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Old Spice (1937)
by Procter & Gamble (originally by Shulton)


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Year of Launch1937
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseProcter & Gamble
Originally byShulton
PerfumerAlbert Hauck

About Old Spice

One of the classic men's fragrances. Introduced by Shulton in the thirties.
Many collect Old Spice memorabilia, such as shaving bowls and bottles.
The Old Spice brand is now owned by Procter & Gamble.

Reviews of Old Spice

Despite its low price and ubiquity, I think it's still one of the best fragrances ever constructed. It's top notes, which remain for only a few minutes, are citrus and cinnamon (the cinnamon lasting longer than the citrus). Its heart a warm rose, and its base a creamy amber. The dry down is powdery. A truly wonderful scent that has earned its place as a classic. Unfortunately, it isn't something I would feel comfortable wearing out of the house due to it's perceived cheapness and lowliness. A more refined example of this spicy, oriental would be Guerlain's Habit Rouge, which is more leathery and waxy, but it's a much more sophisticated example of this class of scents.
05th October, 2017
When I was a kid my grandfather had Old Spice and Skin Original beside the bathroom sink.Whenever he splashed some Old Spice on it smelled very good.As an adult and wearing it though...opposite feelings.

From an old bottle by Shulton circa 1993 this stuff is just rough.Bitter cinnamon with a character that feels like someone mixed black pepper in it and shoved it up my nose.A creamy vanilla but strangely smells like popcorn dipped in vanilla.The anise can smell pleasant but the heat amplifies the hell out of it...smells like a whole anise star constantly under my nose.Wearing it is a dare to me,but to others around me it smells good.On a pleasant note I do like that burn of the cinnamon in the aftershave.But yes as much as I like the old-school scents?Old Spice was hard to enjoy.
10th January, 2017
The stuff is classic... What else is there to say?
The original Shulton is what I'm talkin about here people! I work as a firefighter in a busy city so needless to see if I'm going to smell like something other than smoke it better be masculine. I'm a younger guy so I don't overdo it but the senior men appreciate the classic vibe as it relates to a strong physical work ethic and overall masculine nostalgia. Some things never die.
20th August, 2016
I respect everyone's views on this fragrance ..if you don't like it then fair enough but for me to give this fragrance a bad review I'd feel pretty mean ..I can't begin to imagine the amount of good times men have had while wearing this through the ages's like critisising a Swiss army knife or a nice pair of levis..old spice has been a man's best friend and has kept the population growing for decades. As far as the scent goes it comes across as warm and soapy splash that finishes off a great shave ..carnation and vanilla give this a wonderful smoothness that never gets scratchy and overly cheap..very recognisable in silage.
24th July, 2016 (last edited: 13th February, 2017)
I love it, fresh clean not overpowering, and perfect. It takes a certain individual to wear this scent and pull it off. The drydown is where the magic happens in this scent. One of the best scents ever made
11th July, 2016
I have to give it a thumbs up just for its staying power. I wouldn't wear it now unless I was really nostalgic. It was spicy, cinnamon, oak moss, a real man's fragrance. Everyone's grandfather and father smelled of this in the 50s-80s. Make fun of it if you want, but it has been around longer than most of us have.
28th June, 2016

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