Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (1972)
    by Pierre Cardin

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    If you dislike Trumper’s Spanish Leather, you will also dislike this. And I do.

    I immediately inhale the powdery, intrusive pong of scented haemorrhoid cream, deodorising balm for intractable leg ulcers, or Greco-Roman wrestler’s loincloth dipped in sour milk.

    I picture a mincing Regency dandy giving his wig an extra dose of powder as an alternative to the monthly bath.

    I am reminded of the aerosol cans mothers-in-law leave on the lavatory cistern to allow their dinner guests to cover whatsoever tracks they may otherwise have left.

    I recall the stuff the barber soaks the comb in, between customers.

    If I had to pick out a single feature of the overall aroma as being the most offensive, I think it would be Geranium-Lavender accord, which is perfectly titred so that the beauty of neither note can be discerned, but the combined chord is loud, intrusive, and ugly, like the Sandersons from Poughkeepsie arriving at your barbecue.

    I suspect that the ‘nose’ (if I may hesitantly attribute such an organ to the creator of this travesty) was aiming at a fougere structure: the lavender, bergamot, moss, labdanum (cited as amber), and coumarin (cited as tonka) in the pyramid would certainly suggest this text-book intention. However, none of these notes meld in the heart of the fragrance. The colours separate out, as if printed with a misaligned cartridge.

    In the dry-down, things only get worse. After 6 hours, I am dogged by a curly-sandwich stale, wedding-singer flat, wilted funeral flower, chewing-gum-on-the-pavement, polyester-shirted traffic-warden, geist.


    28 March, 2014

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    For PC PM, the answer to why some like and why some do not may boil down to the version or more precisely, the manufacturer. When it was made in France or in the USA by Jaqueline Cochrane, it smelled as it should, wonderful, loud and old school. It was later made by Shulton, Aladdin and 2 others where it changed for the worse. My suggestion would be to find a bottle from France or by Jaqueline Cochrane and see if you like it better. This is one of the best of the 60's. 70's and 80's along with Eau Savage, Aramis, Azzaro, Polo, Aramis 900, Pour Monsieur, Jazz, Pour un Homme, Giorgio, Versace L'Homme, Gucci Homme, Braggi, Cool Water, Habit Rouge, Ungaro l, and a few others!

    21st January, 2014

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    pierre cardin is the best and longest lasting strength drugstore cologne out there. a classic scent that lasts for hours and I do mean hours. I even felt high from the vapors from wearing it. cardin a classic designer who scored big with this one. surprised it is only sold in drugstores and not department stores today. very sexy classy cologne.

    06 January, 2014

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    Back to the funk

    Back to the FUNK! Pour Monsieur is a captivation of moments in the 70's where black 'n white danced
    together in discoteques and rollerskates where hip.
    Every notes makes a statement to this absolute 70's vibe fragrance.
    Too bad i never had the chance to sniff the vintage version i have the latest version (5star)

    Notes : No Musk? - The top is thin with citrus n benzoin and taken over by a hint of vanilla and a shot of Amber-tonka and leather grooving and twirling on your upper chest giving this scent a powdery and balmy spice intermezzo.
    Far away I even smell a little bit Habit Rouge but in whiffs.
    This EDC is a real EDC in sillage and projection almost too bad it never came out in a more concentrated version.
    This bottle is ugly and perfect at the same time as it gives it a modern retro 70 feeling. (remember the 70's modern interiors with white furniture and orange,red,brown and purple wallpapers and big metallic floorlights??)

    The bottle is soooo big you almost embarres yourself if you bring it on a holidaytrip with friends putting it on the bathroom shelve...

    On the other side you have to spray more then 16 to get a decent sillage and longevity ...

    Big OK for me! If I have a 70's Disco party this will be a worthy companion

    Pros: price
    Cons: 16 sprays for any sillage"

    23 August, 2013

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    Ok, Ok, Ok, I give this hairy chested macho guy some props for still being around for 40 years. I also give it props for having great longevity and projection. Sadly that's all it has going for it. Why would I want to be smelled a mile away from a scent I don't enjoy???? If you wear this fragrance then I commend you because you are one brave dude.

    10th March, 2013

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    When smelling PCpm, other fragrances such as Tiffany for Men and Chanel PM come to mind, which is not to say it's the same level of greatness of those, but it's approaching it. Somebody here attended the Jacques Polge school of perfumery when they came up with this. Was it Pierre himself? Ah, the mind lingers...Certainly, it's a citrus mossy vanilla oriental that smells better than it should. The phallic-shaped bottle is a kick too. Pierre's empire may lie in ruins but this fragrance still shines.

    06 September, 2012

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