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Oleg Cassini for Men (1976)
by Oleg Cassini


Oleg Cassini for Men information

Year of Launch1976
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People and companies

HouseOleg Cassini
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyOleg Cassini

About Oleg Cassini for Men

Oleg Cassini for Men is a masculine fragrance by Oleg Cassini. The scent was launched in 1976 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

Oleg Cassini for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Oleg Cassini for Men

This review is for the Euroitalia version.

It has that similar outstanding aromatic feel as Francesco Smalto Edt Pour Homme ('87) that you just can't stop sniffing, but then emerges this combination of castoreum, patchouli and oakmoss that, to me, is so delicious that I just want it to last forever. However, it dries down and settles on your skin fairly quickly to something earthy, damp and soft leathery that lasts for the remainder of it's time. So it's not a sillage/projection beast, but it will give you 12+ hours of deliciousness when also applied to clothing (which I have to because my skin-type is quite dry).
19th January, 2020
Ripe fruit + Oily, rich patchouli = Perfect gift for an Eleven year old Poppinj back in 1977!

Haven't experienced anything similar, but it's luscious fragrance has haunted me for 40 years!
02nd January, 2018
This is actually a ridiculously awesome scent and composition, dated as all hell yes but very well constructed and still wearable, in small amounts though because this is a pretty powerful scent. I really still cannot find the words to properly explain Oleg Cassini but what I can tell you is that I personally do not find anything about this that I dislike. This scent stumps me as it's complex and just hard to explain. You have to love patchouli though to get on with this as this is a patchouli dominant creation.

It's the patchouli/hay/musk combination in this that makes it very unique to the nose. The hay makes the patchouli musty and stale like but in the best way imaginable. This is a musky scent. There's a soapiness from the jasmine flower that runs throughout and it's also a very resinuous scent as well thanks to a healthy slug of labdanum and amber. It's cold and smells like the colors of dark green and grey. There's this wetness to this as well and also a subtle sweetness from the vanilla in the drydown which counteracts all of that bitterness as well as a mild incense effect. There's also a woodiness from the vetiver and the honey note in this comes and goes that smells really awesome. It's very noticeable upon the initial application when atomized. Once again, I'm having a difficult time explaining the way that this smells but it's a super awesome odor, really. Very dated, very 70's and 'out there' but really pleasurable, especially if you love patchouli, in fact you gotta love patchouli or else you're going to hate this. Also, this is a 'real' perfume in the sense that there's absolutely nothing transparent here. This is a full bodied composition, one of those creations that completely fills up your nose. It's heavy and bold, thick and robust but never over the top. Oleg Cassini definitely lives up the 80's powerhouse genre without that obnoxious attitude that usually proceeds.

The ingredient quality in this mix is great, you can smell it and feel it when you're wearing it. I had written to Jōvan and inquired about what the concentration of oils were in this scent and never received a response, figures. I'm aware that Jōvan has changed hands numerous times since the production of Oleg Cassini so that's probably why but still, they could've at least had some couth and messaged me back. I'm guessing that this has got to be somewhere around 75% or maybe even higher or so as this is really strong and long lasting and also because after you spray it on, even from far away, this stuff is very oily and leaves you skin shiny for a long time. It is also 'sticky' where you apply it and you really cannot wash this off. I have several flacons of this, both splash and atomized, and all of them are the same, a very dense and oily composition. I easily get 12+ hours out of this with moderate sillage. I've detected this as a skin scent at 18 hours before.

My conclusion, I approve, highly. This is a killer scent that's been assembled with skill and time, you can just feel it. I think the 'only' downfall, albeit minor, is that this smell is a wee bit out of place although this is still very wearable as compared to other scents from this decade where I feel on edge wearing due to them showing their true age. The whole crutch is going to be if you like the way that this smells. I can tell you that if you love patchouli, more then likely you're really going to like this.

