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Pasha (1992)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Pasha

Pasha de Cartier is a lasting fresh aromatic fragrance. Pasha contains notes of mint, lavender and sandalwood.

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Reviews of Pasha

Can't say I smell Tsar in this but Drakkar Noir? Yes, a certain similarity but only up close.

The opening of this is quite lemony and within a matter of 10 seconds a spicy note appears, rather unusual. Some describe it as "pissy", others compare it with body odour. I'd have to say potentially the latter is correct but oddly it smells rather good.

You WILL most certainly be noticed wearing this. Go mad with it and you will annoy people. Go carefully with it and it may well work. I get the feeling that this is one of those fragrances that reacts with its wearer more so than your typical fragrance. Wearer beware!

By no means aquatic or even particularly modern. Then again I wouldn't call it classic either. It's Cartier, it's different and perhaps that's what it's all about.

A welcome addition to my collection and an improvement on the bottle of Santos I used to own which I didn't much care for.
08th June, 2015

what a nice woody aromatic scent.distinctive and different!but this is not for every one and not for every day wear.Great for night or formal occasions in autumn/winter.

Pasha is perfect for classic dandy man.this scent makes me feel confident.Good sillage and it is truly a CARTIER Because is unforgettable.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

16th December, 2014
Pasha opens with caraway, mint and lavender and eventually ends up with a nice base of sandalwood and oakmoss. Somehow, for me, the smell of Pasha is an epitome of a classic aftershave. It's spicy, woody, elegant and well controlled, it inspires confidence in a delicate and sophisticated way. Rather good indeed.
28th August, 2014
Pasha by Cartier is a fragrance I have been using since it was introduced. I wear it to work once in a while (just a spray or two) and sometimes in the evenings when I go out. It lasts a long time on me. It is my favorite fragrance from the Cartier line. A true classic!!
28th July, 2014
Genre: Fougère

Has Pasha been reformulated? The stuff I’ve been wearing for the past few hours smells nothing like the suave, sophisticated fougère of the earlier reviews. The sour citrus and aromatic top notes are unspeakably hideous, like a grapefruit steeped in urine for a week. I attribute the effect to an ill-judged dose of clary sage and wait for it to pass. It doesn’t.

A crude assortment of spices represents improvement only so far as it provides a diversion from the ugly citrus. Soapy lavender, sweet resins, and geranium fill out a conventional fougère structure, but if the intent is to juxtapose the elegant and animalic à la Jules or Lauder for Men, Pasha fails miserably. Its spices and citrus fit together awkwardly and its proportions badly want balance. Among bold, animalic fougères, even Kouros smells impeccably tailored by comparison.

To smell this kind off thing done very well, take a sniff of Amouage Ciel for Men. Ciel weaves a similarly “pissy” animalic note through a much more subtle and refined spicy-fruity fougère structure, then decorates it all with a buoyant floral motif that’s almost too pretty for a masculine scent. The result? Ciel sings like Sinatra while Pasha grunts and belches.

If you like the idea of a bold, spicy, yet sophisticated fougère with an animalic edge and don’t want to shell out for Amouage, hunt down the underappreciated Lauder for Men. It’s more conventionally “masculine” than Ciel, but it handily trumps Pasha in craft and quality. If the animalic aspect is too much for you, Azzaro pour Homme or Tuscany Uomo offer high quality olfactory experiences without the raunchy undertone.
23rd June, 2014
This is a great classic fragrance with so elegant and classy smell.
I remember, when i was a kid, my uncle was a young and attractive man. he wore a tie and suit and this fragrance was his signature scent.
The opening is fresh, herbal and at the same time a little smoky with some floral notes. it's a little sharp at the start.
The anise, sandalwood and oak moss notes give this fragrance a woody and floral smell and the mint note makes it fresh and more herbal.
In the dry down which appears around 15-20 minutes after, the mint note is almost gone. there are some sweetness in the dry down with great and so elegant brazilian rosewood, sandalwood and patchouli combo. very pleasant scent.
In the base the smell doesn't change too much except the scent become sweeter with almost mossy smell.
Definitely it's a classic fragrance for a mature man. I mean more than 30 years old. but it doesn't smells dated and I think a young 20 years old still can rock this fragrance.
Great projection and longevity.
10th May, 2014

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