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Ocean Rain for Men (1990)
by Mario Valentino


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Year of Launch1990
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People and companies

HouseMario Valentino
PerfumerEdmond Roudnitska
Parent CompanyHescanas
Parent Company at launchHelene Curtis > Fox Fragrances

About Ocean Rain for Men

Ocean Rain for Men is a masculine fragrance by Mario Valentino. The scent was launched in 1990 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska

Ocean Rain for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Ocean Rain for Men

Start has some strange Herbal Adelhydic assault similar to those of some scents I have tasted in recent works!? A crafty and attractive use of a Calonic freshness supported by the watery sweetening of Cyclamen.
Green Notes strikes me of a base stationary of Galbanumic,Basil with it's Liqorice, Wormwood bitterness made slightly opaque as bee swarm of Rose and Florals swirl around it like System Solar. It spits out the strong oils of dirty Thyme, resins of Fir and Amber with a streak Frankincense slicing through the center. A moldy moss binds it all.
All in all a finely orchestration of romance,love,tragedy, darkness, hope, melancholy.
Roudnitska yep. This was crafted expertly to be a classic Symphonic piece to fit the time of the Ozonic.
Pregoni uses this paint in some of his work.
14th June, 2017 (last edited: 10th October, 2017)
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Thanks to the generosity of Cookbot, I was able to sample this unique fragrance. It has taken me several days and multiple wearings to get to the point that I felt I could talk about this scent. As the final Roudnitska offering it is a cult classic--and you definitely feel his hand on the tiller. Anyone who has smelled Diorella will get the connection. But from there it goes.... I do not know where. Modern and futuristic, yet resolutely perfumey in the way a woman's evening bag, last used in 1952, would smell (trust me on this one). With its odd metallic note coupled with a fruity banana note it brings to mind Creed's equally wonderful yet challenging Acier Aluminum. It also brings to mind another Dior groundbreaker, Fahrenheit, if you amped up the hawthorne and added indolic florals. Add a dose of post-lightening ozone and you begin to get the picture, especially if you include the smell of a head shop, late at night. So where does this fit in and how wearable is it? Beyond being what I would call unisex, it is actually androgynous; despite the fir, cedar and leather, this is not specifically masculine. The rose and cyclamen give it a femininity, and yet.... Ocean Rain is a gender bending time warp of a fragrance--in fact, it would suit almost every character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, each in its own way. This gets a thumbs up for its creativity and wonderful execution. Somewhere, some time, there will be the perfect time and place to wear this--perhaps far into the future, or maybe it was in the past....
02nd November, 2016
To say the least, Ocean Rain is very interesting scent. It is green, citrus, lavender, artemisia, and three-day-old sweat. I’m not sure how I respond to it except to say I am a tiny bit disgusted and a lot intrigued. After a couple minutes, when I pick up the marine notes of the middle accord, it’s fairly clear that the sweat comes from some combination of those marine notes in conjunction with the thyme, cyclamen, and artemisia. It’s not pretty… but I am still intrigued.

The marine notes grow to prominence for a while in the middle accord but relatively soon backs off to a spice / floral accord. Here’s another built-in conflict: the thyme and to a lesser extent, the recently introduced fir seem to contradict the tone-value of the florals – rose and cyclamen. The conflict is very real when sniffed on the skin but the sillage reacts differently… it carries a shifting pattern of florals and dry spice with the marine notes faded a bit into a cool background – it’s actually an impressive experience.

Ocean Rain’s drydown is a light amber / leather /moss affair that eventually becomes a slightly resinous skin scent: rather rich, rather masculine with moderate sillage and moderate longevity.
28th August, 2015
A friend sent this to me to check out and I’ve sprayed it on a few times now but am finally getting around to putting some words together about it.

From what I understand, this is a '90s cult cheapy by Roudnitska, and so it should be probably be read in context with the aquatic wave of the time. Indeed, it’s a hedione beast with an oceanic feel. There’s some cucumber-y calone present, but it’s mercifully buried beneath soft white florals. It’s nothing like the satanic windex-fresh flanker-y stuff that emerged mid-‘90s and haunted the millennium (and still terrorizing malls to this day). Instead, this has a mossy iodine accord over benzoin base with calming green and lavender thing sitting on top. It’s made from some fairly popular aromachemicals, but Roudnitska did a very nice job of sanding down all the nasty harsh bits, and the result is a smooth ozonic floral resin affair. It’s boring, but I think it’s supposed to be that way given the somewhat pedestrian clothing line and its target audience. Thus, a really well put-together cucumbery synth jas-moss thing that feels quite “of its moment.” I picture high contrast black and white photography of some gormless waifs fawning over a surfboard and a glistening ocean. An anachronism, but one that connoisseurs will dig. Cheap as chips, too.
14th January, 2015
Genre: Fougère

Read the name, look at the packaging, and you’d expect a standard issue Calone-drenched aquatic. You’d also be wrong.

It takes a mere fraction of a second for Ocean Rain to reveal itself as the work of Edmond Roudnitska, and incidentally as a much less conventional fragrance. The citrus, cantaloupe, and fleshy, indolic jasmine introduction echoes the unmistakably weird opening accords of Le Parfum de Thérèse and Diorella, but what follows is quite different. Where Diorella and Thérèse set their fruity floral accord over a mossy, woody chypre-based foundation, Ocean Rain grows more brisk, green, and cool, yet paradoxically more dense and spicy, as it goes.

While there’s little actual resemblance between the two, the concept behind Ocean Rain is akin to that of Jean-Claude Elléna’s later Globe for Rochas: an unapologetically floral accord juxtaposed with a fruity, green fougère structure that’s loosely related to Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed. The Diorella top notes distinguish Ocean Rain immediately, and an abundance of herbs and conifer lead it in a colder, greener direction than Globe, which smells warmer, sweeter, and more obviously fruity by comparison.

Ocean Rain offers moderate sillage and projection, and lingers for several hours on the skin, with a pleasantly sweet ambery fougère drydown that’s rendered distinctive by some subtle but noticeable incense. I see Ocean Rain as Diorella and Thérèse’s forgotten brother. I suspect it would garner praise from fragrance lovers were it introduced today – in fact, with a less misleading name and sufficient advertising, it might even sell in the contemporary market.
21st June, 2014 (last edited: 04th August, 2014)
Got this from Fragrancex. Bought a sample.
I have sampled over 50 colognes recently and this is easily the worst.
Completely unwearable. It smells somewhere between BO and a Toxic waste plant. Ocean Rain? Maybe in 500 years when we have completely destroyed the planet will Ocean Rain smell like this.
Please try a sample before you from someone on Ebay.
26th April, 2014 (last edited: 01st May, 2014)

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