Pour le Jeune Homme (1990)
    by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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    Brazil Brazil

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    You have to be an enthusiastic of neroli/orange flower fragrances to enjoy this one. As said before, it's a conventional cologne fragrance, based on this note, with excellent materials and this is what makes it stand out. I like that there is something on neroli that makes me think of a certain kind of scented rubber/vegetable loofah and i get it here on the exact amount to be pleasant and not uncomfortable. I smell something peppery and woody at the background too, but on me Eau Jeune is all about citrus notes surrounding the neroli, which is not a bad thing at all because is very hot here lately. Don't know if you need it if you already have top neroli-centered fragrance, but it's worthy sampling it anyway.

    04 January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    I've to admit that MPeG is rapidly becoming one of my favourite brand. Said that I think Pour Le Jeune Homme is one of their most conventional and less original composition. Absolutely well crafted, with top quality ingredients but maybe a bit too generic. Orange spicy with a slight eau de cologne vibe. Nice but not outstanding. Moderate lasting power.

    04 May, 2011

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    Germany Germany

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    Very much in the tradition of classic Eau de Cologne, with an enhanced heart and base, though less modern, or, if we want to be judgemental, innovative, than Eau de Guerlain. To me this shines as a masculine neroli fragrance, in which that beautiful note is not dense and heavily sweet, but lifted into elegant spriteliness by the other citrus notes and the aromatic herbs. The result is more convincing and longer-lived than - the quite enjoyable, by all means - Neroli Sauvage by Creed. A belle epoque version of Clinique Happy and a favorite for spring and summer.

    06 April, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I get a green minty "l'eau de whatever" style opening that dries down to an odd vetiver note (in two hours). At first I thought I hadn't washed off the other vetiver scent I wore the other day but nope, it's from this and it's not very good. A big 'meh', really.

    03 September, 2008

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    United States United States

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    MPG's Pour Le Jeune Homme is a deliciously aromatic, herbal, citrussy fragrance and I can easily imagine it being worn by those handsome well-dressed young men that one sees living the good life in Ralph Lauren's clothing advertisements. It smells expensive in a understated, elegant way.

    However (yes, there is a "however" to my review), I am sad to report that Pour Le Jeune Homme has no staying power at all. It lasted about 20 minutes on my skin, which is even less than its scent twin, Etro's Lemon Sorbet. And, as I pointed out in my review of Lemon Sorbet, if you like this style/smell of this fragrance then you can do much better with Roger et Gallet's Extra Vieille cologne. Extra Vieille is very similar to MPG's Pour Le Jeune Homme and Etro's Lemon Sorbet but Extra Vieille has better staying power and comes at a much more attractive price. Plus, Extra Vieille also comes in soap, shower gel, lotion, etc... if you really want to ensure fragrance longevity. Stylish bottle and label too.

    Here are the notes of Pour Le Jeune Homme which I found up above in zztopp's review: Top: Bergamot, lemon, brazilian, orange; Middle: Neroli, rosemary, nutmeg, coriander; Base: Musk, sandalwood.

    05 August, 2008

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    United States United States

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    It has all been said already. Eau du Jeune Homme is a very enjoyable and natural feeling orange / spice fragrance. Refreshing and lively, it deserves the name, “young,” not because it’s only for the young, but because it has such a healthy and energetic take—it is dewy fresh and alive. The citruses are clear, clean, and precise, and the spices are uplifting but nuanced. The coriander fills in between the citrus and spices with a quiet clean green. As young as the fragrance is, there is a definite elegance incorporated into it. Thoroughly delightful and a perfect fragrance for a young man who desires a certain elegance. It could last longer.

    06 April, 2007

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