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Navigator (1996)
by Dana


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPatriarch Partners > Dana Classics
Parent Company at launchRenaissance Cosmetics

About Navigator

Navigator is a masculine fragrance by Dana. The scent was launched in 1996

Navigator fragrance notes

Reviews of Navigator

I used to own this when it first came out, I think I was in middle school. Either my nose has changed, or its definitley been reformulated. The original had a much better dry down, long lasting citrus, and much more tart.

With that tart smell in my mind, I bought a small half oz bottle on Ebay for 5 bucks shipped, so I could reminisce.. but to my surprise, something different than I remember.

Opening, pretty similar to how I remember, although less tart, and slightly powdery now, a little bit of Dana Canoe in there, but mostly a citrus blast in the opening, dominated by bergamot and like a combination of orange and maybe neroli. It kind turns into this spicy citrus within a minute, but not spicy from spices, spicy from the cheap perfume oils and composition used to make this fragrance, while at the same time, the smell intrigues me. It's like, it smells could as it projects, but when you stick your nose right into it, that's when it smells cheap, and spicy, and even a little chemical. After a few more minutes it gets a little powdery, and after about an hour it gets much darker. What I felt was oakmoss appears to not me a note in the fragrance, but I get tons of oakmoss, may just be a dirty vetiver note too. There's sandalwood and patchouli more so after that, with a slight musky feel. I think the note that's throwing everything all over the pace is the lavender, it just doesn't fit in. This should be a citrus fragrance, with a woodsy base, it would have been more generic, but it would have turned out better in my opinion.

This reminds me of Azzaro pour Homme L'eau, only L'eau is way too heavy on the bergamot, so I actually prefer this to it. Though neither of these fragrance are worth more than 3 stars.

The best part of Navigator is the cool sleek bottle, although cheap once you take the cap off. There's a point about 10 minutes into the stuff where it smells damn good though, after the chemical spicy accord fades off, it leaves me with this subtle blend of citrus and sandalwood.

Surprisingly for such a cheapy, this one goes back and forth, which is something you usually don't get with drugstore fragrances, they start off with 2 bold notes, and finish with 1 smell in the dry down. Navigator to me changes a lot, and I give credit for that.
19th February, 2015
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United States
Navigator is a fantastic cologne that combines a musky heart with a strong lime and fresh-air top. It smells lke a very sweet gin and tonic that still possesses a macsculine woody base. Projection and longevity are excellent, staying prominent for 6-8 hours easily. The citrus top notes above the woody base are evident throughout and, as a result, this scent can be worn during any season. If the price were $100 a bottle, Basenotes snobs would be lining up to praise it.
12th February, 2013 (last edited: 24th December, 2013)
A dirt cheap fragrance that will offend nobody.
Actually, it is a good deal for the money, but leave this scent to the pennyless pocket of the starving college students. Serious perfume lovers should stay away from this spiritless attempt of cuteness.
09th September, 2012
An okay bright green scent that's better than your average cheapie. In fact, most Dana offerings are better than your average at that price point. But Navigator is missing something. Ironically, the scent loses its way during the drydown and what was so promising in the topnotes is a lost cause. It needs a better base, so in that sense, a little layering wouldn't hurt it. It's rather all purpose as it is, so it would probably mingle well with anything you chose to combine it with. Powdery, leathery, lavender...amber would be great. I don't see why anything wouldn't work. Experiment. You just might hit on something great.
18th May, 2010
What a failure! This pretty nearly smelled like nothing to me. It was a little citrusy and nice for like 5 minutes, and then I couldn't smell anything at all. I've never had anything weaker or less lasting than this, even including body sprays. Maybe the bottle I had was really old and had died, but I dunno. I got 0.5 oz for a dollar, and I couldn't imagine even paying $5 for a full size. I did a test, re-applying on the same little piece of cloth over and over...after 3 or 4 cycles, it smelled just as much like nothing as after the first. Go spray yourself with everclear instead.
13th May, 2009
I totally disagree with Redleg, this scent is quite nice. Yes, it has a soapy fresh clean scent, but it is well put together, from a fresh bright opening to a manly musk dry down. I guess I am well pleased since I paid $1 (one) dollar for a 1.7 aftershave. The compmlements were good enough for me to come on basenotes to talk about it. If you like Modern by Banana Republic, you will really like this. Same line of scents with a different twist. The best cheapy I have ever had the pleasure of sampling.
31st March, 2007

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