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Nino Cerruti (1979)
by Cerruti


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Year of Launch1979
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchUnilever

About Nino Cerruti

Nino Cerruti's original male fragrance. Difficult to find.

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If you want this sensationeel fragrance back......try Aliage ! Exactly the same !
25th April, 2017
The parallel bewteen Nino Cerruti and Insensè is quite clear in my opinion. They're both aldehyde-prominent green / aromatic fougeres with a remarkable floral pattern but whereas Insensè communicates via hints, looks and smiles, Cerruti curses and rarely washes his armpits.


25th January, 2015
What a great surprise. Nino Cerruti pour Homme is a really peculiar scent, modern and cozy, with a zesty-green herbal opening, invigorating and aromatic, fresh but dense and rich, floral, sweetened by spices, carnation, rounded with aldehydes and a slight musky creaminess (I mean white musks), almost powdery, with also sandalwood, amber, lavender, balmy notes and a subtle benzoin note providing a darker dusty-resinous base, almost animalic too. At the same time it also manages to smell effortlessly balsamic, almost menthol. The drydown shows more clearly the civet-boisé and ambery sides, always floral and balsamic and slightly talcum too, an unusual juxtaposition between "airy" floral white notes, herbs and musky-dusty hints. Cerruti pour Homme is an ultramodern, clean herbal scent with a lot of surprising accord of nuances going on, from indolic to creamy and floral. Really pleasant, elegant and versatile, sadly quite rare, but it's one of those which are quite worth the chase.

27th July, 2014
Opens with a bayberry, cedar-sap, deliciousness. Turns into an evergreen rosin drydown with a slight, sweet muskiness to it. Equally sweet and dry at the same time. Like some pine needles and some dry vanilla. Old school enough to say “I’m an adult”, but deals enough elan vitale to say “I’m a boisterous young kid looking for adventure”. Great longevity. Good daily wear, year round. Got this as a freebie from a Basenoter. Similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree or Caswell and Massey’s original Greenbriar or their Number Six, minus the citrusy topnotes.
08th March, 2013
One of my best olfactory memories from the childhood, a magnificent floral-oriental herbal, sweet of flowers and finally delicate and boise. The first part of the evolution is citric, earthy-astringent, green aromatic than fruity-floral (jasmine and may be berries), is like to smell a concert of different elements in alternance and motion. In this phase the fragrance is averagely sharp and minty with the aromatic and green-airy touch of lavender. In the second phase of the development the fragrance, while keeping the woodsy feel of the initial part due the notes of fir and moss of the base, becomes ambery and musky in a very smooth way. In this phase the fragrance retains its floral soul and a certain level of drought but goes smoothing towards a mossy-ambery very masculine final outcome. A great, great fragrance very hard to find nowadays.
29th June, 2011 (last edited: 23rd January, 2015)
Nino Cerruti is a very pretty, fragile and gossamer light fragrance. However, these are the same characteristics that make it wonderful and flawed in equal measure. Its beauty is ephemeral, and even at its boldest, it sits very close to the skin. You live with this fragrance expecting the next moment to be its last.

It displays the brightest top notes imaginable, and this phase reminds me greatly of Byredo’s Blanche. They both emit that sun-kissed laundry on the windowsill vibe. Beyond the top notes, the Nino Cerruti libido is already starting to flag. It is barely discernable that the middle phase has become drier and influenced by the cedarwood.

Harsh as it may seem considering the masterful opening, but Nino Cerruti is a bit of a bimbo - gorgeous on the surface, but devoid of any real substance
04th April, 2011 (last edited: 05th April, 2011)

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