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Old Spice (1937)
by Procter & Gamble (originally by Shulton)


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Year of Launch1937
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseProcter & Gamble
Originally byShulton
PerfumerAlbert Hauck

About Old Spice

One of the classic men's fragrances. Introduced by Shulton in the thirties.
Many collect Old Spice memorabilia, such as shaving bowls and bottles.
The Old Spice brand is now owned by Procter & Gamble.

Reviews of Old Spice

I'm not quite a "young man" anymore, but I'm not "old" either. I've loved Old Spice since I was a little boy, and I can remember sniffing at my dad's bottle in my parents' bathroom and thinking that the name suited the smell very well -- to me it smelled "older" and it was definitely "spiced." My dad wore it and the smell made its way into the favorable part of my brain. By that measure, I've never worried about smelling "old" or whatever wearing it because I wear it for me, not for anybody else. The smell that got etched into my memory was whatever formulation was going around in the late 80s and early 90s. You know, the one that others moan about. I love this scent, and it was my first aftershave. I will say that this formulation, which came in a glass bottle, was different from the one in the plastic bottle you can find today. The plastic one smells good initially but then turns very cloying and synthetic, so I just threw it away. The glass one I grew up with didn't do that, it was just nice and mellow, clean and warm with no chemical smells. Now at age 28, I have both a glass bottle of P&G OS that is the formulation I grew up with, and an old bottle of Shulton OS that I only came to know recently. I love them both. They're similar but distinctly different. The Shulton, to my nose, smells "older" for sure, and by that I mean heavier and spicier. I can only wear the Shulton one during cold weather, and all I need is the aftershave. The Shulton cologne is too much for me. Anyway, I love them both and to me they are timeless and respected. Whatever lucky girl I end up with is going to have to learn to love Old Spice if she doesn't already, because I have no intent to part with this beloved smell of classic masculinity. I attached a photo of my two bottles in case anyone was wondering what they look like. The aftershave on the left is Shulton, and the cologne on the right is P&G.
26th September, 2015
In post WW-II America, every dad and grand dad had a bottle of Old Spice in the bathroom medicine cabinet. It is probably the most popular male scent ever produced.

The original is a barbershop fantasy - the citrus, bay, clove spiciness is very strong and lasting. Bracing and the cinnamon, amber, frankincense and vanilla base warm it to a powdery softness in the dry down.

A masterful barbershop fougere.

Beware the current reformulation with its emphasis on rose, pepper and bay. It bears no relation to the original.
04th June, 2015
A late returnee to Old Spice here and the surprise is a pleasant one. I've encountered bottles at varying points in the last 30-odd years, but now it seems the time is right.
I can't remember if the scent of those past bottles differs from the current one I have. This one is the 'original' aftershave, purchased in Europe and apparently made here. Very reasonably priced and in the satisfyingly weighty glass bottle.

Some of the negative reviews have dismissed it as a cheap musk-bomb, but that's a highly simplistic appraisal. As it goes on the first experience is the spiced orange-bergamot with a light talc-like undertone. This rapidly gives way to the cinnamon mingling with roses, but the bottom notes also start to emerge quite early on. Eventually those bottom note aromas of woodiness, muskiness and the frankincense -citrus spiciness, which is really there throughout, give a warming finish. Like warm, spiced brandy and woodshavings dropped into a beautiful lady's leather handbag...if you will!
The top and middle notes don't last quite long enough before the bottom notes take over, which is it's only real fault. The spicy dry-down also manages not to smell like detergent.

Yes, it has the associations with traditional grooming and barbershops and clubs of another era (nearly everyone once wore it), but that is reassuringly satisfying. Old Spice doesn't shout like a modern fragrance, it is subdued and self-assured.

Some young-men under 30 will probably not want to, or be able to wear Old Spice without feeling self-consciously fogeyish; though for others it may just work. The 20-something crowd need not even apply to club Old Spice, but for the over 30s it can work a treat.
04th May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
A very spicy and floral scent that has stood the test of time. I'm in my mid 30's and use it every day. If you want to experience the true classic scent of Old Spice, you need to purchase the Indian made version. It comes in the classic glass bottle and has the "true" fragrance of Old Spice. For some reason, the USA Proctor and Gamble version smells too sweet while the Indian made version smells just right (more spicy and less sweeter than the USA version).
27th February, 2015
What else can be said about the grand daddy of men's perfumery? Probably the most successfully marketed fragrance of all time and still smells great even straight out of the plastic bottle. Although, I never agreed with P&G changing to plastic so I just refill my vintage glass bottles with the new stuff. Keep the splash alive, wear your Old Spice proudly and give your son someone to look up to even more. Thumbs up for Dad's everywhere!
26th January, 2015
Smiling after reading many reviews from positive to quite response? It's Old Spice for Crips sake! Yes, it does remind me of gentler days, Dad, barbershops, manual transmissions, black and white TV' what? It is what it is...a classic (well, the Shulton version anyway). Good for a Saturday morning splash after a meticulous shave with nothing on the agenda except to put on your worn flannel shirt, jeans, boat shoes and get out and clean the garage! Now off to a lunch of PB&J and some Campbell's Tomato Soup!
29th November, 2014

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