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Néroli Sauvage (1994)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Néroli Sauvage

Neroli Sauvage celebrates the 17th century Duchess of Nerola (a small city near Rome), whose castle and gardens were famous for jubilant summer parties. Taking its inspiration from the French word for “wild”, this invigorating blend captures the luxuriant atmosphere of the Duchess’ gatherings during which guests would crush neroli flowers against their skin to release the bittersweet yet invigorating floral essence.

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Reviews of Néroli Sauvage

Extremely pleasant orangey, lemony effervescence on top. Short-lived. Creamy/ambergris base.

My suggestion, though it runs contrary best custom: spray it on your clothes. My skin burned right through the best of it in well under an hour, though, like the other of my notoriously short-lived Creed possessions, Erolfa, I am getting subtle whiffs of it a few hours on which tempers my frustration and my ultimate willingness to totally discount its performance.

By no means a beast. But it is a very pretty citrus.


24th February, 2018
Succinctly put, this is better than Hermes Tres Fraiche.
It is lighter, sharper, more masculine, classier. But much much more expensive.
There is a powdery smokiness flitting around like a shadow so it never diminishes the freshness that distinguishes it from the unisex doldrums so many fragrances flirt with nowadays, another symptom of the corrosion of political correctness on our society or is it just economics and volume selling?
This is a real pleasure.
I have been trying to resist this but Creed now have two in my top 5. This and Viking (although with Viking you have to give it at least 30 minutes to settle down-if Creed tamed that they would have an all time great on their hands).
Important Safety Tip: This is not comparable in any way to Creed's Erolfa which scores 2/5 in my review.

Fragrance: 5/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 3/5
08th December, 2017 (last edited: 12th December, 2017)
Wildly civilized.
Orgasmic floral citrus
Looking to move in.
26th June, 2017
This is an overshadowed fragrance, a misunderstood fragrance, and it is plagued by batch variations. It is overshadowed by its opening, a frenzy of mouthwatering, natural-smelling citruses that induce your senses into a frenzy for the first 30 minutes. The softer side of this fragrance often cannot be heard after such a loud opening, but that softer side has a lot to say.

This fragrance is also misunderstood because the neroli in the name hides the fact that the heart of this fragrance is primarily based around a sensual, woody orange blossom note in the basic sense, and there's not much of the steam distilled version of orange blossom that is referred to as neroli. This orange blossom is made masculine by a touch of cedar and given depth with the Creed ambergris. Verbena ducks its head in and out. It's cozy, elegant, and unique.

But if you get one of the many sub-standard batches, this is indeed an underwhelming, overpriced fragrance. Therefore, test with care and when you find a nice tester, buy a batch that is at the very least, from the same year.
12th June, 2017
A masterpiece of a fragrance. It has this smooth creamy sweet vibe to it that dries down into that beautiful ambergris base that Creed is known for. For me, it's a reincarnation of Silver Mountain Water and I tend to use the two interchangeably for similar settings (also kinda similar to Pure White, but Pure White is definitely the king of this genre). It's definitely masculine, but not too masculine- I'd say it approaches, but doesn't quite cross the line into the unisex zone. This fragrance isn't loud and projecting at all, but more mellow and subdued- great for professional settings and probably meant to be enjoyed best during close encounters. The most common complaint I've seen about this one is the longevity- but I'm thinking this is one that fatigues the nose very easily. It's very light and airy, and might seem to fade away pretty quick, but I know I still catch whiffs of this at random times throughout the day. For me this one lasts just as long as the other Creeds I have: about 6+ hours depending on how I apply it- very typical for this house. It has everything Creed lovers love about Creed, and everything the haters hate. For me, it's 2 thumbs up!
19th April, 2017 (last edited: 20th April, 2017)
Tried NS finally on a weekend trip to the Bahamas. I've always sort of avoided NS because when I've smelled it in shops it didn't strike me as either original or unique. After wearing, my opinion hasn't changed.

NS is pretty much the scent of a springtime orange blossom. It's citrus, floral, woody and maybe even slightly aquatic. Initial projection is good, but within 20 minutes, it's gone and your left with floral-woodsy skin scent.

There's lots of better alternatives in this crowded genre and they won't hit you up for Creed prices. Check out L'Occitane's Eau de Cedrat. It's very similar, better performance and a fraction of the price.

Neutral at best.
28th August, 2016

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