Oscar for Men (2000)
    by Oscar de la Renta

    Oscar for Men Fragrance Notes

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    Wild Gardener
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    A very good fragrance that can be found in bucket shops at very good prices.
    If you dont have this I would recommend you check it out.

    09 November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Fantastic summer fragrance

    Every time I use this fragrance, I like it even more. This is in my top five all time and one of my top two summer fragrances (YSL Live Jazz is the other). The balance of citrus and pepper is perfect. In fact, I have never tried a pepper-dominant fragrance that I have enjoyed so much. It is slightly linear...There is lemon and pepper in the opening and the same combination remains throughout its lifespan. It has been 7 hours since application, and the same combination is there...It's just softer and more subtle, but certainly still very enjoyable. I highly recommend this fragrance.

    Pros: Perfect balance of citrus and pepper
    Cons: None...Perfect"

    02 September, 2013

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    Pepper, Fir and Citrus

    Two main notes dominate this scent from head to toes. Pepper is strong in the opening but subsides slowly till the end while Fir is strong throughout the whole development. Two main notes, but the scent is extremely complex. The background thru those 2 notes ride starts citric first that gives way to a spicy heart with some flowery nuances to finish with some incense/leather/wood drydown that is superb. But the two main notes never lose the leader role and remain noticeable throughout.

    A very good scent, but I could use only sporadically, use it too often and you may get sick of it.

    Pros: Masculine, great sillage and longevity
    Cons: Maybe to harsh for wimpy aquatic lovers. "

    26 August, 2013

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    The Oscar Marketered To Men You Should Pass By...
    Oscar for Men opens with an invigorating fresh blast of bergamot and pepper with hints of cumin spice detectable. As the fragrance moves to the early heart phase the cumin now asserts itself forcefully as it plays co-star to the continually dominant bergamot now coupled with waxy lily with the subtle support of aromatic lavender, mild clove spice, coniferous green fir and mowed grass-like violet leaf. The fragrance remains quite linear as it enters the late dry-down with the cumin, bergamot and pepper trio fading but still quite noticeable, joined by relatively faint slightly animalic musk to finish off the progression. Projection is average, as is longevity at 8-10 hours on skin.

    Oscar for Men is definitely not what I was expecting when I recently bought it blind. I expected the bergamot and the pepper which are two of the main drivers of its linear progression from start to finish, but I didn't expect the large role the cumin and lily would play. The cumin is unfortunately of the "BO" variety on skin and the lily has an odd candle wax-like smell, both when melded to the rest of the composition just don't work. I think had the perfumer eliminated the cumin the composition would have somewhat impressed, but alas it was not to be. Adding to my surprise and dare I say disappointment is the lack of a number of prominent base notes I expected to smell from the published notes list... Notes like leather, sandalwood and vanilla are all either so miniscule that they do not merit a mention or are completely MIA on skin. The bottom line is that while Oscar for Men can be found at discounters nowadays for a relatively low street price of about $16 per 100ml bottle, this is one Oscar that I just cannot recommend, earning a very generous "average" rating of 2.5 stars out of 5. The more famous Oscar pour Lui from the house is a classic and highly recommended in its vintage form, but Oscar for Men reviewed here is just a dud.

    Pros: Relatively inexpensive with decent perfomance.
    Cons: A BO-like cumin fest driven composition that is quite linear.

    11th August, 2013 (Last Edited: 13 December, 2013)

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    Oscar for Men

    I had this earlier in life, back when it was released (sometime in the early 2000's) and adored it! There are two fragrances Oscar de la Renta has made for men, this and Pour Lui. Both are absolutely wonderful and staples in my wardrobe! What a gorgeous, original scent. Nothing has ever smelled like it over the years - this is, in a word, stunning.

    Oscar for Men starts with a bright and beautiful peppery-citrus infused opening. Imagine slicing bergamot, lemons and oranges and grinding fresh pepper over the top of the fruit and then allow the smell to waft up to your nose. On the tray, this array of peppered citrus sits are branches of fresh-cut pine...those notes come in at about 10-15 minutes. This is what I remember - no other scent I have smelled in all my years touches on this blend so gorgeously! You have to smell this opening - it is worth the price of the bottle...but, it only gets better.

    That note in the composition is elemi, a wonderful aromatic resin from a tree native to the Philippines. Ironically, the country it comes from has the word "pine" in it and elemi is described as "a fragrant resin with a sharp pine and lemon-like scent". It has also been used in other fragrances that I love and have this special note. Gorgeous and rare.

    Then, some fresh-grated nutmeg is sprinkled into the composition, as I find it blends perfectly with the distinct clove note. If you have ever smelled fresh, whole cloves, then you will know what this note is. The cloves, however, along with the fir transcend seemlessly into a nice light bouquet of florals (no single flower is too dominant here), but the violet leaf is a great addition to the florals...in essence, the "fragrant" greenery added to a nice spring bouquet. Beautiful, but not too pronounced - it is seamless.

    The fir note and pepper at the top with the clove and nutmeg in the heart all lead to the base that will win virtually anyone over who has an affinity for incense in their fragrance. This is a light incense - not heavy or burning. Very natural...not headshop or heavy. A lifted note that is one I adore. It is like smelling a blend of incense cones that is flavored with florals, pine (again, from the elemi), vanilla and sandalwood. I have a large collection of incense and burn it regularly...sometimes to match notes in the composition of my fragrance. Sounds strange, but to smell an accord diluted in alcohol on your skin now in plumes of smoke in the air - you have both liquid and fragrant, ethereal, airy aromas combining - very aromatic and excellent for meditation or just serenity and pure olfactory enjoyment. I found the key is to burn the incense in a room (or two away). You don't get the smokiness, but you get the smell more naturally. It is spiritual and very natural.

    I don't get any leather here - until the very end, and it is more of a soft suede...almost more of a "feel" that you get from the fragrance rather than a note. Hard to describe, but once you wear it - you may understand my perspective.

    Never heavy - that is why I see this as warm weather and that is when I initially wore it. My wife (as this is a surprise for her) will remember this on me...it was special.

    And while the longevity is not that long on my skin, it's because I love the richness of the top and middle so much - I find myself re-applying sooner than maybe one should. It does last, however, much longer and develops differently on fabric. I recommend applying to both skin and your shirt in a full-wearing. This never gets cloying. It truly is fantastic and invigorating. There is so much happening in this bottle!

    In a few words...Graceful. Refined. Elegant. I will add that I absolutely love this fragrance - not just like. Oscar de la Renta for Men is a true "treasure" and something very special. It is an incredibly well-made, chic and sophisticated scent that only someone who is confident can wear. I was confident when I first wore it (and it made me feel incredible) - and I feel even better today, because I understand the scent even more over the years.

    I will wear this year-round, but it will definitely be in my regular rotation this Spring and Summer (especially summer evenings) - both casual and formal! A wonderful, well-composed unique fragrance that seems to showcase different notes each wearing...but always fantastic.

    No score as I cannot attribute a fractional value to the pure pleasure of this fragrance...Oscar de la Renta is uncompromising in his taste of creating timeless fragrance, so I will not compromise and give a mathematical equation to judge it.


    25 July, 2013

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    smooth and alive yet muted- classy

    This is a very classy manly scent..a sleeper that is unique and old school yet modern in many ways..i get fir/ lavender and spiciness...refreshing and sexy. Good price at some discounters.

    24 July, 2013

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