launched in 1990

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Reviews of Moschino pour Homme

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United States
Moschino pour Homme goes on with aromatic lavender with a faint slightly animalic castoreum laden leathery undertone. Moving to the early heart a strong green oakmoss emerges as co-star with the castoreum, labdanum and styrax derived animalic leather, with the aromatic lavender remaining as diminished support, joined by significant carnation and slightly powdery rose florals. During the late dry-down the composition eschews its florals and most of the oakmoss, leaving dry leather sans its animalic facet as sole star through the finish. Projection is very good and longevity excellent at around 12 hours on skin.

Moschino pour Homme may technically be a 90's composition, but stylistically it takes me back to my favorite decade of perfumery, the 80s. The composition starts off with a tremendous hit of aromatic lavender, but even from the start the animalic leather peeps into the open, asserting itself early. By the time the composition moves to its middle, the animalic leather takes command, though with a very strong oakmoss co-star. The combination of the leather and oakmoss tandem with the supporting carnation and rose florals is absolutely superb smelling. By the time the composition moves to its late dry-down the leather sheds its animalic castoreum infusion, utilizing the remnants of the styrax and labdanum to create its dry leather finish with maybe just a touch of tonka bean derived sweetness, but not much. The leather dry-down is fabulous, completing the wonderful experience provided top-to-bottom. I have heard Moschino pour Homme compared to Puredistance M and vintage Bel Ami by some, but I really don't see much similarity between them (aside from them all being superb smelling leather compositions). A bit closer to my nose, though still quite different is Leonard pour Homme, a composition composed a decade earlier and one of the best leathers ever created. When a composition is compared to so many leather greats, you know the perfumer has done something right, and Moschino pour Homme can rightfully take its place alongside those great leathers of past and present with pride. The bottom line is the under $100 per 100ml bottle on the aftermarket discontinued Moschino pour Homme is an excellent example of how to do a leather composition right, representing one of the best offerings of the 90s and earning an "Excellent" to "Outstanding" 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 and an extremely strong recommendation.
06th May, 2015
Just a little step behind vintage BEL AMI, the Holy Grail. Terrific juice, manly and in the Olimpo of perfumery. This is a prefect example about how a perfume should be done.
15th March, 2015
Moschino Pour Homme strikes me as a descendant of Halston's classic Z-14 --- a fresh, zesty spicy chypre that mellows into a warm mossy, leathery blend. It also bears more than a passing resemblance to Valentino's Vendetta (which came out a year later) and Patou Pour Homme. This is everything a men's fragrance should be --- complex, rich, subtle, bold, balanced and nuanced all at once. Bravissimo!
31st July, 2014
Moschino Pour Homme is a left over giant still projecting its class from the abysses of the 90's. A great, great leathery and mossy fougere with a bitter/rooty/herbal temperament, a stout bergamot and pungent dry spices presence, a touch of smoke, an iris/rose/leather soul and a mossy suede dry down with hints of virile ambergris. I'm waiting a sample in order to test the aroma better on skin after years before to review it throughly but I have well present and clear the perfume since I've counted Moschino Pour Homme in my old 90's rotation for long. I have well in mind the bitter/herbal/peppery compelling opening with a notable mace presence and all its indolent and almost aristocratic structure. I see for sure the Colin Maillard's reference to the renowned Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur despite effectively Moschino is a more articulated beast with its superb background of bergamot-lavender, rosemary, peppery spicy mace, vibrant ambergris and dry floral notes. The final floral, "leather/ambergris veined" and mossy dry down, as turned out smoother by hints of balsams and beeswax, is simply gorgeous. Superb and hardly paralleled fragrance still nowadays.
Tested finally again on skin: simply superb, rich of dusty peppery-green notes (almost inebriating spiciness- nutmeg, cumin, pepper, may be cloves), leathery (yes, Bel Ami jumps on mind), hyper virile (castoreum, tobacco, ambergris), vaguely buttery, velvety and powdery floral (golden). A piece of unbelievable opulent beauty.
26th April, 2014 (last edited: 10th October, 2014)
A majestic, monolithic marvel of iris and leather with a stunning depth and range of facets, from animalic to herbal. Incredible quality – both of materials and composition. The opening is just breathtaking: powerful, fresh and juicy, dry and animalic, with a dark, dense vetiver heart, floral notes, a waxy, decadent iris side which evolves in the best way I've ever smelled. Bergamot, lavender and balsamic notes – its classic "eau de cologne" side – beautifully blend with a balsamic/mossy breeze and a dry, rich, dusty, materic leather note, really vibrant and multifaceted. By far one of the most pleasant leathers I've ever tried... and we're talking about real, crisp leather, so forget nowadays' overpriced safraleine-based crap leathers which smell like burnt tires (Cuir Garamante and the like, anyone?). A sort of mediterranean, shady, hyeratic fougère with two major, incredible-quality main characters – leather and iris. The drydown lets the duo emerge even better, all the side/head notes gently vanish until you get this endless, perfect accord, which lasts for hours, with a gentle hint of talcum. Also, after a while the drydown gets unexpectedly slightly similar to Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur – just a bit more vast, dry, dense, less floral and transparent. Astonishing quality. Also really contemporary and wearable, I know sometimes the terms "1990s" and "fougère" may let you think of "old" stuff... this instead has a linear and vibrant personality which looks perfectly "fit" and modern.

25th April, 2014
Near the highest nice parfum

great surprise!

This one is balmy rose and iris; hot sensual leather .
with minor effects of bitterness and smokiness
Everything is bathed in a softness unknown in modern cheap perfumery
for the evening and for everyone want smell beautiful!

update: complex too much to understand all aspects.
for example in the dry down there is a marvelous ambery (but not too sweet) note that grows, never boring never synthetic.

definitely for all age
definitely not for altar boys

Pros: high quality,nice orris note, beautiful ambery notes
Cons: sometimes could be too much"

03rd October, 2013

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