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Obsession for Men (1986)
by Calvin Klein


Obsession for Men information

Year of Launch1986
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 815 votes)

People and companies

HouseCalvin Klein
PerfumerBob Slattery
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchMinnetonka

About Obsession for Men

When Calvin Klein transformed his female Obsession into a unique fragrance for men, he created a popular classic. The fragrance is potent, powerful and intensely provocative with a blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Amber and Musk.

Obsession for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Obsession for Men

Man, I don't like wearing this cologne. It's heavy, stuffy and cloying to me.
Yet, I appreciate it and applaud it for what it is.
It's an oriental, very strong and heavy, and there's a lot of cinnamon and vanilla in there. Cinnamon isn't listed, so maybe it's nutmeg that I'm smelling. But I thought it was cinnamon.
Anyway, like I said, I don't like wearing it, I don't think it's really for young guys at all, but it's definitely sophisticated, and it is pleasant in small doses.

I find it limiting though, because I can only see wearing this on really cold winter days, maybe during the Christmas season. Wearing this to a Christmas gathering would make sense.

Sadly, I think this fragrance is solely for the mature crowd. I don't really see this working for the 30 and under. But that's just me. I don't have the most sophisticated sense of smell so try it for yourself.

Shoot, I'm not that familiar with amber scents. Maybe Giorgio of Beverly Hills Red? They have go for a similar effect initially: mature, warm, cozy, although the dry down of Red becomes something markedly different, whereas Obsession stays pretty linear.

Obsession is for the older man, and while it's far from one of my favorites, it's distinctiveness gives its a certain something that I can't deny.
21st August, 2017
Spicier than Eternity for Men, but not spicy in a unique way. Almost a barbershop...but not enough a barbershop to be unique. A more rugged scent than most dept. store fragrances that start with citrus, then Lavender, then oakmoss, but not something I like.
22nd July, 2017
Early 1990s-memory provoker. The original formulation has muscle and flesh that the contemporary recipes lack. Vintage bottle from circa 1989 holding up perfectly — spicy amber that reeks of the handsome bridge and tunnel crowd, in the most desired way possible. In hindsight, complex and exciting; with today's eyes, fairly linear and myopic, but a pleasure center still all the way.
05th July, 2017
Masculine but sensitive, enveloping but not heavy, Obsession for Men opens with a dry balsam and tree resin accord that graduates into a sweet spicy oriental with mild fougère accents along the way.

This is the perfume equivalent of an 80's soft rock ballad. (Check out Waiting for a Girl like You by Foreigner for a musical version of the dreamy and emotive oriental paradigm. It came out five years before but is still relevant.)

More than just a comfort blanket, OfM somehow tapped into the spirit of the times. And when perfumer Bob Slattery got a FiFi for it that was well deserved I reckon.

26th April, 2017
I still have a half-full bottle of the vintage formulation of Obsession, given to me as a gift ca. 1987. I haven't tried recent testers of the scent since then, only because what I have now is truly AWESOME...even after so many decades. Obsession introduced me to the wonderful world of oriental fragrances, and I owe a debt for my many years of loving this family of scents whatever the brand!

The original formulation always was smooth and sensual, full of sweet notes that lasted forever. It never became cloying on me, and no matter what time of year or occasion, I could rely on Obsession to instantly carry me into a zone of confidence and calm.

A classic, a legend, a statement of elegance, warmth, and masculinity.
16th December, 2016
Many of the negative reviews are very likely based on the reformulation. I have smelled both original and current formulations and there is a keen difference. The current is a shadow of its former self.

Get the vintage! You will do yourself a favor. And because of subtle bottle differences, it's actually pretty common to find a vintage bottle not listed as vintage and get it for a very good price. 120ml for $25 is not bad!
06th December, 2016

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