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Platinum Égoïste (1993)
by Chanel


Platinum Égoïste information

Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Platinum Égoïste

The "alter ego" of Egoiste. A fresh fragrance enjoyed by many. Similar bottle to the original Egoiste, but with a silver lid. Packaged in a silver box.

Platinum Égoïste fragrance notes

Reviews of Platinum Égoïste

Chanel was rather experimental with their masculines when Jacques Polge first took over for Henri Robert. Antaeus (1981) was a macho bomb that helped kick the powerhouse movement into high-gear, and Bois Noir (1987) was a daring masculine adaptation of Bois de Îles (1926) too smooth for its own good, and retrofitted to be a tiny bit snazzier as the original Égoïste (1990) for a wider release. Even Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955) got a makeover as Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Toilette Concentrée (1989), coming across like a sister fragrance to Tiffany for Men (1989), which was also composed by Polge and represented a plush semi-oriental style which offered a contrast to powerhouses or emerging aquatics and fresh fougères. Chanel is not usually known for following in the footsteps of other houses, which is why they stubbornly refused to release an aquatic at the height of their popularity in the late 90's, instead going with the high-concept but somewhat bland Allure Homme (1999) near the end of the decade, but there is a dark secret shameless concession to trend staring us right in the face, and it is called Platinum Égoïste (1993). Now before anybody takes up arms to slay this dragon for his opinion, hear me out: Platinum Égoïste is one of the great fresh fougères of the 90's, and an evergreen in Chanel's catalog with little to no danger of being discontinued. Platinum Égoïste sales have long ago eclipsed the original Égoïste, and most common folks think of Platinum Égoïste when the name "Égoïste" is mentioned at all. Why is that? The answer is simple really: Égoïste was a softer, rounder interpretation of the floral dandy revival scents which littered the second half of the 80's, as it was a brighter tweaking of the limited Bois Noir, but its sales dropped precipitously after the legendary ad campaign that followed it since it was already passé upon release and Chanel needed to stay relevant as other houses ran amok in sales by jumping on the "clean" bandwagon. The "fresh" fougère wasn't a newly-accepted genre created by another house like the aquatic, but rather an old classic genre given new life by swapping out base notes with then-new synthetics, and seemed a wider palette to work with as well, so Chanel sent Polge to work.

Polge didn't create Platinum Égoïste by himself, as François Demachy had come over from his Ungaro collaborations to help, since he didn't live in a Chanel/Wertheimer echo chamber like Polge was likely forced to and wasn't yet Dior's house perfumer either, so he probably kept his ear to the ground a little better. Together, the pair tackled the fresh fougère style as interpreted by the underdog Aramis New West (1988) and game-changing Eternity for Men (1989) by Calvin Klein, but focused more on sharper, more metallic elements of the style rather than swamping it with juicy calone or dihydromyrcenol, likely merge smell to the theme of the scent, which was decided by Chanel to be marketed as a flanker of the original Égoïste under "Égoïste Platinum" upon release. The swap of words in the title wouldn't actually happen until the 2000's when it was clear this stuff stood on its own and really wasn't much of a flanker, but I digress. Platinum Égoïste opens with more than a passing resemblance to Eternity for Men or even the concurrently-released Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme (1993), which also jumped on the same "clean" bandwagon. This means your nose was greeted with lavender and geranium mixed on a thin bergamot veneer. Rosemary inhabits the opening like with Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme, but what sets Platinum Égoïste apart from its peers is a soapy hit of neroli countered by sharp petitgrain, which helps attain the polished metal vibe. Galbanum also takes over for the petitgrain in the heart to continue the sharpness, an odd choice for any type of fougère in my opinion, with jasmine hedione forming the freshness factor in place of New West's calone shimmer or XS's mint/tarragon accord. The base is the expected oakmoss, but likely less in newer versions, alongside vetiver, Iso E Super "cedar", the trademark Polge sandalwood compound which is the only link this has to the original Égoïste, and a small puff of ambery musk. Platinum Égoïste is very barbershop in tone for a 90's fresh fougère thanks to dodging the calone or dihydromyrcenol bullets, and shares a bit of its finish with the later American Crew Classic Fragrance (2000), and the even-later Cabaret de Grés Pour Homme (2004), which were both "revisiting" this style upon release. Wear time is average at about 8 hours as is sillage in the medium zone, which is actually quite good for a meek 90's fragrance made in an age of apology and forgettable nondescript pleasantries in perfume form. The metallic note sets this apart the most from its peers, and is likely the biggest thing people remember about this otherwise phoned-in freshie.

