Preferred Stock (1990)
    by Coty

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    Preferred Stock EDC Spray Gift Set Review

    at $10 for 2 1.7 oz bottles in a gift set left over from the holidays this is a deal

    strong, long lasting, masculine.

    what some people may not like is the sweat (sandal wood) smell under the vetiver middle and citrus top, though this one has never elicited negative comments

    a great deal for the price

    Pros: strong, dark, long lasting
    Cons: strange sweat smell"

    08 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Mix some Sung Homme with some Red from Giorgio of BH, give it a splash or two of each Drakkar Noir and Pino Silvestre and voila, you have Preferred Stock.
    It has its drawbacks but it is a pleasant scent that sells for peanuts, how could you not like it?
    My thumbs up

    23 January, 2012

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    Francois Blais
    Canada Canada

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    A very nice fougere for a cheapo.
    There are better offerings in the genre, but for its price, it's hard to beat!
    I match it with the after-shave and find it smooth and not overpowering at all.

    01st September, 2011

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    For Coty's 1990 release they resurrected the name of a men's fragrance that dates at least back to the 1950s. I don't know if there is any continuity in scent with the midcentury model (although I suspect there is none since this is, as others have noted, similar to Red and hence more modern). The name has a masculine ring to it and connotes business suits and power deals, yet this is not a formal scent. I remember it as soapier (I owned a bottle upon its release) than the current formula. The bottle I now possess has a fruity top note, perhaps a juniper berry or plum. The patchouli and musk predominate and lend an impressive longevity to this budget offering. Overall I think anybody from 16 to 86 can wear this. It's better than the supposed "sport" fragrances on shelves today and for the low cost, even cash-strapped youngsters can splurge on a bottle. Guys, the other boys at the flip-flop store won't be wearing this, trust me.

    11th July, 2011

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    Shifty Bat
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    It's been mentioned, but Preferred Stock really smells like Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills, only it seems cheaper and has a sort of sour tobacco woody note and a bit less depth. I don't mean this to sound disparaging, because for the $15 or less you'll pay for a bottle of this it's a steal. But now that Red is back on the market for $20 there just doesn't seem to be much of a point. PS has more character than most budget scents, so it's really not bad at all, but if you can afford higher, aim higher.

    29 January, 2011

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    If all scents to be reviewed had to be collected at some central point, in unlabelled vials and reviewers zapped with a temporary-memory-loss taser, i wonder how the review statistics of Preferred Stock will be affected. But what do i know?

    PS is, IMO, which opens with a sweaty lavender intro is a fougere-like scent rich in patchouli and some tonka bean and amber in the base. I want to believe there is something representing labdanum in the mix as well. This note is probably what gives it the sweaty/BO/whatever smell alluded to in several reviews below. This animalic tinge is actually what makes PS quite attractive to my nose.

    Preferred Stock is a delightful, cheap and cheerful scent. It smells quite substantial without being overpowering. Yes, with most cheapies one cannot totally escape certain olfactory realities. PS has a synthetic/perfumey phase a la Sung Homme (rogue links or territorial skirmishes within the synthetic aromachemical chain structures?) but this is just for a very short while before the accords make peace and recalibrate with eachother.

    I enjoy wearing Preferred Stock, and have even worn it to a black-tie dinner. It held its own among the identified Creeds and Guerlains. Then again, maybe it was just the wearer.

    30th July, 2010

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