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Passion for Men (1989)
by Elizabeth Taylor


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Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseElizabeth Taylor
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchUnilever > Elizabeth Arden > Parfums International

About Passion for Men

Passion for Men is a masculine fragrance by Elizabeth Taylor. The scent was launched in 1989

Reviews of Passion for Men

Cheaply constructed oriental fragrance but ETPM does have its charms. At first glance, it reminds me crude version of YSL’s Opium for Men. ETPM is lighter than Opium and has a nice incense-like note. There’s much better fragrances in this vein out there but ETPM remains a cheap thrill.

27th January, 2017
Not bad. Passion for Men defies the other LOUD man scents of the 1980's by being laid back with its woody and subtly spicy character. I would even describe it as smooth and masculine, a very inexpensive scent that isn't hard to obtain.

29th December, 2016
This was the first bottle of cologne that I bought back when I was in college in the 1990s (at a now extinct JC Penny located in a now dying mall) and I have identified with it and loved it ever since. It was the first celebrity scent before the term was ever thought of. Unlike the modern celebrities today who just put their name on it and make money, Elizabeth Taylor was very involved in the development of her fragrances and was instrumental in its design and its advertising campaign.

What I like most about it is that one has to be in my immediate space to detect it. To me, the initial scent I get is a nutmeg/ginger like spice smell mixed with lavender and it settles into a warm vanilla with hints of the initial scents that stay until the end. It's subtle, even when first applied. My brain gets used to it quickly, although those around me can smell in when they are in my personal space...around a foot from me.

This is my signature scent. On a regular work day, I'll use the deodorant and the aftershave (which are nearly impossible to find on their own but still in gift sets although even these are now scarce) and spray two to the chest, on each wrist, one to the hair. The oils of the fragrance absorb into the hair and it lasts all day. Even with that amount of cologne, it still remains subtle and close to the skin. Not many guys wear this anymore, and its unlike anything else. Some say it resembles CK Obsession, which may be true for them, but not on my skin. Obsession is "lighter" and more transparent. This one is veiled. One youtube reviewer called it "mysterious" and that's what first drew me to it as there are spice/floral/and wood all together and then seem to stand alone and then return together. The spice seems the most pronounced and long lasting in my hair.

I still have some of the vintage that I only use for special occasions. It lasts longer than the new version but it still very much Passion.

If I could have only one cologne, it would be this as it's very much me.
21st December, 2016 (last edited: 03rd January, 2017)
I really wanted to love 'Passion' for Men by Elizabeth Taylor. The perfume version for women smells absolutely amazing, so I figured the same for us guys. Being launched in 1989, I was hoping for a 'Giorgio For Men' style honey and musk powerhouse with massive longevity and sillage. Well, sadly I was fairly disappointed with this purchase.

The initial notes are a weird blast of alcohol, watery musk, a touch of vanilla and a strange synthetic note. It literally smells like those cheap imitation fragrances at a discount store like 99 Cents or Dollar Tree. It is not very appealing or pleasing at all for the first few minutes.

Once is starts to settle down, its a very simple and well done scent of honey, creamy vanilla, musk and a touch of lavender, amber and moss. It actually smells very good, but its very subtle and projection is quite mediocre. Sillage is somewhat laughable on this. It stays very close to the skin and is barely detectable two hours later unless someone is literally burying their face into your neck.

Longevity is about four to six hours with a very liberal application of a dozen plus sprays to neck, chest, shoulders, and wrists, but I am getting 8+ hours on clothes and sweaters. I only reach for this one to wear to the office, church or something light for the gym, running errands on the weekend or before bed. Its just a very safe, subtle, and soft vanilla musk scent, and could probably work for both men and women.

The price is good for the big 4.0oz bottle, but it only comes in Eau de Cologne concentration, which in some cases (such as Halston Z-14, Abercrombie Fierce, Tommy Hilfiger, etc), that is perfectly fine due to their strong base notes and sillage. However, with 'Passion', this fragrance is just not strong enough and leaves much to be desired.

My guess is that the vintage was much stronger prior to Elizabeth Arden taking over and watering this one down with a post oak moss reformulation. If it was available in EDT or EDP concentration this would be a very good fragrance. Even soaking yourself in this one doesn't add much to its projection or performance. It's just not there.

The bottle design and packaging is very nice and great for shelf and display purposes, but if you're a 70's or 80's powerhouse cologne collector, steer clear of this one, this isn't your cup of tea.
11th October, 2016 (last edited: 13th October, 2016)
I remember Passion smelling like an amber and purple color back in the 90's when I had only lunch money and nothing to buy colognes with. I associated the bottle with the fragrance and it was much sought after in my camp of penniless friends. Upon buying a newer bottle a couple of months ago, I was surprised at the cheap and overly powerful alcohol smell upon first spray. It was wretched and smelled of those old transparent automobile colognes by Avon one would see in a badly decorated living room mantle. However, within about 4 minutes, it cooled down and is now projecting a very honey-like aroma mixed with expensive after-shower talc. I'm not going to throw around big words I know nothing about as I am a lifelong admirer of decent colognes but not a true connoisseur yet. I will say that after the initial blast and cool down, this takes on a serious transformation that is pleasing and hefty. It's like I'm drinking a really good tea and my pores are only breathing out that honey ginger flavor into the air for myself and others to smell. I like it but am not 100% confident yet that it is something I would wear out. For now, it's an around the house scent and gives me some nice vibes while I edit visually complex music videos.
23rd March, 2016
Another pure 80s classic. That boy you fell in love with in junior high or high school smelled like this (or maybe Drakkar). Passion tames its wild oriental notes with a generous douse of vanilla. The result is a very young executive smell. That cute guy in the office that may be a little too young for you to be lusting after.
11th March, 2016

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