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Old Spice White Water (1997)
by Procter & Gamble


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Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseProcter & Gamble

About Old Spice White Water

A Younger version of the 'Old Spice' Man. A similar shaped bottle to the original but with a blue oceanic liquid inside. Don't be put off if you don't like the original, if you are a fan of fresh scents such as Tommy Freedom and RL Romance you may be pleasantly surprised.

Reviews of Old Spice White Water

Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A very fresh and uplifting aquatic fragrance. The name 'Whitewater' seems very appropriate as it feels like you've had a bucket of water thrown in your face when you first apply it. There is, as others have mentioned, a lovely sweet medicinal note to it as well which seems to set it apart from other scents of it's kind. Definitely a fragrance which is aimed at the younger generation. Although the 'Old Spice' branding may put members of its target market off as it could be mistakenly interpreted as being 'old fashioned' and 'fuddy-duddy'. This would be a shame as it's a great sporty scent that can be picked up for next to nothing.
28th August, 2011
JDE Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Medicinal, sweet aquatic-ish scent. Aquoriental? Whatever - it's cheap, smells ace, lasts a surprisingly long time (10 hours), and is pretty unique.
If you like the idea of aquatics but find them a little bland and overly calone-y, give this a whirl.
11th April, 2010
Not bad. It's a clean, fresh smell with a hint of sweetness. The only downside is that it has to be applied liberally every hour, because it fades into nothingness.
22nd November, 2009
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Tell you something, if Bond No9 released this, it would be purchased at the prices they charge.

Ok so here's how it went. I was in Tescos today and was looking to buy something for the sake of buying something, so I tried this. Walked around a couple of aisles and came back and bought it.

This has elements of Opus 1870, Cool Water a bit of Baldessarini original about it. Folks, this is really really nice and at a ridiculously low price. Smell expensive for next to nothing. And it lasts well too. Lovely dry down...

I really like this.
03rd October, 2009
This is an absolutely brilliant scent - by far my favourite Old Spice derivative. The medicinal quality of this is absolutely addictive and the biggest part of the reason I like it so much - sexy is all I can think of to describe it! The rest of the fragrance is fresh as can be without being typical of the genre and it lasts forever - a truly unique synthetic masterpiece in a class all by itself - a seriously fantastic and underappreciated one of a kind at that!

If you can find it, give it a try, it will definitely make you stand out, as this is very difficult to find anymore.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. An enthusiastic 5 stars!
20th July, 2008
Fresh, very fresh, not bad, inexpensive, perfect for saturday mornings,those weekends staying at home watchin sports.
12th December, 2007

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