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Pierre Cardin Musk (1987)
by Pierre Cardin


Pierre Cardin Musk information

Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HousePierre Cardin
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchAmerican Cyanamid > Shulton

About Pierre Cardin Musk

Pierre Cardin Musk is a masculine fragrance by Pierre Cardin. The scent was launched in 1987

Reviews of Pierre Cardin Musk

I must start by saying that I received this by accident, with the package in poor condition, for what is otherwise a full bottle, so this review is a bit impromptu. I haven't had the time to sit in this scent very long, but here goes: It seems this came out a year after Bleu Marine (which wasn't an aquatic by the way), and unsurprisingly, isn't really a musk. Seems American Cyanamid/Jacqueline Cochran didn't really know what to do with Pierre Cardin after the smash hit of his first masculine 15 years before this. They kept reusing the distinct bottle shape for flankers (and current owners/US Licensee Coty/Five Star still do) but like the aforementioned Bleu Marine, this fails it's objectives but accidentally succeeds in being interesting regardless. I much like this scent as it strives to be modern for it's time, and tries to redefine what a musk fragrance can be, but just ends up being something else entirely. With it's dark opague matte-finish version of the Pierre Cardin signature bottle, it might as well be the Knight Rider of colognes, an appropriate analogy considering the time period too. I also see a lot of powerhouse influence in this, but it doesn't have that radioactive sillage because as an attempted musk, it's all about richness and subtlety.

Pierre Cardin Man's Musk opens with sharp lavender, anise and geranium not unlike Azzaro Pour Homme, then leads with a resinous tree-sap like accord of what I can guess is wormwood, cedar and what smells like juniper, with a very heady oakmoss note that floats in by the middle and stays until the end. The base definitely has the synthetic musk note that gives the scent it's name, but alongside it is ambergris, patchouli, pine, all this green on top of green. There's no tonka to be had here so it isn't a fougère by definition, but neither did Azzaro really have a strong tonka note. What it all amounts to from start to finish is a darker, drier, muskier, and more stark compromise between the lush aromatics and the more virile base notes. Top notes here keep this crisp but all told it's inspired by the aforementioned Azzaro and most definitely has a huge Drakkar Noir lean as well. Whoever was the nose for this was certainly gunning for those two by-then mega hit masculines, and was trying to ride that wave to give the Pierre Cardin name a new shot in the arm of relevance. It had been nearly 2 decades since the original oriental scent that launched the house, and PC was starting to fade from glory among consumers.

Folks who love oakmoss won't find much darker and more direct blasts of it than this, but if the aforementioned heavyweights from the late 70's and early 80's are already owned, this can be skipped over unless you really just like collecting rare flankers or enjoy odd alternatives to well-known releases. This could be a nice niche scent if came back in production but IFRA regulations would destroy the heavy oakmoss in this if reformulated. The scent only gets a pass for that beautifully heavy oakmoss and the nice green and musk interplay, because otherwise this is really derivative even for the typically creative 1980's and stays the same until the end once you reach the heart notes. That's to say this does have a dry down, but once base and middle notes come together, that's how they stay until they fade away. As a scent marketed to be a musk variant, it's a terrible disaster because it smells nothing like the original and most definitely does NOT focus on musk at all. However, as it's own scent to be taken on it's own merits, it's a neat little noir number that marries mid-century dryness with 1980's density. Call it a Eucris for the Pepsi Generation if you're feeling particularly irreverent, but I'll just call it a happy accident. Like all oakmoss-heavy fragrances, this has good medium to cold air performance, but might be stifling in summer. Again, not worth tracking down deliberately, but if it crosses your path, pick it up if moss is your boss.
28th December, 2017
If you like the original PC monsieur then, I think you may like this one even more. It has the oakmoss attributes along with what seems a very subdued cinnamon and cloves maybe? Definitely has a resinous trail with the lavender staying in there the whole time to say hello. If there is musk, it might be making this a little dirty is my guess. This is a VERY nice fragrance of yesteryearand would compete with anything current.
Cardin knew how to bring it .....
28th June, 2017
After so many years, Pierre Cardin Musk remains one of my endeared favorites.

It's one of the first colognes I wore as a teenager, and like then (although I'm in my 40's now ;^P ), PCM still strikes me as pleasant, clean, stable, and balanced. It lasts a long time on me, and it doesn't change character over time (a BIG pet peeve of mine with some scents).

Distinct, tasteful, and masculine after nearly three decades. Check out Dior's Sauvage, which IMO is a strong echo of Pierre Cardin Musk, in a more modern but unpretentious way.
03rd December, 2016 (last edited: 27th January, 2017)
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United States
The major elements of this scent include herbal lavender and sage, dry leather, and anisic amber. I'd also say some spice is here but it's blended into the mix so it has a creamy quality. This is not sweet and the animalic quality is not too obvious. Not any muskier than typical men's fragrances of that period, so I don't get the name. Starkness is the word that best describes this one, so if you only like "fresh" or "sporty" scents this is not for you. It's rather linear and slowly fades out over time. If you are going to a rodeo, this one would be appropriate to wear. A few too many notes to be niche but not that far off.
13th October, 2012 (last edited: 13th February, 2013)
A warm, resinous oakmoss and musk. Spicy yet smooth. Much like PC pour Monsieur just with a spice to it. Very nice.
07th September, 2008
This certainly is an ‘80s fragrance: From the start, it seems rough and aggressive and not at all musky. It is actually quite resinous – almost to the point of resembling some of the darker niches. It just doesn’t change – it holds that resinous darkness until the end. Warm, yes, but fresh? – not what I’m smelling! And I never get any musk. I really believe that my sample has gone bad, which is very unfortunate, because I love this the way it performs in this sample – it’s great, it’s niche and I want to buy a bottle. I’m gong to an eye out for Pierre Cardin Musk and hope that I find one that smells like my sample – a “spoiled” one. I’m voting thumb’s up but again I must say that I don’t know if this excellent resinousness is the way it’s supposed to smell.
16th October, 2007

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