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Perceive for Men (2001)
by Avon


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Year of Launch2001
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About Perceive for Men

Perceive for Men is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 2001

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My first encounter with Perceive in 2000 (it's launch year, despite Basenotes saying 2001) was met with puzzlement. Back then it was "Perceive for Him" as it was part of a his/hers suite (the parfum is discontinued) and was the among the first of many different Avon colognes I dipped into as the kick-off for what would become a hobby for me, but it was the one I could never quite figure out if I liked or not. I used to just wear it periodically because I hadn't in a while and wanted to give it a fair turn amongst the rest. Years later in 2017, when I reacquired it, I didn't have much memory of it besides it's strangeness and tart opening, but after analyzing it, I came to realize that it was a "me-too" fragrance, just oddly not of a very popular trope.

It's an aromatic chypre of the type that Avon was fond of releasing in the early 2000's, and released alongside another such chypre the same year (Avon Uomo). Perhaps Perceive's success was the catalyst for Avon to keep tinkering with the idea until it ran it's course with Paradigm and HisStory a few years later. However, unlike the others that came later, it was a pretty close riff of Iceberg's "Iceberg Twice Homme" fragrance released in 1995. Maybe it's success inspired Avon to create more daring and original compositions in this style, just as the "me-too" Wild Country and Black Suede both skirted close to popular fragrances of the day from a few years past, but gave birth to far more original (but less commercially successful) selections in subsequent years.

What is known about the fragrance, is that it arguably is more popular and successful than the scent it tried to duplicate (at least in the US), both in style of presentation and substance. More folks know the Avon Perceive than of the Iceberg scent. Without reviewing Iceberg's fragrance here in the process, I'll just say that Perceive takes that same contradicting twist of fresh and aromatic notes but dumps out much of the cloying sweetness that Iceberg uses, probably because off less expensive ingredients and a simpler note pyramid, but it works better. The effect of this economical rethinking is a dryer, crystal clear aromatic chypre that delivers the same message as Iceberg without the hard-to-chase syrupy funk (a trait Iceberg unfortunately shares with the almighty Joop). Perceive doubles down on this dry clarity as it dries on the skin itself, leaving behind wisps of that tart opening and the warm woodsy basenotes.

The fragrance is certainly an oddity among Avon colognes for men, and sort of set the pace for the rest of early 2000's Avon up until the now-defunct Derek Jeter dynasty they established in 2006, when Avon actually won awards by playing Aquatic fougere hardball with the big boys (pun intended). Perceive is that rare modern fragrance with one foot in the past and one in the present, which is why a wide age range seems to buy and review it on Avon's own website. I am not a huge fan of Iceberg Twice Homme, and had a bottle of it suggested to me -after- buying this scent, but learning Iceberg came first, making this a "me-too" of a very niche scent of mediocre appeal that actually rises above it's inspirations, almost by accident.

If you like the strange melange of notes going on here (citrus fizz, mint, some kitchen spice rack herbs, and semblance of sandalwood at the base), this could become an inoffensive daily work fragrance. Even the bottle on this is really eye-catching and one of Avon's all-time great designs. People always ask me about it when they see me pull it out of my backpack or off my shelf when I go to apply it. the whole thing is just well-done tip to tail. It's not the best of post-2000 Avon, but it's certainly very noteworthy.
03rd September, 2017
Interesting, but ubiquitous at the same time

Start with Cool Water then add Joop. Dilute to about 40% strength then add a synthetic grapefruit to the top and a cheap musk and vanilla to the base.

For the non-sophisticated user, this is an adequate signature scent. It is most of the cliches from the 90s and early 2000s reduced in strength so that you are not 'that guy' when you walk into the office.

Works well for cool weather pre/post workout scent too, and yes, it is one of the better Avon offerings.

Pros: Inexpensive price, better than average jus
Cons: Does not make a strong enough statement"

08th October, 2013
The only thing about this fragrance is the great bottle. The smell is pretty great, but it doesn't last at all and it's not powerful at all.
27th March, 2013
Perceive is another fragrance by Avon that would put some designer houses to shame. I admit that there are some below average fragrances by Avon but perceive is not one of them. This stuff is GREAT. The two notes that stick out most to my nose through the whole duration of the scent is grapefruit and mint and boy is it done right. Projection is decent and the longevity with this one is atleast 6 hrs. Absolutely worth every penny you would pay for this. Big thumbs up way up.
15th July, 2012
A pleasent surprise from Avon. Was very skeptical at first, but I really like this one. It's more interesting then a lot of the designer stuff I own, even though it's not a complex scent. This one is perfect for spring and early fall, maybe even on a cooler summer day. Regardless, I find it fun to wear. Perceive for Men is a cologne, not an EDT, but don't let that sway you, for me it last longer than some of my designer EDT's. Price wise, this one is a steal!
30th June, 2012
Great fragrance from Avon. personally my favourite one. It is a kind of strong, deep, unique fragrance in its own way. I don't know how to describe it. Simply classic fresh aromatic chypre fragrance.
I give it 8 0ut of 10.
05th August, 2011

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