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Portfolio for Men (1999)
by Perry Ellis


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HousePerry Ellis
PackagingMarc Rosen
Parent CompanyFalic Group
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Portfolio for Men

Launched as the new signature scent for the Perry Ellis brand. Named Portfolio after Perry Ellis first ready to wear clothing line for men. [Sc]

Portfolio for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Portfolio for Men

A nice part of the Portfolio series from Perry Ellis. Compared to its mature sibling Elite, this version is more for younger wearers, reminiscent of Crave by Calvin Klein and remotely like Burberry for Men. The citrus-musk quality dominates in this one, with the spices peeking through at times throughout the wear cycle. Tamarind is very evident in this one (if you've ever worked with tamarind in the cooking world, you'd agree about the presence of its tart scent in Portfolio).
10th December, 2016
I first discovered Portfolio by Perry Ellis in my senior year of high school and immediately fell in love with it. Its a wonderful, subtle and luxurious fragrance for almost any occasion.

The easiest way to describe this smell is to imagine the interior of a brand new Ferrari or Lamborghini, or perhaps the aura of an expensive hotel room when you enter the suite. An upscale men's clothing boutique or an executive's penthouse overlooking the city.

The top notes are immediately reminiscent of pear, lavender and coriander, but with an underlying musk and leather note drenched in sandalwood. It's quite hypnotic and fills a room with such a beautiful, professional scent that says its time to make money.

This carries nicely for an hour into the middle drydown, at which point the musk and sandalwood really comes out and give off an aura of luxury that is quite refreshing without being offensive or irritating, which is ideal for the office environment or passing in close quarters.

The base carries on nicely, with a solid longevity of at about eight hours with a liberal application of the neck, wrists, shoulders and chest. The sillage is slightly above average, and the projection is moderate, which is perfect for its intended purpose. Portfolio was meant to wear in an office environment, and it achieves this goal quite well.

Prices for Portfolio in 100ml are a steal at under $20, and the bottle design is very cool and perfect for traveling. Buy a few bottles of this, keep it home, one in your desk at the office and take one on the next business trip, you won't be disappointed.

For collector's, this series (including the Elite, Black, and other editions) are a must have for its bottle design alone, besides the fact that all of the fragrances in this series are pure quality.
06th April, 2016
If you've been on websites like this one and read the forums for a while you learn that some people tend to "test drive" a new scent by spritzing a little on before bed and analyze it before falling asleep.

Some reviewers write about waking up and describe the scents' dry down or the end of its evolution on their skin by morning.

That's what I did with Perry Ellis' Portfolio, what happened though was that I was so tired that I fell asleep so I did not have the opportunity to monitor its transformation from initial application through the first hour.

What happened is that I suddenly woke up seven hours later wondering, "what is that smell"?

It does smell like shaving cream and it is not, to me, an impressive cologne for men. Synthetic, and pear/leather type of aroma, though no leather is listed in the note pyramid. With other scents I wake up and after catching a whiff of what I sprayed last night usually wake up thinking, "wow, nice" or "interesting" or "great"!

By the way, I knew this had not so great ratings but I had an ebay seller accidentally send me the regular Portfolio than the ELITE Portfolio, which gets great reviews.

07th July, 2015
Attractive pear dominated opening that though a bit heavy on the synthetic side doesn´t overpower and unfortunately fades all too quickly from the scene once the musk comes to the front in the dry down. Conceptualized as a work fragrance and for that purpose well executed. Inoffensive, a bit sweet and musky with no really overpowering green elements that could induce allergies or bad vibes.
Synthetic lavender similar to the one in Perry Ellis 360 Blue but far more restrained starts to assert itself in the middle notes five minutes in and pushes the blast of synthetic pear aside. For a minute or so the lavender is very astringent and cloying, before calming down when the base notes assert themselves.
The musk creeps in 10 minutes into the scene and absorbs some of the harsh synthetic lavender and pear accords and from that point on projection begins to falter but never really slips into skin scent territory until deep into the dry down.
Perry Ellis Portfolio is a musky, soapy middle-of-the-road release with no real presence or personality, perfect for the modern, politically correct American office space where impressions are assumed to be threatening. Instead what you get in this one is a musky dryer fabric sheet scent during the dry down that dominates the fragrance for most of its life and surprisingly holds on to the skin for a full work day. Very solid longevity for a light fruity fragrance, lasts 6-8 hours, though unremarkable and common as it is, it is still pleasing.
A less greenly and lighter version of Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills. Serves its objective as a work fragrance to the hilt, but offers little else.
26th January, 2012
Decent fragrance. Reminiscent of Dior's Higher. I think it lasts a bit longer, though.

It has a pleasant pear fruitness.
11th November, 2009
Portfolio is very original. I really can't compare it to any other fragrance. It has an icy, slightly minty, almost sweet pear smell to it. It has a clean smell to it, with maybe a very, very slight hint of Mat (although I could be thinking of some other fragrance). I do enjoy the Portfolio line, and, in fact, I have all three, the Portfolio original, Portfolio Elite, and Portfolio Green. Of the three, the Portfolio Elite is my favorite. Perhaps it's because I'm partial to the color blue. The bottle looks like a cold blue winter day, and the smell is quite apropos for a cold blue winter day. I like wearing fragrances in the winter because your body heat seems to make the fragrance create a scent aura about your person.
06th September, 2008

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