Polo Sport (1993)
    by Ralph Lauren

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    Bright, bold, cobalt blue - The sleek contoured design was inspired by the shape of a water bottle. The cap is patterned to represent the design of a bar bell weight. Well that's what I was told anyhow. It's got lots of seaweed in it, which seems a bit disturbing, but it's not put many people off, as it's the worlds number one "Sports" fragrance. Don't ask me what makes a fragrance a "sports fragrance" apart from the name. I once drunk a whole bottle and I didn't run any faster.

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    It's a good clean scent, smells like a good shower, good office/school scent

    I have a few samples, i won't by the bottle though, because there are other similar scents out there, and because it's polo it's too expensive for something thats only decent. If i saw a bottle in the store for like $20-$25 I might think about it if i have the extra money. If you can find it for cheap, and you're relatively new with fragrances i'd reccomend it, but otherwise i wouldn't, it's nice but not worth $40

    Pros: Smells nice and it's light
    Cons: Doesn't project too well and doesn't very long"

    17 August, 2013

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    A Good Cologne For Daily Use.

    I bought it last night...i just love the fragrance. Those sweet woody citrus notes. Its good for daily rough use and for winters i would say as colognes lasts a lil longer in winters. One can use it in summers too but just for a rough daily use. It fades very quickly.

    Pros: Smells lovely.
    Cons: Projection and Sillage not as expected."

    13 August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Light, Pleasant, Fresh and Clean Aquatic

    I'm typing this review based on my nice memories of Polo Sport: it was the bomb during my college years, and everyone seemed to love it back then, as it smelled fresh, clean, and a little fruity-sweet.


    The initial alcohol-y blast projects widely, like the fume is morphing to a hand gently guiding your nose to the wearer. I still remember how it used to turn heads minutes after application. Polo Sport quickly becomes a pleasant aquatic after that.


    Polo Sport isn’t a bad fragrance, but it is light, so it lacks lasting power. If you really like the scent, make sure to carry a splash mini-bottle and reapply as needed like I did back in college.

    Pros: Pleasant and a head-turner
    Cons: Fades quickly

    21st May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Great scent I use to wear years ago. Aquatic fresh with a touch of citrus. I would actually still purchase a bottle of this today.

    03 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 12 January, 2014)

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    Italy Italy

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    The infamous range of the aquatics is not  my favourite genre of fragrances although i don't abhor those aprioristically just for their provenance and placing.  I have to admit that some woodsy-aquatics or aromatic-ozonic fougere and oceanic kind of watery fragrances surprised me a lot and i don't dislike for sure fragrances as Kenzo Pour Homme, Bvlgari Aqua, Sel de Vetiver The Different Company, Aqua Quorum Puig, the wonderful Horizon Laroche or New West For Him by Aramis. I use to appreciate that rare sense of silvan, aromatic (mint, artemisia, verbena, thyme etc), exotic, airy, naturally and deeply oceanic  freshness in the world of scents and many (aquatics or not) manage to satisfy this feel for sure. I use on the contrary to fully dislike the chemics and the metal, i mean the excessively detergent-fruity-floral ozonic scents (like L'Eau D'Issey which anyway has its qualities), the  soapy-chemical-detergent like shower foams (Blu Pour Homme , Heaven Chopard), the metallic (Echo Davidoff, Chrome Azzaro, Chrome Legend, DKNY Men, Acqua di Gio' Pour Homme etc), the sparkling-energizing sporty kind of aquatics (Allure Sport Chanel, Byblos Uomo, Burberry Sport Men, etc., etc., etc.). Polo Sport (i swear i'm not misleaded just by the name) takes unfortunately part of this family (with its uncompromisingly aquatic,watermelon kind, orangy accord of seaweeds, citrus, pineapple and musk) together with dozens of Byblos, Boss, Armani, Miyake, Dolce &Gabbana, Bvlgari and going on till the end of the world, out there. Slightly better Cool Water Davidoff with  its less chemical feel, its better equipped balance and its touch of aromatic woodsy feel. The note of ginger (Bvlgari Blue, Byblos Uomo etc.) uses to imprint  that sort of cool and detergent spark that makes me thinking to a shower gel and not to a real well structured fragrance, so Polo Sport does and the final "sporty-deodorant-detergent" feel surpasses sense of elegance and virile sharp sophistication. Good shower and after shower with Polo Sport my friends.

    30th December, 2011 (Last Edited: 22 December, 2013)

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    Harry Fremont's resume certainly needs no introduction; the man who a year later dropped CK One on the masses, was already well ahead of the curve on the aquatic revolution when he came up with Polo Sport. Polo Sport is thick with seaweed throughout, with a nice touch of citrus in the opening before completely giving way to the dominant seaweed note for the rest of the dry-down.
    Certainly shocks and disorients the uninitiated because it is so different from the standard fragrance. The opening is very think with seaweed and cloying citrus, but after a few moments the ginger creeps into the seaweed and creates a spicier, less projecting dry-down that uses many of the standard Polo elements and notes, which don't seem to be able to assert themselves over the heavy dose of seaweed.
    Works well with natural skin chemistry, producing a natural, warm and organic scent that wears close to the skin and manages to mask most body odors during physical activity. Given the "sport" monicker for that reason, but really this is more of a beach fragrance that resonates strongly with those who have spent an early, misty morning on a Northern Californian or Southern Oregonian pacific shore. This is one of the best souvenirs one can pick up to bring back images of the colder beaches of the northern California coast, wealthy in sea-life and seaweed along its banks.
    Projection and silage are fairly average, with longevity a bit of an issue, usually under 4-5 hours and wearing very close to the skin. Still, if you can appreciate more organic scents like seaweed, this is an incredibly original and unique extension of using organic notes.
    Polo Sport is very unique for its time, most likely more than a little inspired by the success of Nautica the year before and the influx of newer, trendier Polo inspired fashion houses taking a large portion of the 20 something crowd. The packaging itself reflects a time when the Ralph Lauren name was more vulnerable and less self-assured, trying to modernize with a new logo to go with its new jeans line, in an attempt to break from its illustrious past and more emphatically, the Baby Boomer generation. Polo Sport was Ralph Lauren's deliberate attempt to capture Generation X.
    Not refined for formal wear, but a fantastic, casual alternative to the plethora of synthetics on the market, Sport is original, organic and oceanic, like driving along Pacific 1 Highway with the top down on a September morning. A best seller largely because of the Polo name, but the Polo name does still stand for quality fabrics, oils and materials and not taking shortcuts in China.

    The Pacific Ocean in a bottle.

    Overall 4/5 (Quality 3.5/Originality 4.75/Projection 2.5/Longevity 2.5/Value 3.0/Scent 4.0)

    17 November, 2011

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