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Old Spice Fresh Lime (1966)
by Shulton


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Year of Launch1966
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyProcter & Gamble
Parent Company at launchShulton

About Old Spice Fresh Lime

Old Spice Fresh Lime is a masculine fragrance by Shulton. The scent was launched in 1966

Old Spice Fresh Lime fragrance notes

Reviews of Old Spice Fresh Lime

I think Old Spice Fresh Lime, for me, set the bar for what I'd like in men's fragrances. I was gifted with a bottle of OSFL as a teenager (the 1980's), and I was always captivated by its clean, pungent quality in contrast to the classic spicy, bracing profile of the original. Wore like a true aftershave and skin scent than a bona fide cologne, but I think that's the point of OSFL.

Crisp, green, tangy, and refreshing!
20th December, 2016
Well I have found a supplier in india through ebay who still stocks this and has LOADS ! I ordered it

and I have to admit i love the fresh scent and you really can smell the lime ! very clean , very masculine and very under rated!!!!!!

love it !

16th December, 2009
Like many others I miss Old Spice Fresh Lime as it was my favorite daily fragrance back in my teen years. OS Fresh Lime was my favorite from the Old Spice range and I have not gone back to the brand since they discontinued it. The balance of tart lime with spice aromatics of the original was the key to what made this lime fragrance so good. It was refreshing but had substance beyond the limes. Lime as a scent was the big trend back in the late 1960's mostly due to the success that Royall Lymes of Bermuda was having selling their pure lime fragrance on the men's clothing store fragrance counters back then. Most of the other common brands (Old Spice, English Leather, Pubman, Aqua Velva etc) felt compelled to offer up lime versions of the originals to grab some of that lime business. The most succussful of these trend riders was Old Spice Fresh Lime. Why it was discontinued is still a mystery . . . and a disappointment.
24th August, 2009
My brother originally received this as a gift back in high school and he gave the last half to me to finish off. Great clean manly scent with decent longeivity on me. Highly recommended.
26th January, 2006
Good aroma, tolerable lasting power, pretty unique for a mass market product of its time: citrusy and spicy, lots of quality for its price. I haven’t seen Old Spice Fresh Lime for a long time—would buy it if I could find it. Good memories there.
20th December, 2005
Some 24 years ago when I first met my husband Old Spice Fresh Lime was the only fragrance that he wore. Bill was and still is at 63 a severe asthmatic and that was the rare fragrance that did not trigger his asthma. It was very disappointing for us when it was not longer being produced. He now uses the regular Old Spice scent but I can honestly say that the Lime was by the freshest and most satisifying fragrance to me and he has tried many over the years since out of production. Please reintroduce this product once again. Thank you.
12th February, 2005

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