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Park Royal (1929)
by Anglia Perfumery (originally by Crown Perfumery)


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Year of Launch1929
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAnglia Perfumery
Originally byCrown Perfumery
PerfumerWilliam Thomson

About Park Royal

Now produced by the Anglia Perfumery, Park Royal was originally made by Crown, who described it as "An exotic blend, envoking the warmth and intrigue of history's great trading routes".

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Imaginationland: I'm riding a galbanum bomb through clouds of clove, now and again. Like a buckin' bronco. You can call me Slim.

For those of us that do their own yard work, consider the fresh cut twiggy smell of a few hours worth of hedge/bush trimming bundles. Not good, but I kind of like it... at times.
09th December, 2017
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Review of old Crown version, not Anglia

Park Royal is a near copy of Trumper's Eucris (or Eucris copied Park Royal since it used to be a light lily-scented toilet water). Park royal is spicy, dry, earthy, and musky all at the same time. The opening is citric yet dark with bergamot and lemon rind that gives way to a heart of spicy mace, nutmeg, and clove. The base appears shortly, which is a dry and earthy oakmoss with resinous patchouli and cedar. Park Royal is overall a very unusual scent that does not fit well into the modern world, but is darned good for what it is. I prefer it over Eucris as it is richer, sweeter, and less dry (I don't normally like sweet scents, but Eucris is bone-chillingly dry).
05th January, 2015
As well as the others underlined the opening of this Victorian aromatic fougere, in full Penhaligon's style, is  citrusy, laundry and aromatic. This traditional british style beginning characterizes in my opinion all the following development because the smell remains aromatic, green and orangy throughout the journey with a sufficient level of hesperidic angularity to be it ranked as a green baroque fragrance. It's not clear if the aromatic feel is determined by eucalyptus-cloves or by the chord galbanum-cloves; what is plain, as well as Odisseusm asserted, is that the kind of aromatic greenness of galbanum is quite different from the one exuded by eucalyptus. I think that in this composition is present the galbanum and not the eucalyptus because the aromatic feel is more green, resinous, mossy and shadowy than effectively balsamic at all. The dry down is basically moss and patchouli under my nose but still very aromatic and sour of orange (in its already known link with cinnamon or nutmeg) and lime. The slightly prickly and anyway virile subtle final effect is produced by a well orchestrated accord of ambergris and spices. The smell holds on to be dry, green, slightly herbal and citrusy till the end, unveiling a sort of "old english" stiff  royal kind of olfactory experience. A good scent for the lovers of the uncompromisingly classic aromatic-hesperidic style. Nostalgic of a left back ege of lords, clubs and courts.
22nd December, 2011 (last edited: 28th April, 2015)
Wow, two fragrances from the same house that fit into my "stuffy floral clove bomb" category. Okay, so this one is not as floral, or as clovey, or as stuffy as Richmond, but it's still pretty clovey. The notes listed on the Anglia website differ from the note listing above. Top: lemon, galbanum, cedar leaf, rosemary. Mid: lavender, nutmeg, clove. Base: patchouli, amber, moss, and "precious woods." To my nose, clove and patchouli dominate the fragrance through the heart notes. Something sitting in the background smells a bit like violet even though there is none listed in the notes. The base gets mossier the further into the development you go, until the amber shows up at the very end, providing a lightly powdery sweetness. Like the other Anglias I have tried, this seems like a relatively simple and basic fragrance, a good way to train your nose in what certain notes smell like and how a top, middle, and base differ, but not all that exciting or interesting.
23rd July, 2010
First up, I have to say that, unlike an awful lot of people, I enjoy a fragrance with a powerful clove note/accord. And Crown Park Royal certainly has that, in spades!

Noting the negative reviews I decided to find out for myself. Like the previous writer, I agree that there is a strong similarity with the Green Polo by Ralph Lauren. (Which is certainly no bad thing in itself)

Usually, a powerful eucalyptus/menthol/mint accord tends to 'cheapen' a fragrance, to my mind at least, it draws comparisons with a million toothpastes and mouthwashes and bargain-basement deodorants. But when you consider that the fragrance was launched sometime around 1929, this would hardly have applied.

Even the eucalyptus (to my nose at least) is subservient to the clove. The clove is so dominant in this fragrance that if you're any way hesitant about clove you'd be best advised to steer well clear of Crown Park Royal.

Even for somebody who enjoys cloves (and I agree with one of the previous writers who noted that it is a 'dry' clove scent) I find it unlikely there are many people out there who could wear this as an everyday/office signature scent. It's just too demanding, in a love-it-or-hate-it Kouros-esque way.
But worn on occasion, I find it an unusual fragrance, demanding, impetuous, but at least (in a world of citrus-y metrosexual aquatics) interesting. I'm going to give it a thumbs-up because it at least has the ability to pique my interest on the occasions when I return to it.
For some reason, it reminds me a lot of what a curator in a musty natural history museum might wear....or perhaps an English University lecturer with a drink problem...

Not everyone's cup of tea, for sure, but I like it.

10th April, 2009
Really green. Green and minty... hmmm... I'm not enjoying this at all. If you do enjoy this try Green Water. It's a tad fresher and more approachable. Park Royal seems to turn into an ugly spice.
05th September, 2008

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