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Patchouli (1993)
by Molinard


Patchouli information

Year of Launch1993
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Patchouli

Patchouli is a shared / unisex perfume by Molinard. The scent was launched in 1993

Reviews of Patchouli

I like patchouli, but this is the dirtiest, greenest patchouli that I have ever smelled. Too much patchouli and very little else.
03rd June, 2017
This is a middleweight patchouli fragrance. There is a citrus aroma initially (mostly orange), followed by a patchouli dominated fragrance with green elements. The patchouli note is clean, transparent, but a trifle hefty. There's nothing smoky or edgy or animalic in here. This patchouli accord endures till the end, where one finds some amber-y elements and a hint of sweetness. The sillage is moderate at first before being quite muted (especially considering the category), and duration is around six to seven hours - based on about 10 sprays from a sample (emptied out approx. close to 1 ml of it).

The best aspect of this one is good balance between the different elements, and how it distinguishes itself from patchouli EO because of the unmistakable note of citrus initially. Quite unisex IMO. It loses me after the first two hours as it becomes too sparse for my tastes, and the base is reasonably straightforward and disengaging. Worth trying, but far from the bee's knees - easy to wear and easy to forget. Relative to other popular patchouli fragrances, perhaps closest to Zegna's Javanese Patchouli (though still much different).

3/5 (neutral)

P.S. After a brief and brisk online investigation it appears that this particular fragrance I had a sample of happens to be the one that comes in the hideous purple bottle.
11th March, 2017
I don't know but I can't even stand this smell. This is the worst fragrance I have ever bought. Quite fascinated to see the reviews on basenote and bought a 100ML of this. Ended up selling it on ebay at far lesser price than I bought still happy to get rid of this. Don't buy unless you are confident to like the smell. This is not a blind buy at all. Longevity is very poor.
08th May, 2013
I really like this. My GF came home from work and thought I had been burning incense.
15th October, 2012
I never trust note lists - to me, Patchouli is a proper green chypre, heavy on the patchouli. The top pairs some bright lavender with dated-smelling bergamot and a lifting sensation that might be aldehydes. But the star of the show comes soon after, a perfect patch-heavy chypre base, redolent and green with galbanum and moss bringing out the grassy feel of the patchouli as opposed to the stereotypical smelly-hippie qualities most people think of when they imagine patchouli.

The closest thing I can compare Patchouli to is Tom Ford's now-legendary Moss Breches, with its extremely green patchouli under a bright top, though Molinard's old-fashioned bergamot makes theirs smell a bit more dated (but in a good way, to aficionados). A strong thumbs up, but I'd still wear Moss Breches before this one. That being said, Molinard Patchouli is still available and about 100 times less expensive...
28th April, 2012
Perfect! I wanna full bottle NOW! This is a full bodied patchouli scent, powdery and slightly sweetened, slightly astringent to my nose. Naturally smoky and "incensy" while not overly "head-shoppy" or "dirty" as critics describe other patchouli scents. The perfect balance between dusty and sweet, somewhat along the lines of Bal a Versailles (though sweeter and more pleasant, and course, lots of patchouli.)

Good luck finding anything this good at your local head shop! This is a proper fragrance right here, and I love it. :)
01st March, 2012

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