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Navy for Men (1996)
by Dana (originally by Cover Girl)


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Originally byCover Girl
Parent CompanyPatriarch Partners > Dana Classics
Parent Company at launchRenaissance Cosmetics

About Navy for Men

Navy for Men is a masculine fragrance by Dana. The scent was launched in 1996

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Reviews of Navy for Men

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United States
Not as bad as you would suspect from reviews here

Minty, spicy, aquatic similar in opening to Polo Sport. Drydown is a bit cheap and sour smelling, but overall not nearly as bad as reviews here would lead you to believe.

Pros: Lost cost Polo Sport alternative
Cons: Cheap, oddly sour drydown

10th June, 2013
Sweet, watery, and a bit dark.

I've had this before, and grew up wearing it. I would say it is in the same train of thought as Gravity, Polo Sport, and Wings. Just as those, it's a great aquatic for a super humid or hot, arid day, as it mixes well with heat, sweat, or moisture in the air. I wouldn't wear this to formal gatherings, court dates, etc. It's perfect for a casual summer evening at a local bar, a sweaty work day, or even a day about town in a hot city. Sure, it's cheap, sure, it doesn't contain any unique notes or the kind of depth one would expect from an expensive master-blended perfume created by an illustrious house, but it does the job for the price and is a good go-to alternative to the body sprays when light, airy, and synthetic are what is needed to beat the funk of mid-summer. Certainly not a favorite, but it is a dependable fragrance for it's intended purpose.

Pros: Great for hot, humid days.
Cons: Thin, airy, and not very complex

17th May, 2013
Just awful. I understand tastes are subjective, but I don't know how Navy for Men got green-lit. There's something wrong with this product. Don't they have focus groups?

Cat vomit on wet cardboard.
23rd April, 2013
Navy for men makes me smell like a woman--a woman wearing cheap cologne that is. I just threw my bottle out. For shame.

I award Navy no points and may God have mercy on its soul. I haven't liked any of Dana's products thus far.
18th January, 2011
A recurring theme in sci-fi films is the scenario in which a team of scientists is performing a series of experiments and taking extensive notes on a dangerous subject in a room/tube/tank when, invariably, the subject breaks free and escapes and one of the scientists gets on the horn and declares, 'We have a problem."
Navy is the beast that escaped, destroying my lab and my colleagues, and spraying its glandular rotting compost hormones all over the scene of the crime.

As sometimes occurs in film I had to call a priest in to perform an exorcism, banishing this creature back to Hell.
04th January, 2011
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Navy is cheap and smells like it. No, it doesn't smell of cat pee. It smells of low-quality synthetic ingredients determined by a paltry budget. The only connection with the word "navy" is the watery note (and the blue bottle); not so much aquatic as it is thin and transparent. For the first hour or so this fragrance is pretty hard to take - the notes don't blend well and the cheapness grates. After the two hour mark it settles down and is less unpleasant but still skeletal, sort of grassy vegetal. The only upsides are the longevity and the relative uniqueness. For a 12 year old boy just getting into colognes, this may be a low-risk bet due to its sub-ten dollar price tag. For the rest, who may simply be low on funds, there are many, many other inexpensive choices vastly superior to this (Stetson Sierra for starters). Don't be tempted by the gumball price; this one isn't worth even that.
19th August, 2010

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