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Oscar de la Renta pour Lui (1981)
by Oscar de la Renta


Oscar de la Renta pour Lui information

Year of Launch1981
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseOscar de la Renta
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent Company at launchStern Fragrances Inc

About Oscar de la Renta pour Lui

FIFI award winner in 1981

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui fragrance notes

Reviews of Oscar de la Renta pour Lui

I remember this gem walking into the scene in the early 80's. A girl within our peer group chose it as a Signature at the time. Us boys were astonished, almost repulsed as it had been marketed so heavily as a Masculine.
I've just had the opportunity to compare side by side Vintage vs Contemporary.The only change, blatent, is in Bombast. The newest retains the essential character of past (clean, bright,airy, ozonic) and has moved into the era of Unisex most gracefully without resorting to the use of Calone.
I wonder what that girl is doing now?
Probably breaking other barriers.
13th November, 2015
A sharp, dry, pungent powerhouse of oak moss, patchouli, carnation and vetiver. There's sandalwood and galbanum here as well. Reminiscent of Aramis, but without the latter's sweetness. The dry down becomes redolent of strong tobacco leaves, cured for cigar smoking.

This is the vintage version I am reviewing. It is typical of so many powerhouse men's scents from the 1980s and does not really stand out from the others.

Projection is enough to kill at twenty paces. Use very sparingly, a little goes a long way.
20th August, 2015
If someone wants to know what's a powerhouse, Oscar pour lui can show him perfectly. It's in your face, pungent, not for the weak...
Top notes reminds me of Balenciaga pour homme (and It was certainly inspired by pour lui). It's equally odd and creamy, definitely acquired taste. Probably something related to cinnamon and galbanum united. After some minutes, thankfully this smell is over and then It exudes a nice spicy-floral and resinous dark sweet accord. Everything well blended and still pretty strong. A bit stuffy but never powdery, great scent for formal evening occasions.
13th April, 2015
It's a very good reformulation. EDT Smells pretty close to the old aftershave.

For something stronger in very much the same vein, try Jacomo Silences.

Aldehyde, vetiver, moss, sandal, galbanum, musk.

13th March, 2015
Genre: Chypre

If Chanel Pour Monsieur, Eau Sauvage, and Givenchy Gentleman had a brawny younger brother, hed be Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui: a more muscular, if less refined, citrus chypre whod be comfortable in a leather jacket but a little awkward if you stuffed him in a suit.

After a nicely balanced tart citrus and aromatic entrance, Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui settles into a classic citrus chypre accord whose leather and vetiver accents leave it feeling darker and heavier than its older peers. The extra weight persists into the mossy leather drydown, which offers an especially appealing warm animalic labdanum as its closing gesture. While its undeniably loud when compared to its elders, Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui never feels crude or bombastic, and its relatively loose, informal style makes it easier to wear than many other brawny 1980s masculines.
22nd June, 2014
Gangsters paradise

Its a great deep masculine scent.
Smokey,woody,leathery and very manly.
A evening night out scent.

If you spray it on your body you instantly get caught in a heavy, dense and deep masculine mist its fresh and spicy in the first 3-4 seconds and then the smokeyness comes in it puts a warm blanket of spices and leather around you skin.
If its under your suit it lingers around your body projecting all away.

Imagine this scene :
A big gala evening in a dancehall in Old Havana in the mid 80's
All people sit around in circled red leather couches with a reserved table in the middle where all drinks are on.
Men and women in their 30's and 40's all dressed up in tuxedos and gala dresses some dance the salsa ,the smell of sigars, leather and rum in the air.
In the background cuban trumpets playing cuban son music people get all heaten up because they celebrate weekend.

Walking through this scene would definitely smell like Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui!

Nothing smells like this. Its diffrent, its great its the perfect evening out scent for a classic south american or south european man.

- huge projection and longevity.

thumbs up!

Pros: Bold and masculine powerhouse

28th August, 2013

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