Égoïste Platinum is to Platinum Égoïste what Bois Noir is to Égoïste, a slightly different formula in the same spirit. The original Égoïste Platinum was a little richer and rounder, perhaps in an attempt to better be the flanker to Égoïste it was labeled as, but the modern is actually sharper, more fougère-like and surprisingly louder, like they amped up the juice to better compete against the ambroxan bombs of the 2010's they inadvertently influenced, although that does not mean Platinum Égoïste is loud overall. This is a classic "well-groomed man" smell, despite the ads featuring sexy muscular hunks shadow boxing or faux-platinum gilded caps making the bottle look like a prop from a 90's rap video. People who enjoy Eternity for Men or Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme might find Platinum Égoïste to be a needlessly more expensive and superfluous addition to their wardrobe, but collectors or ardent fans of Chanel should take note as Platinum Égoïste is one of the best 90's fresh fougères, and the only solid straitforward fougère accord representative for men from the house of Chanel. Platinum Égoïste is also likely the best candidate for a generalist signature Chanel guys who don't like the Iso E Superblah of Allure Homme or blue-hued aqua amber of Bleu de Chanel (2010) will find. Bleu de Chanel is the other big nod to conventional male tastes from Polge and house Chanel, but is slightly more unique for its innovative dry down. Personally, I'm knee deep in barbershop and fresh fougère examples in my wardrobe, so Platinum Égoïste is not at the top of my hit list, but I can't deny its quality and have nothing but respect for guys who are in love with it. Platinum Égoïste's "been there, done that" design may feel dated to men born in the 90's and not having lived through them, and that means "classic" cred in the 21st century to some of you, but if you're the kind of "in-the-now-bro" who thinks the ever-popular Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985) or Davidoff Cool Water (1988) is too old-fashioned, you might want to stick with your newest flanker of a flanker and avoid this one. This is a surprisingly conventional, but safe "good grooming" men's staple from Chanel that actually smells nice after a shave or shower, which is where I'm most likely to find use for a fragrance made in this vein. Thumbs up from me, but you might want to try first if you already have a lot of fresh fougères in your wardrobe, since this is literally the "platinum" version of what you likely already own. Cheers!
06th November, 2018
A very dissimilar alter ego indeed to the original Égoïste! By adding the word "Platinum", somehow that guided Chanel into making what is a different scent in another class entirely.

On its own merits, Platinum Égoïste by Chanel is a butch, masculine cologne that is unlike its predecessor: Sharp with the juniper-like petitgrain note, driven by lavender and hitting with a floral-spice punch reinforced by the dry "starchy" elements in the base. It is NOT the tart-sweet-woody onslaught of the original, and none of that one's dna is present here, period! It has a leather-like quality to it, and ultimately shows itself to be a dry wood scent (vs. oriental aromatic of the original).

Clean, fresh, masculine and smartly crafted to stand on its own, Platinum Égoïste is the fraternal twin that speaks its own vocabulary but, in the end, is still a Chanel.
16th August, 2018
Classic and not dated.

The question maybe, why don't I yet own a bottle of this??

This is Sharp on the opening, elegant, classy and very versatile and wareable, very safe scent to ware out and about or even a daily work scent.

I smell after an hour a soapy clean Vetiver, with a little touch of neroli. And that is what is appealing to me.
My collection consists mainly of Dark Ouds, and strong heavy incense offerings.... So this would be a complete oposite to my Frag wardrobe.

This is now on my radar... See how long I can resist temptation. Lol
10th July, 2018
Wow, I'm surprised I'm giving Chanel's cologne a thumbs down.

It opens up decent, with a nice fresh, coldness to it. I've smelled better openings though.

But then it dries down and this queasy-inducing smell comes about. At first it smells almost feminine/floral/slightly powdery, but there's other elements as well that make it smell like...nauseating, stomach turning. Smells like diapers.

Usually when I rush to scrub a fragrance off me it's because they're overly sharp, way too sweet, way too heavy, but this one was actually grossing me out a bit. And it was very hard to wash it off as well.

01st June, 2018 (last edited: 12th July, 2018)
I've tried a lot of 'barbershop' fragrances including Pinaud Clubman, YSL's Rive Gauche pour homme, Azzaro pour Homme, Replica's At the Barber, and others. Citrus barbershop scents is another story, but as far as lavender-centric barbershop scents go, this is hands down the greatest. It smells absolutely fantastic and is far superior to all of the other barbershop scents I just listed. It's basically lavender and geranium with clary sage and neroli as well into the drydown. Sillage and longevity are both excellent. The lavender isn't overly sweet as in Azzaro pour Homme or Rive Gauche, and it isn't coupled with anise (which smells odd to my nose). The geranium makes the whole thing smell and feel very cooling, almost like mint. Due to the clary sage and slight neroli in it, it retains an old-world sort of character to it, and reminds me of a lavender version of Salvatore Farragamo's Acqua Essenziale Colonia (a citrus barbershop favourite of mine). This is the greatest barbershop scent, hands down. I want a full bottle of this some day.

09th May, 2018
Fresh, Herbal, Clean, Woody.

Once again, that excellent Chanel quality is there making this inoffensive, extremely versatile, well blended, and easy to wear. It's a compliment machine too, if that's your thing. We've all smelled Fierce by A&F so picture this as a polished and more refined version. The former is probably meant for the ages 15-25. Throw another 20 onto that for Platinum Egoiste.
06th March, 2018

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