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    I don't get the dirty, stinky vibe at all. but it does seem to be a complex scent. If you over think it, then yes maybe a bit dirty. My only complaint, is the longevity on my skin is terrible. Maybe a couple of hours at best.

    I wore this again yesterday, and longevity was very good, not sure what the problem was with the first wearing.

    19 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 21st January, 2014)

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    King of the Muscs

    I consider this the Niche King of the Muscs. A beautiful blend of my two favorite notes: Floral and Musk, and not just any musk: dirty, manly muscs. MKK starts off as a rose-floral and a hint of musk and as it dries down, a full blown dirty Musc. One spray is all I would reccommend. More than One, and you are asking for some serious trouble.

    I wouldnt recommend a Woman wearing this fragrance. It would be instantly a turn off for me, and some of my male friends agree wholeheartedly. MKK is a fragrance I would wear intimately or within the confines of my personal space, i.e. home, snuggled under the covers with a significant other. My other love, Musc Raveguer By Maurice Roucel, would be a musc I would wear on a date or black tie affair.

    07 October, 2013

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    IAmKing Musk

    This is my very first Serge Lutens purchase.

    First off, I would like to say this to all High End Department stores i.e Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman. If you hire someone to represent the Fragrance section, make sure you quiz the individual on the fragrance they are representing, because I shouldnt have to stand there and explain to your employees what Serge Lutens is and what is Muscs Kublai Khan or Tuberuese Criminelle.

    Now, to MKK.

    Starts off from first spray of Florals and a lil bit of anamalic Musk. Then evolves to a full blown Dirty Musck, sexy and "sex" like.

    Ive been reading the reviews on many sites from smelling like ass to dirty nutts to rose smelling HOBOS. None of these is true. But I will tell you this, this fragrance is not fro the faint at heart. I couldnt see a woman wearing this. SOrry Ladies. It would be a total turn off. But it also takes a Manly-type of man, powerful and confident to pull this off.

    Longevity is a monster, but silliage is moderate, which it should be, because more than one or two sprays and you are asking for it.

    I would wear this fragrance more on a third or forth date out, or cozing up with a significant other. On the first date or sexy hookup, i would wear Musc Ravegeur, hands down!!

    20th September, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I've ordered a larger sample...

    I bought a small sample of this - along with a few others - from e-bay. On first application it smelt like a rancid, stale, beer soaked bar towel. But although all the others still have a fair amount left, this one's empty. I've ordered a larger sample...


    15 July, 2013

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    Shavely Manden

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    Like the inside of a public restroom

    I really wanted to like this one...sadly, it really smells like a poorly cleaned toilet on first application. It gets a little more manageable later, but the problem remains...its primary note on my skin is of stagnating urine. By all that's good, get a sample before investing in this one.

    Pros: Gets a tiny bit more powdery and manageable after a while
    Cons: Strong top note of urine on my skin

    03 June, 2013

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    Jack Hunter
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A nice floral dark muskness with the smell of fur and there seems to be a dryness at the heart of the scent. Like someone wearing a fur jacket on the desert sands.

    I find this very wearable to the office and do not understand the fuss this fragrance generates for been skanky.

    26 February, 2013

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