Patou pour Homme (original) (1980)
    by Jean Patou

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    Pure Delight

    During the 1980s I wore the now discontinued Dunhill Blend 30 as my signature fragrance. Elsewhere on Basenotes the Dunhill fragrance has often been described as a green version of Patou pour Homme. Having never tried Patou, I have always been curious about it, as Dunhill Blend 30 is my all-time favorite. Since a number of reviewers suggested a similarity between the two I was determined to track down and try the Patou and recently had the opportunity to acquire it. I can see a definite resemblance between the two. Both are classic 80s fougeres of extraordinary quality with similar base notes, but it is obvious to me that the Patou is a bit softer, more refined and elegant. Makes me wish I had been acquainted with it back when it was readily available. It truly lives up to its reputation. I can't say I like it more than the Dunhill, but certainly like it as much. That says a lot. I do like the opening and how the middle notes play out during the first few hours on the Patou better than I do with the Dunhill, but appreciate the last few hours of the dry down on the Dunhill more. But even here it is a close call. Let's just say I have tried two masterpieces that probably won't be repeated due to current regulations and restrictions on ingredients, as well as availability issues related to the natural ingredients used in both. It has been a delight to wear them!

    Pros: In my opinion, one of the two best.
    Cons: Discontinued "

    21st August, 2013

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    Inimitability and perfection.

    PPH is great. And it is a scent that can not return, because today many ingredients are gone, and many others have been banned.
    No reformulation can dream to get to this absolute masterpiece.
    The luxury of a Lord, the pattern of recent Tom Ford for Men fragrances.
    PPH original is priceless, beautiful that civet. Beautiful everything. I'm in love with my Patou Pour Homme.

    Pros: really natural, enveloping, sensual, strong in EDT as in AS
    Cons: rare to find

    15 June, 2013

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    perfect, delicius, strong and elegant. concurring with sinodor. a master piece!

    29 March, 2013

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    After being completely amazed at the brilliance of Patou pour Homme Prive, I decided to throw caution to the wind and bought a bottle of Patou pour Homme at the extremely inflated eBay prices...

    Patou pour Homme opens with a big blast of lavender, tarragon and clary sage. Similar to Prive, the lavender in Patou pour Homme is one of the rare few that I actually enjoy. Moving to the heart notes, I get a lot of fir and vetiver, but only hints of patchouli and geranium with some of the leather from the base notes peeping through. Finally, the ever so slightly animallic base is loaded with oakmoss, coupled with a good dose of sandalwood and that leather accord I noticed earlier. Patou pour Homme has excellent strength and longevity with average sillage.

    I have to admit that while I love Patou pour Homme and don't regret the blind buy one iota, I am not quite as enamored with it as I was with its sister scent released 10+ years later, Prive. I find Patou pour Homme to be more formal and less versatile of the two, kind of loosely reminding me of vintage Derby by Guerlain (not a bad thing to be sure). I am happy to have it in my collection, but would probably have just bought a large decant at today's prices if I could do it all over, spending the savings on a backup bottle of Prive. Don't shoot me, but I give Patou pour Homme an excellent 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5. Superb, just not quite "the best" to my nose, at least. Another winner from genius nose Jean Kerleo!

    12 April, 2012

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    Patou Pour Homme.

    I honestly hesitated writing a review of this for a long time because I needed to get to know it. I needed to be able to decipher Patou Pour Homme and eliminate, if necessary, any comparisons. I had to find the right time to wear it, places to spray it, and all sorts of other things.

    Well, now I'm going to review it from my own perspective - not from the hype or praise of some of our other excellent reviewers.

    For me, Patou Pour Homme is an extremely rich and decadent oriental fragrance for men. It opens up on my skin with noticeable lavender and tobacco (yes, I smell tobacco) notes complimented by spices, pepper, and a cooling petitgrain note. The oily tobacco note reminds me of Havana by Aramis, sort of. There's also a dark leather note thrown in the mix. Overall, the feel is sort of like a big, oily, masculine Mitsouko. There are no unpleasant or "pissy" notes to turn people away - just raw, strong masculinity at its finest.

    After an hour or two the top notes settle down and Patou Pour Homme gets drier and a little spicier. The patchouli and clary sage rear their heads and echo the top. It's a smooth transition. At this point I'm somewhat reminded of *vintage* Bel Ami by Hermès.

    Then, soon enough, the base kicks in - my favorite part. Oakmoss, sandalwood, and a BIG labdanum note set off the grand finale. Overall, the transition from middle to base and the lasting base takes a while, and it is SO enjoyable. The usage of chypre and fougère elements are part of what makes Patou Pour Homme so fucking good.

    Now, that being said, is Patou Pour Homme the best men's fragrance ever? I dunno, but it's definitely my favorite fragrance. It definitely belongs in the top ten. At first when I tried it my expectations were somewhat let down. It didn't make me swoon and I hadn't found my "holy grail". Go figure, Patou Pour Homme is a fragrance that grows on you over time. I discover something new every time I wear Patou Pour Homme, and it's most certainly in my top 10.

    As a final note, I don't find Patou pour Homme to be worth the astronomical prices on eBay and Basenotes, but every guy should at least try it. If you can find a decant, get some - it should last you a while.

    23 June, 2011 (Last Edited: 01st October, 2011)

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    Jean Patou Pour Homme has an enormous reputation preceding it, and for once, this is a fragrance that lives up to it.

    The opening is light, slight and herbal, and devoid of any citric freshness. Its a familiar accord, old school, but it is the transparency of the notes that is remarkable. Each note is clear and easily distinguishable. The addition of sandalwood and especially cinnamon, bring JPPH to a burnished and warm peak.

    It is extremely potent, not in a vulgar genital waving sort of way, but in a controlled, consistent and effortless manner.A single spray to the chest is sufficient to keep me entertained for a whole day.

    The walnut burr patina evident on the box, is an appropriate indication of the polished and desirable liquid contained within.

    05 April, 2011

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