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Preferred Stock (1990)
by Coty


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Year of Launch1990
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchPfizer

About Preferred Stock

Preferred Stock is a masculine fragrance by Coty. The scent was launched in 1990

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Reviews of Preferred Stock

The Preferred Stock name was recycled from an older mid-century masculine Coty sold, with little else known because the popularity of this newer version eclipsed it and erased all memory of it as it were. All the guys I know got this as a stocking stuffer or part of a gift set alongside Stetson, Sierra, Aspen, and other Coty/House of Stetson fragrances (when the latter was still a separate thing). Drakkar Noir seemed to be a big inspiration for this, but was just classier, sharper, and more crisp. Preferred Stock tried to take the same dark, clean, mysterious yet distinct blast of soap and sweeten it up to something with less teeth. Well, if you wanted something that made you stand out in a crowd at the local PTA meeting or Saturday bowling night, you wear Preferred Stock; if you want to do the same standing out at a five star restaurant or a night on Broadway, you wear Drakkar.

It really was a simple matter of high or low end with these two, since that extra sweetness comes at the cost of more synthetics and a lessened sense of projection or longevity. It's not to be said that this one is terrible at either thing, it's just not a very powerful "powerhouse" despite falling into all the tropes of one in terms of composition. I think the success of this probably came down to the reason for ownership: most guys with this don't have it by choice, unless it's their second bottle because they fell in love with the memories they made wearing the first. People wear this because they just have it lying around, much like the aforementioned Stetson, or things like Brut, Old Spice, gift-sized Pierre Cardin, and anything in the Curve line by Liz Claiborne. It just became de-facto popular due to ubiquity, but not a ubiquity of desire, as all the folks who plunk down more money for the Drakkar, but because everyone else had bought them this thinking they needed it/wanted it.

To be fair and objective to the fragrance, it is a nice, well-balanced if somewhat synthetic fougere. It comes with a nice patchouli, vetiver, and musk undertone to all that sweet soapy goodness on top, giving it surprising class and depth for what it is. If you always wanted a less risque Drakkar for office use, then this is your mainstay scent. Giorgio would try to take this scent trope further down the romantic path by cranking up the warmth and sweetness with their "Giorgio Red", but ultimately created something that was almost too sweet to be taken seriously, and became a niche fragrance rather than the next mass-market contender male scent like this was.
I'd say Preferred Stock is one of the finer latter 20th century Coty offerings for men this side of Stetson Original, but in the greater scheme of things, that really just makes it plain old-fashioned good, and not amazing. I honestly keep it in my collection because my brother loved wearing it, and when I want to feel sentimental I put some on and go to work, which is probably what everyone does who still wears it.
16th August, 2017 (last edited: 17th December, 2017)
I've always been attracted to Preferred Stock solely by the name and package design. The black with red highlighting, and the geometric shaped logo that has a subtle gradation. Simple and very stylish. I assumed it would smell similar to Drakkar Noir.

It definitely reminds me of Drakkar Noir on the opening, although it's not necessarily the same. The reviews are accurate when they say it's like 25% Drakkar Noir and 75% Giorgio of Beverly Hills Red. Unfortunately it's really cheap and really crude smelling. Although I get hints of what it was trying to go for, if you wear this today, people will think you're wearing Raid.

I don't hate it though, at least as far as it's opening and heart notes are concerned. Like I said, I get the vibe it was going for. Raunchy and brash, characteristics of the 80s fragrances it was imitating. But there's a fine line between risky and eww. This walks that line but keeps falling over into "eww" territory.

The final dry down is really awful. Like dirt and cigarette butts. It's like you haven't bathed. It's how I imagine Pig-Pen from the Peanuts comic strip smells like.
03rd August, 2017 (last edited: 12th August, 2017)
From what I remember of Preferred Stock (through the 3.4oz splash bottle I still have) this was a contender scent in the early 90's.It was competing against Drakkar Noir's dark and leathery trademark and the cinnamon woodsy side of Red for Men by Giorgio.Many working class men bought it for the great price and it became a staple gift under the Christmas tree almost as common as English Leather.

This cologne smells of rough cinnamon and a pinch of violet.Lemon juice soaked tree bark and leather.A bit of vetiver in this to give it some grassy green and a tobacco-like quality.This is a soapy fragrance but really only comes off as a finish in the citrus.An interesting merger between the two fragrances that Preferred Stock shares facsimiles with provided with a few tweaks by Coty.

I give this fragrance a massive thumbs up for two reasons.The first is as a cheap fragrance Preferred Stock smelled pretty good.Secondly is through it's long discontinued splash form this was a wonderful smelling juice to apply.You can smell literally everything in this juice giving a very good first impression.The sprayer form? Not quite so much.Until the dry down kicks in it comes off as a crass scent of that rough cinnamon and violets only.With that being said it's first impression doesn't show how pleasant and manly this fragrance really is.No I don't recommend this fragrance to people who don't like Drakkar Noir or Red for Men on any level.
18th February, 2017 (last edited: 30th March, 2018)
I love it I wore quarts of this in the 90s and sadly enough I don't own it now.(but not for long)citrus bomb sandlewood and leather is what I get its got a sharp drakkar noir Gio red old spice vibe to me anyways, love it love it. fresh and clean no doubt
12th July, 2016
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Wore this the last two days on a throwback because I've had a few bottles sitting here forever.

You know, I don't mind it. Sure it smells synthetic, it's cheap as dirt. It reminds me of a cheapened less complex Giorgio Red.

My rating is based somewhat in price but unlike the 1990s no one really wears it as much anymore due to all the fresh scents, so all I can say is isn't bad these days, kind of refreshing like people wearing Royal Copenhagen which no one seems to wear either despite wide availability (and I can spot that one a mile away).

02nd October, 2015
dreese Show all reviews
United States
The descriptions here are accurate, but to my nose this comes across as bitter and synthetic.
06th February, 2015

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