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Pasha (1992)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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PackagingAlessandro Legovini

About Pasha

Pasha de Cartier is a lasting fresh aromatic fragrance. Pasha contains notes of mint, lavender and sandalwood.

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United Kingdom
A very pleasant smell... perhaps a tiny dated.
A bought it very recently to try as it was relatively cheap
Longevity and projection is low to average for me (I bought from a warehouse so I wonder if it was a fake(?) or old stock)
06th January, 2018
This stuff smells like a hairy man driving on a hot day in a convertible after eating spicy middle-eastern food. It does it's own thing very well, but I'm not sure when I'd want to smell like that.
15th December, 2017
Although this appears at the very end of the "powerhouse 80s" trend of men's super strong fougeres, it is certainly worthy of entry into that clan and holds its own with the others.

Traditionally, blow me away opening of lavender and thyme with mint to help clear the nostrils, followed by spicy coriander, woods (rosewood, sandalwood) oak moss and patchouli. Dry down is just that, very dry, but the fougere composition never really lets one down, never disappearing into the background.

Quality ingredients, as one would expect from Cartier, are the key here.

Affordable and worth a try for the lover of classic 1980s fougeres.
17th August, 2017
Someone likened this to Drakkar Noir and I guess I can see where they're coming from. However, the trace similarity lasts only moments for me, then it's on to nicer territory. In short, I like it. A lot. I'm at the "Cretin" level when it comes to review writing, but I can report my experience at least, and it's all been favorable, especially from women, both young and seasoned. Just finished off my first bottle today. I'll be re-purchasing this one immediately.
22nd June, 2017
How has this very nice aromatic fougere escaped my notice until now? It has a lovely green herb and mint opening, with hints of camphor/lavender. There is a sustained peppery spice note from the coriander. Dry and airy, with a hint of rich sweetness from the rosewood. The thyme note develops and becomes somewhat earthy and herbal, but it is always balanced the freshness of the mint and lavender and the dryness of the spice. Slight mossy dry-down. Widely available, good quality -- a no-brainer for class!
23rd October, 2016
Stardate 20161018:

A good affordable classic masculine aromatic fougere.

This is one of the few cases where reformulation is well done and you should be fine with any version. The vintage is smoother but new one projects more. They both last a workday. The spicy note is more prominent in the current version whereas the base in vintage shines through more as spices take a back stage. So if that cumin BO note bothers you, vintage might work better for you.

The structure is that of an aromatic fougere and if you have tried Safari, Tsar, Jazz you should know what to expect.

Can be had for under $30/100ml - a no brainer.

18th October, 2016

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