Odeur 71 (2000)
    by Comme des Garçons

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    Odeur 71 Fragrance notes

    Electricity, Metal, Office, Mineral, Dust on a hot light bulb, photocopier toner, Hot metal, Toaster, fountain pen ink, Pencil Shavings, The salty taste of a battery, incense, Wood, Moss, Willow, Elm, Birch, Bamboo, Hyacinth and Lettuce Juice

    Odeur 71 information

    If you fancy something different to the run of the mill designer fragrances, how about trying the second in the series of Anti-Perfumes by Comme des Garcons. When you first smell the fragrance you get a big metallic rush, it's very different. With notes you probably won't find in many other fragrances, you'll definitely be unique wearing Odeur 71.

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    Italy Italy

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    I agree with other reviewers stating there is almost no point in describing "how" Odeur 71 smells. It's basically a non-perfume like Odeur 53, and even if they smell different, I would apply the same review I did for that one – which is generally positive, as I enjoy this concept and the way they expressed it. Odeur 71 smells more pungent, dusty and dark than Odeur 53 with a sour green accord and quite a dry feel all over, but the sort of grey, concrete minimal substance is the same. A rare example of clever, well-executed and creative minimalism – which I wouldn't wear, but I respect it.


    03rd October, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Woods

    The ostentatiously contrived note pyramid accurately reflects the aesthetic behind Odeur 71, and offers plenty of entertainment value to boot. At least in this case, the accompanying fragrance is correspondingly unconventional. Odeur 71 smells like incense and laundry detergent, spiked with (synthetic?) cedar, woody amber, and a peppery green note. The drydown is pretty much pencil shavings.

    The problem with purposefully “industrial” scents like this is that they often smell more like the contents of a desk drawer than avant-garde perfumes. They’re great if your idea of subversive fashion is smelling like an office, but perhaps better suited as remedies for workaholic insomniacs.

    21st June, 2014 (Last Edited: 22nd June, 2014)

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    Belgium Belgium

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    This is Odeur 53 with a dash of incense to it. Makes me think a little of church, but not in a bad way and definitely not as much as CdG Avignon. For me this, this is the winter version of Odeur 53 (although I know friends wearing this for their summer fragrance). Very fresh yet warming. Might take some wearing time for some to fully appreciate the fragrance.

    01st April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A foul smelling concoction of too many discordant notes. I like unusual fragrances, but this smells green, and hot, and electrical, and plastic, too many competing smells

    26th January, 2013

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    I LOVE IT! A lot better than odeur 53 IMO. Has less of an alcoholic, sterile smell. It's greener, more verdant fragrance, yet it still has its weirder artificial notes. Very wearable and quite unisex.

    08th January, 2013

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    I've always been attracted to left of center scents, especially everyday things you smell around the house or in public. I was always the child standing close to the campfire because I liked the way burning leaves smell. I was the art student who enjoyed the smell of oil paint and turpentine. And I'm that weirdo who stands close to the pump because I like the smell of petrol. Mind you, I don't huff paint and/or chemical fumes for some drug-induced mental experience. I just enjoy certain odors and the mental and emotional associations they bring about. And I've always enjoyed colognes and perfumes that feature uncommon notes that offer those sorts of experiences. Those that go beyond "gee, you smell nice."
    Having said all that, I have found CdC 71 can be very polarizing. My boyfriend claims that every time I wear it , he thinks there is an electrical fire somewhere in the house, like something has shorted out. My childhood friend Paul says it reminds him of his days in the printing press warehouse. Needless to say the former hates 71 and the latter likes it. And I find that polarization is one of its greatest gifts.

    30th July, 2012

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