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Polo (1978)
by Ralph Lauren

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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRalph Lauren
PerfumerCarlos Benaim

About Polo

Ralph Laurens first male fragrance contains a very distinctive pine note.
The packaging and bottle are a forest-green colour.
FIFI award winner in 1979

Reviews of Polo

Polo Green is one of the first fragrances I ever owned. It only came in a splash bottle and I was probably one of the people that over applied it and ruined it for many.

Revisting it recently (yes I still have the original version in a splash bottle), it really is a great scent. I like the pine woods and oakmoss drydown and it has an old school complex appeal amidst the linear fragrances out today. Some things should never change.
16th March, 2015
Pine, patchouli and other stuff on a monumental and iconic scale. Universally over-applied throughout the 80s, Polo is simply too good to hold THAT against the scent. Polo epitomizes the term masculine and it's still around for good reason.
03rd February, 2015
I'll admit, this is a powerful scent. HOWEVER, provided people don't douse themselves with it, it's a great product.

This is NOT a Bieberesque unisex cologne. This is a cologne for men. Thank goodness, because I thoroughly hate this particular trend in perfumery.

This is for the vintage scent. I understand there's been a reformulation.

The pine notes and crispness are strong and last quite some time. You do need to watch the sillage, because, as I said, it IS powerful. I think this is best worn applied lightly to the skin -- as in, don't drown yourself -- and, to me, it smells best in cold weather. It works -very- well with wool, either sweaters or suits.

Masculine, clean and fresh. A pity there's not more like that out there these days.
21st December, 2014
Pine, wood, herbs, and oakmoss. Then there's some tar or heated asphalt. It's lighter than it used to be (or people sprayed too much), but I like it like Yatagan. Yatagan could be a flanker to Polo Green.
15th December, 2014
Think Disco, gold chains, unbuttoned shiny shirts, platform shoes and tight pants....must be listening to the BeeGees while wearing this my humble opinion of course!
30th November, 2014 (last edited: 29th November, 2014)
(Reformulated version)
Was re-gifted this from Dad, who said it was too strong and old for him (he's 64!). For me, the pine and juniper is a little too in your face the first 45 minutes. Drydown is better, but still, this thing is a monster and I do not like being the guy that smells like Sex Panther from 10 feet away. The longetivity and sillage are big time.

I accepted my dad's regift because I like scents and this reminds me of my grandfather. So why not keep it around just to smell and remember in case I ever feel nostalgic. That said, I wouldn't say I'd consider wearing this much. But I got to thinking, what if I could mellow out the front end a bit and add a little sweetness throughout, so I didn't smell soooo,,, manly?.. I decided to take the still-woodsy, but much fruitier Polo Double Black that I had and sprayed it in conjunction with this Polo Green... The flaw with the Polo Double Black is that it doesn't really evolve and just lays down kind of flat on the dry-down. It also lacks longetivity and sillage.

I'm am still deciding if it works. The woodsy, spicy elements work together. It has mellowed out the Green on the front end a bit, and maybe modernized it a bit with some fruit scents. It is slightly less "manly."

By combining the scents, it seems to alleviate some of the flaws in each, producing a more well balanced fragrance. I could be wrong about all of this, as I've only tried it twice now, but if you have both of these fragrances and they seem to be missing something, try this (one spray of each). It might give have you smelling like no one else...


Addendum: I have since tried it dozens more times, and think it does work. It sweetens the manliness of the Green. The ratio is key. 1 Green to 1 Black spray works well. Sometimes 1 Green to 2 Black sprays. Sometimes I still go with only one or the other depending on my mood.

05th November, 2014 (last edited: 28th December, 2014)

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