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Polo (1978)
by Ralph Lauren


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRalph Lauren
PerfumerCarlos Benaim
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections
Parent Company at launchWarner Communications > Warner Cosmetics

About Polo

Ralph Laurens first male fragrance contains a very distinctive pine note.
The packaging and bottle are a forest-green colour.
FIFI award winner in 1979

Reviews of Polo

Pine, leather, tobacco, moss.

An iconic scent, a fresh-green-spicy wave transforming into a deep warm heart of tobacco and leather, and gently wrapped around in moss. It is at once reminiscent of pine forests, with patchouli adding a deep, damp, earthy touch. In some versions I find the pine and green accords to be more uplifting and steering the composition, whereas sometimes the leather-tobacco accord smoulders, almost steering it towards an ashy element at times.

It has some stylistic similarities with Quorum, and a great deal of divergence as well.

Good all season, though sometimes could be a tad overwhelming in the summers. An absolute pleasure to wear when the mercury starts falling.

One of my favourites.

15th September, 2017
I had a Vintage sample, so your milage may vary.

There is a reason why this scent was so famous for so long. I got tobacco underneath the lime and pine. What a complex scent. And it lasted all day. Wow.
Second try, just as good. If a bit dated.
15th July, 2017
12th June, 2017
I just got a RL gift set, in which this was one of four perfumes.

I absolutely love it. It's a very spicy yet fresh smell. And by far one of the more masculine scents in my stock. I was searching far and wide for a men's perfume that wasn't sweet in any way, and this one definitely does the job. The pine notes are quite dominant. As are the basil, cedar and musk; especially when one has worn it for about an hour.

I wouldn't describe this as a perfume that interests women all that much, as women, in my expierience, usually demand a bit more sweetness, but this is a scent I would wear for myself any day.

Although I can only say positive things about the smell of this perfume, I find it a tad difficult to find occasions to wear it, as it is definitely a heavy perfume. I don't like to force my perfume on my fellow students/colleagues (especially this one, mainly because it's very noticable), and I don't view it as a perfume appropriate for a date, because it is in no way sensual or romantic.

I would probably wear this on semi-formal occasions such as dinner or drinks (non-romantic, that is!), or if I'm going to town for coffee/shopping/something else similar, and I'd enjoy that very much, 'cause I'm completely in love with this scent.

I can't really be objective when it comes to longevity or projection, as my skin is apparently perfect for wearing perfume. Any perfume (except very cheap, low quality perfumes) lasts all day on me, and projection is always quite good on me.

01st February, 2017
I can't knock the original Polo, except that I'm not as enthralled by it as I once was many years ago when I'd first purchased a bottle. It is a crisp, woody fragrance that says what it does with a LOT of notes in it. I would say that one's experience with Polo will have a lot to do with their own perceptions of the gazillion top, heart, and base notes in this one.

Maculine, but may be out of fashion and on the "old" side of scents that are out there. But it definitely holds a place as a legend, IMO.
10th December, 2016
In my youth receiving a bottle of Polo Original was almost like an introduction into manhood.Men who were men wore Polo Original and no other woodsy/green scent existed that could be remotely as enjoyable.Looking forward after several years(sigh)I'll say this-if Coty made this cologne it would be far cheaper.

Polo Original has a very coniferous tone to it so's definitely green.A good hit of tobacco in there with a smaller but noticeable leather.Where it gets odd is behind all this lies a gummy and green blob.This 'blob' leaves you asking for a little more from this cologne as it's just a leafy and green mess that rolled through a forest.You soon realize that Quorum is more of a green masterpiece than Polo original as a much cheaper cologne.

In my adult years I think it could be a tad stronger at 2 sprays but not entirely low projection unless my nasal sensitivity has decreased a little.Never really lasted that long on me.At it's cost back then...maybe 4 hours at $45-$50 for a 4oz. bottle.A very masculine scent but I'd say try it first.
18th November, 2016

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