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Nobile (1988)
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Year of Launch1988
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Parent Company at launchMuelhens > Scannon

About Nobile

Nobile is a masculine fragrance by Gucci. The scent was launched in 1988

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This exudes understated class.
It needs not to try, it just is.
The scents are so seamless and smooth that transitions are ever evolving and largely undetected at the time they occur, yet gracefully present themselves in a manner becoming of a classic.
If you have not tried it, you would genuinely be doing yourself a disservice by refraining doing so.

It not only is my signature scent, yet what introduced me to osmology.

Research suggests that Kathy Gurevich is the nose behind this, developed by Givaudan, for Gucci.
13th October, 2015
Wow! I went to an estate sale and found the mother lode of mens' fragrances! It was clear that no one knew what they were dealing with, because I got two gift sets of Nobile, unopened for pennies. Both 120ml, one has a deodorant stick and a miniature splash. The other has a 200ml body wash/shampoo tube and a keychain. So this is everything that past reviews say and then some. It's fun to go out wearing this and knowing that no one else is going to smell like you. And yet the compliments and questions flow like water. You can't mess with a classic.
29th September, 2015
Caesars Man, Drakkar Noir, Lomani classic Pour Homme and (to a certain extent Cartier Pasha) are still the fragrances which jump (more easily) immediately on mind while inhaling the aromatic top notes of this notorious Gucci's woodsy-fougere. Anyway Nobile, over its bracing herbal aromatic opening, evolves towards a more subtle, discreet and refined sort of mossy direction which performs in to a superbly classy and distinguished way. Nobile is more restrained than Drakkar Noir, less brash and laundry-soapy, the final evolution is more properly woody, rosey, ambery-spicy (in a sweeter way) and mossy (more properly mossy than brightly musky-aromatic). I detect a subtle suede note in the Nobile's dry down which, combined with spices, resins, sweet tobacco, mossy labdanum and coconutty amber, conjures me vaguely several Moschino Pour Homme's final nuances (of course with a more prominent aromatic twist coming from the top- artemisia, juniper berries, coriander, lavender- and with more oakmoss than amber-tobacco). Another great fragrance jumping on mind while enjoying the Nobile's dry down (and probably the marketed scent closer to Nobile) is the great Enrico Coveri Pour Homme because of the common (among the two scents) fantastic combination of rose-geranium, tonka/tobacco, rosewood, sandalwood, suede, cedar, dark oakmoss, ambergris, patchouli and vetiver. The Nobile's dry down is incredibly dark, smooth, floral (a prominent geranium in this phase imo), and mossy, overall with that sort of moody-melancholic mossy floral twist which I've loved so much in Coveri, Pomellato Uomo, V&A TSAR and Givenchy Xeryus. I just can add that the final wake is so smoothly restrained, nostalgic and romantic to leave the (more conventional) aromatic opening back as a far powerhouse memory. A great gem unfortunately so hard to be retrieved around.
01st March, 2015 (last edited: 03rd March, 2015)

If you are a fan of vintage Polo Green, you will really dig Nobile by Gucci. The dry mossy / patchouli accord is very smooth, masculine and mature. Overall, the scent is fairly "quiet" compared to other aromatic fougere's from the 80's as the blend is exceptional. A 30ml bottle can be found for around $100-$150 and is entirely worth every penny for this vintage "how in the name of tap dancing Jezus" discontinued gem of a fragrance.
18th November, 2014
Gucci Nobile is a, well, noble scent in fact, classic and refined, a herbal-mossy fougère with a dense and dark oak moss and tobacco base, smoky and classy, fairly spicy and completed by a classic masculine chypre accord (lavender, carnation, aldehydes...). Beautiful, understated, everlasting smoky-woody-spicy drydown. So classic it's almost ordinary: the quality and the elegance are out of question, but frankly it does not smell particularly different from several other equally good ones masculine scents of the '70s/'80s. Anyway, comparisons aside, surely a quality and elegant fragrance, still perfectly wearable and modern.

07th July, 2014
Genre: Fougère

What’s most remarkable to me about Nobile is how utterly at odds it is with what the Gucci brand has come to represent: logo-encrusted goods that are loud, graceless, and embarrassingly crass. No wonder they don’t make it any more.

Nicely executed, if conventional lavender and bergamot top notes lead one to expect a well-made traditional fougère. By and large, that’s exactly what you get. For a 1980s fougère, Nobile is actually quite subdued and civilized. It demonstrates little of the testosterone-fueled brawn that oozes from scents like Jules, Kouros, Or Black, or Lauder for Men. With its herbaceous aromatic notes, clean tobacco, and crisp citrus, it gives off a comfortable, sophisticated, yet decidedly conservative gentleman’s club air. It’s neither racy nor dull, but rather poised and polished. While it smells nothing like them, I imagine it will appeal to the same sensibilities that appreciate Chanel pour Monsieur, Eau Sauvage, or a clean vetiver like Guerlain’s or Givenchy’s. Like these, Nobile could have been a timeless classic. Instead it’s gone.
21st June, 2014

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