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Pleasures for Men (1997)
by Estée Lauder


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Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEstée Lauder
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Pleasures for Men

A fresh male fragrance from Estée Lauder, launched to capitalise on the success of the original Pleasures for Women. Very good for the summer.

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Reviews of Pleasures for Men

as some reviews stated already, pleasures is very overpowering ! i just can't realize why they came up with the intense version !
09th May, 2013
When this one first came out i was kindly surprised by lauder and quite addicted to the scent: fresh and quirky, totally summer feel and pleasant with a signature; sounds like it's a CK product but it's not, i always has the feel it tries to be something between eternity and escape from CK.
When i purchased it lately to remember the essence i felt there was something quite urinal in there, while testing after shave balm conclusing it's not a bad scent and reasonably liked it back daze.
05th May, 2013
This is a pale offering that very nearly reached great heights but lost footing shortly before the peak. The airy, mossy atmosphere exuded by Pleasures is accompanied by a peppery, semi-sweet tang and smoothed out by a dry sage-like accord, all of which would be exceptional were it not for an irritating metallic aroma they create. This effect is akin to the sickly metal- soap that ruins fragrances like FCUK Men for many, and it certainly prevents Pleasures from being wearable for me. Moreover, its performance is underwhelming. I am a little bothered; this could have been really good.
09th May, 2012
An energizing, fruity and airy fougere with a plain synthetic temperament.
I smell grapefruit, ginger, pepper and smoky sandalwood. There are some ozonic notes exuded in the air and some smokey bitterness balancing the chemical sweetness of nectarine. The slightly fizzy effect is  made by the combination of ginger, pepper and lavender. Pleasures for man is declaratedly plastic but carelessly pleasant.
25th June, 2011 (last edited: 02nd July, 2011)
I simply cannot derive the slightest satisfaction from this. It has a powdery sourness that I do not care for - a blend of foundation and putrifying fruit. Add a little calone, and voila!

It's continued popularity is depressing.

15th April, 2011
I think Lauder's Pleasures for Men is the best FRESH scent from the 90's, which let's face it, was the FRESH decade. Cool Water was the touchstone for this family and some other notables are Polo Sport, Aqua di Gio, Eternity, CK One, Issey for Men and Azarro Chrome. They all sort of smell like one another. Let's call it the "fresh aldehyde" that runs through them all, including Pleasures. They all are blaringly synthetic, so I suppose the top prizes go to those that are most able not to smell like cleaning products. Pleasures has a bit of that classic Coppertone Suntan lotion thing happening, which might be why I like it. Because I really could live without this fresh family of fragrances. I'll take a good, citrusy, classic cologne any day over one of these. Hermes Eau Orange Vert for that's fresh without being fake. The saving grace of Pleasures is that it has the faintest whisper of spice throughout the entrie composition. The "red ginger"? It's so faint you can barely detect it; but it keeps the fragrance from being just purely sweet, like Polo Sport.
My boyfriend likes Pleasures, and it's the only fresh frag I like to smell coming off, it's grown on me. I buy a gift set every couple of years and he gets the EDT and I take the after shave. It's light and, uhm, fresh. Fresh! Yeah, that's it...FRESH! Perfect for the summer.
15th April, 2011

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