Platinum Égoïste (1993)
    by Chanel

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    The "alter ego" of Egoiste. A fresh fragrance enjoyed by many. Similar bottle to the original Egoiste, but with a silver lid. Packaged in a silver box.

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    Starts off with something sharp and metallic, then transforms to something soapy. I honestly tried to like it, but I got tired of it. I initially rated this a thumbs-down, but Platinum Egoiste has a clean, just-out-of-the-shower freshness, and I admit it smells better on others (on my father) than on me.

    The longevity on my skin is poor, and didn’t really project in my experience. A decent scent, pretty safe, but isn’t for me.

    12 February, 2014

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    This scent is my daily driver. Not the best in the world and not my favorite, but fits with what I want to project. When I first sampled this I immediately thought "90s" in a bottle and had to turn on some Nirvana on my drive home. For some reason this is what I imagine the grunge scene in Seattle to smell like (minus the drugs, and booze of course). PE opens very strong with a huge blast of freshly cut cedar on a cloudy damp day. The floral notes come out after about 5 minutes and the scent really doesn't change to much from there. There is a definite "metal" smell / taste here almost like the smell you get after opening the dishwasher when a cycle is done, not bad, just a very "clean metal" note.

    I think this smells classy and unique. A definite must have for the modern professional.

    24 December, 2013

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    If I was a Euro-trash slickster that managed a club I would wear this all the time...perhaps. The opening is okay but then I get a harsh, smokey cloud that almost chokes me. I'm not sure I like the dry down style of Mr. Polge/Chanel but I've only worn two of his scents so far.

    06 December, 2013

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    An old classic, nice clean shave smell...

    I saw this scent the other day at the shops when i was buying something else and gave it a spray on my arm.

    Straight away, a delightful scent and settled down in what i would call an old fashioned scent of a clean shave...

    you know the one... where your old pop would lather up foam with a brush and shaving soap and use one of those old razors... picture a cut throat clean shave... boy.. there was nothing manlier than that...

    later on when my daughter came around i asked her to smell my two wrists, one with Platinum on it and one with Allure Homme...

    Straight away she pointed to the Platinum arm... didn't even give it a second thought...

    over 24hrs later and also a shower this morning... i can still smell the light scent of Platinum on my wrist..

    its awesome... i'd go back and buy the bottle if i hadn't spent nearly $700 on Fragrances recently...

    I'm thinking, (one day) that i'd like to mix Platinum Egoiste and Pour Monsieur together...

    if you could mix the two scents together you could call it, "A shave and a Shower"

    nothing could smell more cleaner and manlier... :)

    05 October, 2013

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    Versatile, classy and unusual.

    Starts off out-of-the-shower fresh without being aquatic. Slightly metallic florals in the top notes, later dries down to a still fresh but slightly nutty smell. I don't know which notes produce that result, but it's pleasing and easy to like.

    Would work well as a signature scent as it is suitable for most occasions, both casual and formal - you could wear it to the office, on a date, in the summer or winter.
    If you're a young professional, 25 and up, looking for a versatile fragrance (maybe even just one bottle to use all the time), this is a worthy contender. Some people call it common or generic, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

    12 August, 2013

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    Floral and aquatic?

    A couple of wears on my skin, and I get an odd combination of floral and aquatic. I simply do not like this smell on me. Perhaps I can try again down the road. A sort of salty quality on the dry down that makes is a bit like smelling someone else's sweat.

    19 July, 2013

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