Pi (1999)
    by Givenchy

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    This fragrance is named 'Pi' after the mathematical figure which represents the number you get if you divide a circle's circumference by it's diameter. The number Pi starts off 3.141592.. and just goes on for ever and ever. Computers are sitting there as you read this working out more numbers to add on the end of it...

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    United States United States

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    I used to love Pi, it smelled like a rich caramel with a little bit of woods in the background and would pop in with a vanilla / macadamia nut rush when my body temperature rose. Not a summer scent but great for warmer fall winter and spring days. However, since the 2012 reformulation this is absolute trash. It smells like maple syrup mixed with vodka I can't stand it. Recent sold off my reformulated bottle and am scouring that one auction site to find an older bottle. "When great scents go bad" could be an interesting blog here on basenotes.

    24 December, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Unique Gourmand

    The first thing that came to my mind upon smelling the sprayer was, 'caramel', and since I'm not too fond for sweet scents, I almost instantly turn down the offer of this one, but my friend said that I better give it a shot first - nothing can go wrong by testing it first anyway; so he brought me a bottle of his Pi - handsome bottle, could be a nice addition in anyone's wardrobe.

    My first impression is - this fragrance have great projection and staying power, please note... the opening doesn't excite me at all - it's just a blast of rosemary and sweet citrus with hint of almond and vanilla in the background - only for a few minutes. Soon enough the vanilla, almond, benzoin, bit of woods and caramel (all sweets in this world, in short) start to take over the lead and makes this fragrance into one sweet fragrance that we possibly never smell it before - or after; simply a masterpiece. Super sexy and draws a lot of compliments, especially from women (does that tickle you, boy?) but I found that most people found this, 'old fashioned' and refused to wear this; simply because a men need something smoky, leathery, rubbery to be called a man, refusing to acknowledge that there's another world out there that do radiate sexiness - world of Pi

    score : a solid ?????

    Pros: almost all aspects
    Cons: hard to wear in humid weather; increasingly rare"

    20th October, 2013

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    review by stefly321

    I find this has an almond/marzipan sort of aroma. Not really my thing anymore. It only gets cloying if its over applied. Just 2/3 sprays on the chest would suffice. Anymore and it becomes offensive!

    26 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Feminine vanilla

    Amber and feminine vanilla. Loud, heavy, sickly sweet. Not a fan of this.

    25 June, 2013

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    England England

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    I wrote this off as just a heavy sickly sweet coconut mess when I tried it a year or so ago.
    I've changed my mind after trying it again. I think its a good blend, better than average for this kind of gourmand and I can imagine it being good as a cold weather comfort scent as Voodoodanny suggested.

    14 May, 2013

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    tiger wood

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    great contents and originality. drfinately masculine. very distinctive citrus/vanilla based frag that lasts a great while. one of the better designer orientals on the market..

    04 April, 2013

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