Pi Fraiche (2001)
    by Givenchy

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    Summer version of Givenchy's Pi. It's the same bottle, but with bright blue juice. It's a bit fresher, but has the same underlying scent.

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    Canada Canada

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    After owning the Original Pi about 3 or 4 times now(and my 4 bottle is almost empty) I decided to "switch it up" a bit and get the Pi Fraiche as an alternate. Always remember seeing it alongside the original years ago. I got a 100ml for about $69.00 including tax, which I felt was good, as this scent is hard to find in my city. I'm pretty sure it's extremely limited production, or perhaps discontinued altogether. Either way, I happy with this refreshing change. I'm sure I'll purchase original Pi next time(as it's easier to come by, and a little heavier). However, this is a good summer alternative(sometimes people told me the original was too strong.) I'd say anyone who wants an original Pi alternative, to get this rare gem as opposed to the disastrous Pi Neo :S Since I originally posted this, my overall view: the very little difference that you do notice is in the opening notes, and the trade off you get from smelling those notes for a few seconds, you get an overall far weaker version of the original.

    09 November, 2011 (Last Edited: 02 December, 2011)

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Words can't begin to describe my utter disappointment. I've smelled bug sprays with more character than this wretched offering. If you tell me it kills more bugs than the average bug spray I'd probably believe you.

    14 August, 2010

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    Strength: Weak

    Lasting: 2-3hrs

    I didn't like this it was a poor "freshening" of the original pi. Its very synthetic and smells cheap to me.. I actually re-gifted my bottle lol

    13 February, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Pi with a sweet tangerine note added on top with the same base notes just lighter. That's all I have to say about that.

    18 January, 2009

    Canada Canada

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    Very close to the original, but (as the name implies) fresher. I'd guess there's more tangerine.

    I'm normally a fan of heavier scents, but I prefer this one to the original.

    One of my favourites.

    28 February, 2007

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    [EDIT]: Just wanted to clarify that I do not own this anymore. As my tastes progressed, my tolerance for the sweet synthetics of this one evaporated, and I eventually got rid of it. However, at the time it really did seem very pleasant. This would be ideal for the non-enthusiast who can't distinguish synthetic sweetness and wouldn't care as long as the chicks dig it. Because they did.

    I won't give it a thumbs down. It's one of those pleasant-but-flawed fragrances. You could do a lot worse in this market niche.

    Original review from March 2006:
    I probably wear this more than anything. It's sweet and and rather fruity out of the bottle. The sweetness stays with it until it fades (which is a really long time). Every female i've asked adores it for some reason. Overall it's great but DO NOT OVERSPRAY. 3 at the most. It creates a really nice aura, but everyone will flee from you if you have too much on.

    16 March, 2006 (Last Edited: 15 December, 2009)

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