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Ô pour Homme (1997)
by Lancôme


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Year of Launch1997
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Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group

About Ô pour Homme

Ô pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Lancôme. The scent was launched in 1997

Reviews of Ô pour Homme

O pour Homme by Lancome is a not-that-groundbreaking yet quite fascinating crisp green-woody scent that seems to me fairly ahead of its time, albeit sadly a bit cheap at the same time. Despite having been composed by another nose (or I think so), I feel this shares undoubtedly several notes and nuances with Lancome’s Miracle Homme. Most of all I smell quite the exact same type of astringent, flowers-infused woody accord with some slight citrusy nuances (rosewood, I think), here paired with a really beautiful and subtle sort of tea note, and a truly compelling green bitter-crunchy accord. All supported by a subtle musky base (I think it’s that wheat note?). So it’s a green scent for sure overall, but quite unique and different from many others, if not most of them; less fresh – actually not fresh at all for me, more floral (this meaning more wet and more “botanical” if that makes sense), more musky, with some extremely pleasant darker and even gourmandish nuances. Surprisingly I don’t get any peach out of this, at least not clearly, but focusing on what it seems to me a “tea” note, I guess that may be due to peach – I mean, peach and green notes and woods, I guess it may likely create some “tea-like” accord. Well anyway, quite a nice scent; versatile, effortless, elegant, bracing and as I said, similar to Miracle Homme to some extent, just greener (a similarity which will be even more clear on the drydown). Maybe a tad cheap but a nice, compelling, kind of “pastel” and breezy take on theme green-woody theme.

26th April, 2015
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United Kingdom
Bergamot, orange and mint in the opening are like a bold-printed headline: this is a traditional summer scent! A flowery note with sandal and bamboo develops later on, with a mild light amber note on a grassy background in the base. I never found it to be especially harsh, neither on the paper strip nor on my skin, and more on the elegant side This is it then: a bit mainstream without any dazzling surprises and no chi-chi componenent, just a well-made well-blended versatile scent - and there is nothing wrong with that. Adequate silage and projection with a good longevity of five hours on my skin.
12th March, 2014
Green means, in this case, a sharp, pungent, aggresive feeling to the nose. It shares much of the same character of scents launched in the 1990's and easily found everywhere. Reviewers mention ginger, I can get bergamot on a very linear, straightforward way. I expected the drydown imporving it, and it does after one or two hours.

Get the traditional Ô, which is better blended. Subtler and fresher, in no way less masculine due to this.

Edit: Changed my mind. Forget all I wrote.
09th July, 2009 (last edited: 08th April, 2017)
(oops, I posted this on the women's version, here is where it should be!)
O pour Homme is green, fresh, a bit floral but not sweet. It develops a grassy character. This is a light chypre. Some have called it cold, harsh, sharp – I don’t find it so frosty. It is cool and quiet. It may have rosemary and vetiver in it. I don’t detect any ginger. Nothing extraordinary here, but it is pleasing.
16th December, 2007
My first cologne that I actually liked that is discontinued. I knew there was a woman's makeup company who came out with a good cologne from a sample I got and finally, here it is...but did not survive. One of the best male florals I smelled.
24th July, 2007
Very green, a bit cold and harsh more than a bit sharp—Ô Pour Homme comes on strong. I’m not a fan of sharp green scents and this one is as sharp and green as I’ve experienced. I agree with Marlen that there is too much ginger—and the ginger contributes significantly to the sharpness and coldness of the fragrance. I believe that this fragrance needs a good dose of warmth added to it. It’s a well-made scent and it does have acceptable longevity—it is just too sharp and cold for me.
06th April, 2007

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