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Year of Launch1999
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Patrick is a masculine fragrance by Fragrances of Ireland. The scent was launched in 1999

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I blind bought Patrick about a month ago after receiving recommendations on Facebook, Redolessence Reviews, and reading up on it. I love it. All of the adjectives used to describe it are what I like most fragrances. Patrick is one of my favorites and is a Top 10 for me, along with Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Quorum, Eucris, and Fahrenheit. [Lest you think I'm only about oak moss, I'm also a big fan of MM's At the Barber, Creed's Royal Mayfair, and Lacoste Booster.]
28th February, 2019 (last edited: 02nd March, 2019)
Projection, longevity & sillage are impressive. Totally worth the money.

Unfortunately, much like Sung Homme this is just too soapy for me. I really can't stand any fragrance that are overly soapy. It gives me a headache. Plus I can buy a bar of soap for less than £1.

08th November, 2018
I'll be damned if you find a fragrance that smells more like Irish Spring than this.

Patrick is a sleeper of a fragrance, but not here on Basenotes. All the guys know about it, and their positivity took me to this one.

One of the best, freshest, green fragrances out there. Has good longevity, not amazing though. Unlike Sung Homme, the top notes last forever here, thus giving it the Irish Spring vibe long enough to warrant a bottle purchase. Although it's on my wishlist, I know I will own a bottle in the near future. The opening is a little harsh, but let it settle in and do its magic!
29th August, 2018
The fougere genre in mens' fragrances represents those that try to replicate the fresh green aromas of fern leaves in a damp forest. The original fougere fragrance - Houbigant's Fougere Royale - purportedly smelled like this. Unfortunately the modern re-issue of the fragrance by Houbigant isn't really much like that at all, and is more oriental in nature. However two traditional English fragrances exist today that try to recreate the spirit of the original green fougere - Penhaligon's English Fern, and Geo F. Trumper's Wild Fern. The issue with them however is that they lack in the performance department. With that said, Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland is an authentic green fougere fragrance with a noticeable fern note, and is produced with high-quality materials (undisturbed by IFRA limitations) in Ireland itself - in fact I had to order this directly from Ireland. As for the scent, it really smells like what I envision an Irish countryside to smell like. It is lush, rainy, fresh, melancholic yet bright, and incredibly GREEN. It is like smelling the grass and greenery while it's raining. There is also a mild similarity also to Irish Spring soap, but this is made of higher quality ingredients than for example Sung Homme (which is literally an Irish Spring soap fragrance). For the notes, I get green notes, fern, oakmoss, and vetiver. I also get a hint of spearmint in the opening that reminds me of Acqua di Parma's Colonia Club. It is entirely green, and somewhat linear. Projection is good, while longevity is also good, lasting the duration of a workday. Overall, this is a great traditional fougere fragrance.

31st July, 2018 (last edited: 30th July, 2018)
I was expecting more of the Irish Spring soap smell like many have described but what immediately comes to mind is original Polo Green. It is quite clean but not as fresh as Irish Spring and is much more mossy like Polo or even Esencia Loewe.

Projection is average, gets the job done. Longevity is quite good, lasts all workday.
02nd July, 2018
I got Patrick for the LA Spring weather after hearing a number of Basenoters say how much they liked it, and I'm glad I did:

I've worn it at least 7 times in the past 3 weeks. It's definitely got that "clean green" vibe going for it. There are some noticebly darker, earthier, oakmoss notes going on underneath the grassy green ferny notes, however I would call it more of a light green scent than a heavy one.

Which reminds me: Patrick definitely has Oakmoss on its official list of ingredients -- so I'm guessing Fragrances of Ireland is a small company and might not be subject to the oakmoss restrictions that have affected the big fragrance corporations. Anyway it definitely has Oakmoss in it.

I find its Soapy notes to be *very* prominent -- but I enjoy them.
That might be because I remember the smell of Irish Spring soap from my youth so well: it's as distinctive as a Crayon. Patrick's soapy smell is a lot like a better, more natural, less overpowering version of Irish Spring.

So -- for me anyway -- that note gives Patrick a "fresh out of the shower" soapy smell combined with the nice clean green earthy notes.

I'm not sure it lasts very long on my skin (it's hard for me to judge that) but it lasts a long time on my clothes, I can say that much for it.

Patrick probably isn't going to blow anyone away -- I was slightly disappointed with it at first because so many people spoke so highly of it and my initial reaction was "well I like it but I don't really love it".

And there are fragrances out there that I do love from the first sniff (such as Vintage by Varvatos, the original Polo, Terre d'Hermes to name a few).

But this is a good quality cologne that smells and performs better for me than most others I've tried. To put it another way, when my finances improve and I can afford to spend more on expensive fragrances, and I sell, swap, or give away the blind-buys that didn't work out so well...

Patrick won't be one of them. It's a keeper for me.

4/5 (very good)

Bonus: the box is really well made and attractive, so Patrick just might make a nice and affordable gift for your favorite Irish person!

I got my bottle for just $40 from Celtic Croft Dot Com llc through Amazon Prime and it arrived in just 2 days (Amazon is amazing like that).
21st May, 2018

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