These Oleg Cassini's for Men usually get pretty pricey on eBay and in my honest opinion, they're worth it, especially if you love patchouli, vintage perfumes as well with quality ingredients and a dynamic scent pyramid, you really cannot lose with this one. This is a quality scent with excellent note separation. The scent pyramid is balanced, everything smells natural and the ingredients used are fantastic. There's also a nice leathery castoreum accord in this which it's very real 'and' slightly animalic. I love the flacon, the packaging, the soaps, the shaving cream and deodorant. I really wish that I was around back then when this was around so I could bathe in it. Awesome scent, especially if you love patchouli and vintages for men.

As a side note: Only vintage, pre-barcode flacons from the late 70's-80's will have frosted glass, for the men's and women's both. It seems that the ones that date to the 90's as I'm unaware when Oleg Cassini was discontinued have clear glass for the flacons, even for the women's. I'm not sure if there was a reformulation to this in the clear glass ones or not, but just something to take note of. The ones that I've seen with clear glass usually have a barcode on the bottom of the box and if you look closely on the back of the box near the bottom, the '1978' insignia next to the Jōvan logo is missing.
28th November, 2017
Vintage Oleg Cassini for Men (1976) is a quite heavy classic chypre for man with an uncompromisingly virile and animalic woody/patchouli-centered soul and a plain sort of "vintage honeyed-spicy-mossy" temperament perfectly retracing the classic animalic-woody chypre tradition (Mitsouko, La Perla, Mandate Edt original Shulton formula, Arrogance Pour Homme, Monsieur Rochas, Captain Molyneux, Moustache Rochas, Aramis Devin, Geo F. Trumper Eucris, Gianfranco Ferre for man, Denim classic, Estee Lauder Azuree Pure and Knowing, 1000 Patou, Piguet Bandit etc). It smells like a mysterious, herbal-hesperidic, aromatic/barber-shop and retro mélange of wax, musks, roots, aromatic hesperides, amber, aldehydes and woods, overall encompassed by an almost liturgical and moldy spicy-incensey blanket. I get the Givenchy Gentleman's reference (due to a remarkable dry patchouli's presence) despite Oleg Cassini is richer and more focused on honey, waxy patterns and hesperides. In particular Oleg Cassini for men seems combining on my skin the classic Denim's stout bitter patchouli (Denim is the fragrance smelling closer to Oleg Cassini imo) with a final Gianfranco Ferre for Man's woodsy-mossy-leathery luxuriouness (I get the mossy-spicy vetiver in here) and a soapy-aldehydic kind of waxiness (and a mossy-aromatic patchouli as well) a la Arrogance Pour Homme. The miracle is how the final evolution manages to perform a quite balanced and light honeyed-animalic-aldehydic-rosey accord rich of forbidding class and old-school honeyed mossy classicism. I get a rich combination of sharp floral notes (a severe rose-geranium combo), oakmoss-labdanum, a dry spicy-aromatic-resinous patchouli and a luxurious accord of honey, animalic notes, hesperides, soft leather, woods and tobacco. Dry down is surprisingly aerial, translucent (almost dazzling a la Helmut Lang Cologne) and still softly honeyed and musky (yet at same time warm and visceral). There is anyway a darker dodgy soul kind of vintage and rooty-mossy (softly leathery). Slightly out of time this fragrance is anyway an example of perfectly orchestrated complexity in which a congeries of diverse notes seems ending down a softly flowing whiff of solemnity.
25th August, 2015 (last edited: 20th May, 2019)
Under rated and one of the best, smoothest patchouli scents ever created. I still have a bottle I picked up in Singapore around 1992 and use it very sparingly.
17th January, 2014
Oleg Cassini for Men was one of the first fragrances to emphasize Patchouli with a capital P, and as such, has been a longtime favorite of mine. The comparisons to Givenchy Gentleman are apt, though as Late-Hit points out, GG has a more elaborate composition, with the floral, spice, honey and leather more prominent than OCfM. For any fans of Oleg who miss the original, I'd highly recommend Caswell-Massey's Aura of Patchouli as a very satis(ol)factory alternative. It has many similar top and basenotes along with the dominant Patchouli theme, and a similar overall effect to OCfM, with a similar duration and strength. Prices on eBay for surviving bottles of OCfM are in the territory of the absurd, and the Caswell-Massey is still available quite reasonably.
21st March, 2010

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