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Patchouly (1989)
by Etro


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Year of Launch1989
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Patchouly

Patchouly is a shared / unisex perfume by Etro. The scent was launched in 1989

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Reviews of Patchouly

Future Jason:

Alison liked this. Thought it smelled "earthy." She also liked CdG Kyoto. You like that one better.

A healthy dose of smoke, here. The patchouly vibe is there, in a way that is probably nicer than others. But it came off smelling vaguely of freshly-cleaned upholstery. Kind of like the smell you get when you just step onto a plane--the air dense with the smell of used-up fabric built to last. I bet this is what the nicer airlines smell like. But upholstery, all the same.

Look elsewhere.
08th January, 2016
Etro Patchouly is so far the best approximation of my ideal patchouli- my landmark being Lush solid deodorant Aromaco, whose “perfect” take on patchouli is still to be found in an actual fragrance or in patchouli EO.
The opening is not camphoraceous enough to my taste- but I guess my love for that note isn't that common!, but reasonably green and cool, with hints of mint, geranium leaf and a fresh rose. Then patchouli gorgeously displays its facets of walnut, crunched dried leaves, freshly dug earth and also some interestingly bitter inky notes. No sweetness, no boozy notes, only an elegant and refined dryness and depth.The base is a powdery, soft amber- musk leaning on sandalwood, enveloping, comfortable and long lasting.
A beautiful fragrance, perfectly unisex and great in cool weather.
29th October, 2014
Etro gives us a patchouli that is light and airy. Not weak in sillage or longevity, but a brighter patchouli. This is not powdery, nor does it rely on amber. I do get a touch of the head shop vibe, but this fragrance maintains an air of sophistication. I believe I may have found the ideal warmer weather patchouli! A must try, and bottle worthy!
14th October, 2014 (last edited: 19th October, 2014)
The early '90s EDC version of Patchouly has a splendid, perfect opening of sharp, pure patchouli, carrying all its beautiful trademark nuances, from cocoa notes to humid hay. A raw, stale smell, dark and earthy but softened by that irresistible "classic" Etro's accord which is basically a really peculiar, mysterious blend of licorice, vetiver, tobacco, anise, creating a sort of smoky, sweet, rooty feel all around the main accord – patchouli, in this case. A bold balsamic-mint breeze refreshes the scent, perhaps together with lavender and a sort of tea note, mellow and slightly sweet-fruity. Nothing less than perfect: solid, compelling, deep, with a totally unique raw and earthy elegance, woody and distinguished, Oriental and shady, sensual and mellow. A must for fans of patchouli and of shady, dark and sophisticated fragrances.

07th August, 2014
Genre: Woods

Etro makes a very clear, crisp patchouli that’s less influenced by amber than, say, Montale’s Patchouli Leaves or Mazzolari’s Patchouli. The result is a lighter and less powdery accord that emphasizes patchouli’s herbaceous character rather than its earthy, musty qualities. Carefully blended fruit notes, fresh tobacco leaves, and floral accents leave Etro Patchouly smelling lush and exotic where others can be dark and heavy. It’s by no means a light scent, but it’s remarkably buoyant and in the context of patchouli fragrances. I find most patchouli-heavy scents oppressive in hot weather, but this is one that I would gladly wear in summertime.

Don’t assume from my comments that Etro’s is a watered down patchouli – it’s not. Ironically though, I think its incisive treatment of the note might make it more appealing to those who find other patchouli scents too heavy, cloying, or “dirty.” Etro Patchouly is a best of breed contender, right along with Mazzolari, Montale, and Parfumerie Generale’s Intrigant Patchouli.
23rd June, 2014
WOW! what a gorgeous scent!
First of all, it's not a patchouli based fragrance because patchouli stays for about half an hour with you at the start, then sweet amber and musky scent plus huge dose of artemisia dominate through the whole fragrance life on your skin and everything else is completely in the background!
The opening is a semi sweet and earthy patchouli scent with some green notes from cypress and mint and very strong note of artemisia!
It's my first time that I'm smelling artemisia in a fragrance.
It does have a sharp and strong herbal feeling with some kind of floral aura which is really strange but at the same time very pleasant and elegant!
I don't know how to describe the scent of artemisia because I've never smelt something like this before but it's very unique and extremely chic and elegant!
After about half and hour and in the mid, the green and fresh notes are gone and the earthy patchouli goes completely in the background.
Now you can smell stronger sweet notes which does have a milky and creamy like sweetness with much stronger artemisia note!
The artmesia note is very naughty and brutal and if you smell it closely it will get cloying!
So I do recommend be easy with the sprayer and try to avoid your neck area because it's going to project like a beast!
This milky and creamy sweetness plus the artemisia note create a very elegant and charming scent but it's mostly feminine instead of unisex!
But it's one of does strong and unique women fragrances!
When I sprayed it on my wrist from my sample, my mom on another room asked me what is this smell? it's very beautiful!!
Projection is like a beast and longevity is really good.
The important thing about this fragrance is you should spray max 2 on your skin or it will get cloying for sure!
It did happen to me and really pissed me off!
Another thing is I can see some people compare this to "Givenchy Gentleman"! they don't smell the same at all! not even one percent!!!!
16th February, 2014

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